Let s see some top speed numbers I m only good for 110mph On a closeded course...

Let's see some top speed numbers, I'm only good for 110mph. On a closeded course under close super vision of course.

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  • 125mph(202km/h) in German highway :)

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  • 160km/h on gravel. 200 something on tarmac/asphalt

  • 215km/h (pb98)

  • I'm with Nathan Roberts. It's probably best to state the type of tire along with the speed. For me, it's 85 mph with a Karoo 3 on the front and a Heidenau K60 on the rear. Anything over 80 just doesn't feel comfortable with those tires.

  • about 150kmh on gravel and ~200kmh on the Autobahn. The desierto is like a door you carry in front of you. I also did 260kmh.. but that was on an S1000RR :P

  • About 180 km/h so far with pillion

  • I saw this post and I resisted saying anything for a few days..... but I can;t help myself. If you are riding a BMW F800GS on roads and talking about riding faster than 55 mph, or faster than 90 KPH.... you are on the wrong roads.

  • 205km/h. Nothing wrong with this road.

  • An unloaded bike. Let's see you riding 205 kph with 80 kg's of gear and gasoline on the Road of Bones..... and remember this was only me - all by myself - no one around for hundreds and hundreds of kilometers.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6Jm40z8orI/

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  • The post was about top speed on your Gs. Not about how much load you were carrying at the time.

    Checked your video now... It's all about perception. 80% of our gravel roads look like that and even worse. Did 3500km last year on roads a lot more challenging than that. WITH a loaded bike. Thank you.