Luke Barber is it you that has the genuine heckblende thing

Luke Barber is it you that has the genuine heckblende thing?

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  • Each to there own mate money best spent elsewhere I think

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  • I was just looking for ideas, as I've run out lol.

  • No harm intended Luke Barber . Try new rims always transforms the look if your bored

  • No problem Mark. I know it's a love or hate thing hence why bmw didn't sell many.

    As always it's done for me and nobody else.

  • Tony Ellis it's hard to be original with the e36 as it has been done over and over again.

    Find a style that you like and stick with it.

  • I'd love new rims, but can't afford them and my wheels aint worth much for a swap

  • For some reason recently I've been wanting to make some rear window louvres

  • Tony Ellis no probs e36 look good as they are tbh maybe just buy some new detailing goodies lol

  • Try it, the worst that can happen is somebody hates it lol

  • Buy couple of these

  • Haha I've got loads of that too. Need to find some time to get out and use them lol

  • Yea that is true. Can't help but think they are more for old school motors.

  • Oooh I like that ^^

  • Is that an acs window spoiler? It looks very deep if it is

  • It's a u.s spec roof spoiler

  • I've just had a play on a photo editor

  • Looks like a rep to me

  • Parallels as well tony I might know someone thinking of selling a set

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  • I wouldn't be able to afford them lol