M3 parts

Need to get rid of all these parts taking up space in the garage.

S50 with 81k miles, good compression, price lowered to sell faster, 2000$ will come with engine harness and ecu.

Dove grey vaders full set 400$

M3 rear bumper, missing diffuser 40$

Front door panels free!

Rear panels 50$

M3 brand new Matt's! 100$

6 bolt driveshaft 250$

Sideskirts 100$

Headliner 200$

All pillars 100$

Rear full subframe 200$

M3 spoiler 200$

M3 steering wheel 80$

M3 breaks and calipers 200$

EBay headers 60$

Ds2s full set 300$

%d comments
  • Pm on the seats

  • Cars
  • Алек Javier

  • Do u have the differential

  • Nope sold

  • Front shocks by any chance?

  • Nope sold

  • God damn i cant sell a headliner for 20 bucks where i live haha

  • Haha living in the wrong place then

  • 99% of the e36 community is dirt cheap

  • Very true

  • I tried selling my driveshaft for 100. Finally took the offer of 80. The guy then tried to return it to me because it didnt fix his problem and get his money back. People are rediculous haha

  • Same shit happened to me sold my radiator support for super cheap, and the guy was trying to bring it back cause he didn't need it anymore, I told him to go suck it lol

  • Yeah exactly. I actually spent the money on a steering wheel after. Sell parts, buy parts. Thats how it works right haha

  • Exactly just people want shit for cheap or free and so the parts will be brand new

  • Still have the seats

  • I'm interested in the rear door panels. Can you ship to So Cal? Are the floor mats grey or black?

  • Yes

  • Where too exactly? And matts are sold

  • Where are you located

  • 90291

  • Are the seats power or manual

  • Pm me and I'll get back to you on prices Saturday

  • Sacramento and manual

  • Do you know if I can take The base from my sport seats to swap it out..i'm looking for Vader but everyone's too much money for them.. but I pay 400 for those even if their manual

  • Can you give me an estimate about how many miles Sacramento is from Newport Beach..from Colorado not that familiar with California

  • I'm not sure if you can swap it out or no but you can try, and from here to newport beach is about 6hours

  • Supposed to say where you're located in Sacramento

  • I'm located in North sacramento

  • Yeah I'll figure out about the seat base.. but I'm definitely interested I'll PM you

  • Ok forsure

  • Bump

  • Bump again

  • Are the mats available?

  • Sold

  • B

  • Is this still available? Did he show up r nohhhhh

  • can you delivered to Lebanon ?

  • Pm me

  • Cars
  • Up