Photos from Tim London's post — KC BMW

Is this really an Alpina? Or did someone dress it up? Never seen one before so I'm not sure. Also never seen an x5 with a cluster that looks like this one. Sounds good. But smokes oil out the tailpipe intermittently. Sometimes not at all, sometimes really bad.

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    Jeremy Salenius shared Dakota Knapp's event to the group: KC BMW. — KC BMW

    Hi guys,

    Here to tell you about the last chance for you to autocross in the Kansas City area this year!

    If you haven't signed up for the KCR Halloweenie Event there is still some time! However, the sooner the better! We need to make sure we have enough burgers and brats for everyone. Don't forget this is also our annual charity event and we will have great silent auction and raffle items to help donate a large chunk of money to our charity, Go Baby Go Kansas City!

    If you're thinking of signing up please do so! I really hope to see somewhere near 200 people at the event!

    More information in the event thread.

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      Photos from Justin Anderson's post — KC BMW

      Hi All! I am a new BMW owner, and unfortunately know little about how to actually fix anything regarding cars. I recently went in for my first inspection to a BMW dealership. They found the following wrong with my car. They are charging and arm and a leg (which I expected), but am definitely not going back to have the fix done. I have a 2010 BMW M3(also pictured below). Please let me know any advice for parts and or a great place that can save me some money. Thank you all in advance!

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        2011 BMW E90 M3 — KC BMW

        FOR SALE!!! Who needs an E90 M3?

        2011 E90 M3. Alpine White with Carbon Black leather interior. Its fully loaded aside from front parking sensors and headlight washers, but here's the build:




        Tech nology Package


        Heated Seats

        Light Package

        BMW Teleservices

        Combox (had it added myself)

        Individual Audio

        Adaptive headlights

        Rear-view camera

        Included mods are:

        Benvo Stage 1 engine tune

        Benvo trans tune

        OEM Exhaust mod with Dimisa dual walled tips

        Roof is wrapped in metallic black vinyl

        As far as things that aren't perfect:

        The steering wheel trim and drivers side handle is peeling.

        The car is 5 years old so it has a few rock chips, nothing crazy but the paint isn't 100% perfect.

        It currently has ~89k miles. I've done all the maintenance myself, including oil changes every 5000 miles with Mobil1 0w-40. The car runs fantastic.

        Feel free to ask any other questions. Let me know what you guys think!

        Price is $31500 obo.

        Email me at with any questions.

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          BBS E60 M5 19 Wheels — KC BMW

          I have for sale a set of staggered OEM BBS E60 M5 19" Wheels that I took in partial trade for my black 20" wheels. The wheels are powder coated matte red and are perfect. No scuffs, dings, or scratches. The coating on one wheel is a bit thin around the bolt holes, but it's not noticeable once the wheels are installed. They have tires and TPMS sensors. The sensors work but the tires are garbage. I'm asking $1000 (OBO) and I can deliver in KC/Topeka area free of charge. These will not fit Xi models. They will fit on the E39 with wheel adapters due to the different hub bore sizes. -wheel-hub-diameter-sizes-hub-centre-bore-sizes-wh eel-et-offset-wheel-bolt-sizes.html

          BBS E60 M5 19 Wheels


          I have for sale a set of staggered OEM BBS E60 M5 19" Wheels that I took in partial trade for my black 20" wheels. The wheels are powder coated matte red and are perfect. No scuffs, dings, or scratches. The coating on one wheel is a bit thin around the bolt holes, but it's not noticeable once the wheels are installed. They have tires and TPMS sensors. The sensors work but the tires are garbage. I'm asking $1000 (OBO) and I can deliver in KC/Topeka area free of charge. These will not fit Xi models. They will fit on the E39 with wheel adapters due to the different hub bore sizes. -wheel-hub-diameter-sizes-hub-centre-bore-sizes-wh eel-et-offset-wheel-bolt-sizes.html

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            Steven shared a link to the group: KC BMW. — KC BMW

            2010 BMW X5M

            condition: excellent

            cylinders: 8 cylinders

            drive: 4wd

            fuel: gas

            odometer: 105000

            paint color: grey

            size: mid-size

            title status: clean

            transmission: automatic

            Hate to do this, but I have far too many toys and it's time to let my baby go.

            Odds are if you are looking at this vehicle you know a little bit about it, but just in case you don't I'll list some basic information.

            This car from the factory puts down 555hp via the Twin turbo powered S63B44 Motor. This is not your average grocery getter or mommy wagon. Car does 0-60 in just under four seconds..

            This car is fully loaded.

            Navigation ( which I have unlocked to work while in motion, factory they turn off once car is put into drive.)

            Heated and cooled seats

            Power seats - passenger and driver

            Leather interior,

            Cold Weather Package

            M Mode.

            HUD speedo.

