Longest trip since I bought her in December Stopped about 80 miles in only...

Longest trip since I bought her in December. Stopped about 80 miles in, only stop that has stations between here and my destination. Walked and goofed around the tourist attractions for a few hours, then continued on my journey for 60 more miles. There, I used level one for the rest of the stay and repeated the process home today. Believe me, I know more about Casey Jones now than anyone would ever want to. Evie's big adventure was a success and only used REX for about 17 miles on the home stretch today.

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  • That's pretty funny. Could have been worse than learning about Casey Jones. Glad your i3 performed well!

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  • Driving an EV moves you back in time, where you have to plan your trip, and get to explore stops along the way. Driving our ActiveE between Los Altos and Walnut Creek, California and back got us to explore Pleasanton as it was a great place to get dinner and a charge to get home. Turns out there's some interesting things going on in those "drive by" areas.

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  • LMK if/when you want some coding done. 60 miles of REx would have only cost you about $5. and saved you those hours lost while charging.