            There are many more to list but this is the gist, can show a full options list upon viewing of the vehicle. only thing the car doesn't have is iDrive, I do believe.

            Over the past few months I have put close to $15,000 into the vehicle including but not limited too, replacing turbos, breathing tubes etc etc. I have a reciepts for all work done on the vehicle since I have owned it. I can also have the entire mechanical history of the car printed through Baron BMW in Shawnee if needed.

            The Title is clean, and in hand ready for a good home.

            This car has been extremely kind to me and has never left me stranded. Ever.

            The bad:

            -Windshield has a crack on top behind rear view mirror mount, this happened literally driving the car home from buying it in Oklahoma, I never fixed because it doesnt obstruct my vision and hasn't gotten any worse.

            -few dings and scratches, nothing major by any means, but I want to be straightforward with the things that aren't immaculate.

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              Purchased a 07 335i with 160k The previous owner it seems did not change the... — KC BMW

              Purchased a 07 335i with 160k. The previous owner it seems did not change the oil regularly. I changed it and it was so dirty and the filter just crumbled when I took it out. I have noticed a little bit of what looks like oil smoke out of the drivers tail pipe at idle or revving. Is this a ring job in the waiting? It seemed to have been leaking oil or something prior to the oil change but does not seems to be leaking now.

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                I bought a used 2007 335i and I changed the oil today When I took the filter... — KC BMW

                I bought a used 2007 335i and I changed the oil today. When I took the filter out it was crystallized and the paper just crumbled. Obviously the oil was very dirty. I have been noticing that the oil temp was North of 210ish. After a oil change it seems to have cooled. I knowhow long it was since the last oil and filter changed but it must have been a while. My question is do you think there could have been damage done with very dirty oil? The gage always read add quart even when I added about a qt. the gage now says full so I know the gage works.

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                  Brandt Vircks shared a link to the group: KC BMW. — KC BMW

                  Hey guys, I was wanting to get your opinions on an E30 that I've looked at, to see if it is worthwhile to look at fixing up. It's a 1987 325 coupe with a five-speed, has about 140k miles. Here's the problems I noticed when I went to take a look at it:

                  1. Idle floated betweem 1k and 2k rpm when cold

                  2. Passenger seat swapped to driver's side, no place to buckle the seatbelt

                  3. A bolt (from the thermostat housing if I remember correctly) has broken off.

                  4. Owner mentioned that it would smoke if driven for an extended period of time. May be related to the gasket he mentioned that is needed to be replaced.

                  The car started up fine, and the transmission, clutch, brakes, and steering all felt pretty good. Is this one worth trying to get and fix, and if so what's it worth?

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                    Photos from Andrew Burdette's post — KC BMW

                    Operation #becauseracesedan

                    No one wanted to buy her so I decided the best car to turn into a racecar is the one I have!

                    Totally gutted, Billy's and H&rs until I find a respectable coil over set up.

                    Lots of work to go until we are at full trackcow status. One piece at a time.

                    Ps; telling me "this is a terrible platform to build a track car out of" will only encourage so go ahead :)

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                      Hey everyone I have been noticing that quite a few people have been looking... — KC BMW

                      Hey everyone. I have been noticing that quite a few people have been looking for some place to get there car smoke tested. I have a smoke machine and can offer my services of smoke testing a lot cheaper then you can go to a shop and get it done. I also have the equipment to power bleed or power flush braking systems. Need fenders rolled to clear tires. I have the stuff for that as well. I can also sand plast small parts and here in the very soon future I will be powder coating again. I just need to get a new oven and that will be going again. I also have my plasma cutter and welder set up too. My welder is a mig. I will be needing to get gas for it soon but I have enough weld up a few small things. I also have a 80 gallon air compressor at my disposal. There is many other things i can do as well. So please just ask. Any questions please PM me.

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                        Hey everyone I have been noticing that quite a few people have been looking... — KC BMW

                        Hey everyone. I have been noticing that quite a few people have been looking for some place to get there car smoke tested. I have a smoke machine and can offer my services of smoke testing a lot cheaper then you can go to a shop and get it done. I also have the equipment to power bleed or power flush braking systems. Need fenders rolled to clear tires. I have the stuff for that as well. I can also sand plast small parts and here in the very soon future I will be powder coating again. I just need to get a new oven and that will be going again. I also will have my plasma cutter and welder set up soon too. Just have to get 220v power ran in the garage. Any questions please PM me.

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                          Hi all This popped up in the E39 section on bimmerforums No contact info but... — KC BMW

                          Hi all. This popped up in the E39 section on bimmerforums. No contact info but assuming most here probably belong to the forum and can look it up. Just thought I would pass on to see if someone might be able to help.

                          HELP in Blue Springs, MO

                          My Son is just out of the service and traveling to new job in Colorado. He has almost no tools and has a broken fan belt on 2000 528i. Anybody local that might be able to point Him to the fastest way to get back on the road. Thank You USMC


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                            Been looking at a used 2006 m5 and a used 2007 m6 both auto with paddle... — KC BMW

                            Been looking at a used 2006 m5, and a used 2007 m6, both auto with paddle shifters, both have about 85k miles, not to sure on maintenance, anything I should be aware of? Should I stear clear, I'm a little iffy on buying a 500 hp v10 with 85k, idk if it's been taken care of and I don't have the extra money for if something major shits out, are the pretty reliable after the 80k mark, any info helps, wanting to upgrade from my 08 335i, need more power under the hood, these new mustangs are starting to make me mad lol

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                              Photos from Jonathan Tyler Rakes's post — KC BMW

                              This is a long shot but, this is a 1995 540i/6spd m sport apparently located in Kansas. Trying to locate the car or get it's vin to add to a list of the remaining vehicles from the 200 of them built, and this would be my only good source to possibly find the vehicle. The owner apparently has a dealers license, and hasn't titled in car in kansas where it's located. Not particularly looking to buy, just get info on the car.

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                                Photos from Kathy Ferguson's post — KC BMW

                                *UPDATE* ...Decided to sell, need ASAP. Selling as is...

                                Ok, I am in need of some major help with this car. It has been sitting for six months in my driveway and I have yet to find help. Being a bmw323i, I can't even find anyone willing to look at it and at the least give me an "honest" list of what all it needs...if worth fixing at all. And now with expired tags I'm waiting for someone with the city to complain. If anyone is willing to help I'd greatly appreciate it, I'm in Raymore and will message you the address.

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                                  Photos from Ryan Woodson's post — KC BMW

                                  $140 E36 cooling system starter pack in yellow. The oversized pulleys are for a 328i only and it is the water pump and power steering. Rest will fit the other engines. I wreck the e36 and have no use for it. All brand new items and never installed or used once! ECS performance pulley kit direct order from ECS cost $120 alone for it. That is the bad, my kid touch the pulleys before the dried so they need to be sanded and repainted. Comes with the belts. The water pump is Hepu and one small knick in the paint, but painted very well! Thermostat housing is perfect in paint. I paint for w living so them items where prepped correctly! I am including the paint. All the gaskets, belts, thermostat are included. Total price is $140! That is a steal! If not sold by Monday it is getting on eBay. I might have a oil filter or two around here some where. Will trade for e30 parts. Need mostly cosmetic things like a passenger side fender, black kidneys, lower front valance or a donor manual tranny set getrag 260 and I would add cash on my end: I need a full swap. Thanks for looking.

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                                    Hey Guys — KC BMW

                                    Hey Guys!

                                    We're a new Mobile Tire Shop here in Kansas City. We do all Mounting/ Balancing on-site! We sell tires but also offer a wide selection of wheels! Being a BMW enthusiast and owning an e30 myself, I just wanted to post in here real fast. I'm willing to work with Kyle with a group discount in the near future as well. We have tons of tires in stock, same day, that you would otherwise wait a couple days for from TireRack/ Discount Tire Direct and are very aggressively priced (Price Matching)! If anyone is looking for wheels/ tires, don't hesitate to message me or check out our website:


                                    (D ealers for VMR, HRE, Forgestar, Enkie, BBS, TSW, Vossen etc)

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                                      I ve got a couple e36 bits to pass on No pics at the moment If you are... — KC BMW

                                      I've got a couple e36 bits to pass on. No pics at the moment. If you are interested, I can get something posted. Meanwhile ...

                                      Ground Control rear sway bar, $299 new, no links or bushings. $100 obo.

                                      Vorschlag rear shock mounts: uniball RSMs, $199 new, not recommended for street use. $75 obo.

                                      Shock tower brace, a cheapo ebay brace, probably about $50 new. It's yours for $30 obo.

                                      I prefer local sales, but I might be persuaded to ship at buyer's expense. :-)

                                      PM me for more information or photos, or to buy.

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                                        Jaron Sauerwein shared Kansas City Automotive Museum's event to the group: KC BMW. — KC BMW

                                        SCAVENGER CRUISE IS THIS WEEKEND

                                        April 23 at 9:30am

                                        Admission is $10 per person or $15 per team.

                                        If you haven't registered yet, click on the link below


                                        WINNER(S) GET: GoPro Hero Session Camera & $50 gift certificate to Speedy Car Wash

                                        All cruisers get:

                                        -FREE donuts & coffee*

                                        -FREE photo of their car taken by a photographer

                                        -FREE entry into the Museum

                                        See you there!

                                        #ScavengerHunt #KCAM #KANSASCITYAUTOMUSEUM #KCAUTO #CARS #CARSANDCOFFEE #FUNWITHCARS

                                        *while supplies last

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                                          I have a quick question I had my car stall on me the other day It ran fine... — KC BMW

                                          I have a quick question. I had my car stall on me the other day. It ran fine until it got up to temp and turned the car off. I got back in my car about an hour after I turned my car off. I was driving and I noticed my car had less power in my lower rpm spread but it had full power above 2500 rpms. I did a bit of googlefu and I came to the conclusion that it could be either of my two camshaft position sensors or my crankshaft sensor. If the car has had a chance to sit for a bit it runs fine, if the car gets up to temp it seems to run weaker.

                                          Any thoughts on this?

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                                            Anyone on here running Status Gruppe catless headers on an E46 M3 They seem... — KC BMW

                                            Anyone on here running Status Gruppe catless headers on an E46 M3? They seem the best option to prevent completely breaking the bank. I'd like to go with Active Autowerke headers, as that's the tune I'll be using. Unfortunately those are sold out at the moment. Just curious about fitment, sound, etc. Or, if anyone has some E46 m3 headers to sell, I'd be interested in that as well.

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                                              html — KC BMW

                                              Http:// ml

                                              So I went and looked at this e46 because it looked good in the pictures but wanted to warn anyone else that may see it to STAY AWAY! This guy is a weasel. Said it was in great shape. I get there and it's scratched and dented all over. Inside is completely trashed, has 210k miles, leaking something very badly as the whole underneath of car and engine are soaked, traction, ABS, airbag and check engine light are all on and he wouldn't budge on the price. Probably picked the car up for $700-1000 and is looking to take advantage of some poor shmuck. Just wanted to warn anyone on here that may also be eyeballing it.

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                                                BMW CCA Members only — KC BMW

                                                BMW CCA Members only:

                                                Detail Clinic: March 19th 2016


                                                21516 West 51st Street

                                                Shawnee 66226

                                                Plenty of parking in the cul-de-sac.

                                                11am - 3pm

                                                Paint Correction, common mistakes to avoid and general detailing suggestions.

                                                There will be a demonstration vehicle used to show various paint correction and maintenance techniques.

                                                Soft drinks, also brats on the barbie...or pizza, but there will be food.

                                                Since this will be held in an area where power tools are used, children under 14 should stay at home.

                                                Rain or shine...if it snows, well, we will have to think about what happens if it snows.

                                                Ya Gotta REGISTER: t.payment/uidEvent/A7A8B80E-C5A1-F586-02C76109EAA1 A8A2

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                                                  Chad Siron shared a link to the group: KC BMW. — KC BMW

                                                  Hey bimmer family. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the aFe Stage 2 Cai on an E46 M3. Pros/cons, worth the money? They claim gains of 12hp and 11 lb/ft. They seem to be pretty popular, just wondering if anyone has tried this setup. Here's a link to the product. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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                                                    Photos from Preston McGinnis's post — KC BMW

                                                    Alright guys please help. I just reinstalled my whole rear end on my 2000 bmw 323ci. I did break the brake hoses to remove the calipers. Bled the brakes and replaced my brake pad sensors.

                                                    For some reason my Traction control and ABS lights stay on constantly.. I have yet to drive it as is..

                                                    Ive disconnected my speed sensor in the rear and when i did that my ABS, EBRAKE AND TRACTION CONTROL lights stayed on.. Anyone know what the reason could be? Before rear end removal only lights that where on my dash where Check engine and brake pad sensors..

                                                    I'm honestly very confused on what could be causing this.. I dont know. Someone please charm in and help lol.


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                                                      Hey everyone I ve got a question for you all Does anyone have experience with... — KC BMW

                                                      Hey everyone, I've got a question for you all. Does anyone have experience with eBay headers for E46 M3? Yes, I realize how sacrelige this sounds, but I'd prefer not to pay 2k for the same basic product I can get for <150. Just curious about preferred brands/sellers to go through for the easiest fitment without requiring too much fabrication (as I plan to do this work myself aside extending bung sensors since I can't weld). Any input would be much appreciated. Thinking of ordering in the next couple days so I can hopefully get them while the weather is going to be nice.

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                                                        Photos from Alec Schemenauer's post — KC BMW

                                                        Hey guys I still need to sell my e34.

                                                        Open to offers. Lots of top quality virtually brand new parts on this car. Needs some things done, primarily door handles need finished swapping out, windows need fixed, and passenger seat has twist. Engine is in fantastic shape though. I'm in way too deep on this car and need it gone.

                                                        93 525i auto


                                                        244k miles

                                                        Bought w clean KS title but discovered it was rebuilt when titled it in mo.

                                                        Pm me any offers- would like it gone before have to pay taxes on it.

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                                                          2001 BMW 330i -5speed with Sport Package — KC BMW

                                                          Selling my 01 E46 Sedan- 156k miles- 2 previous Owners. Lots of recent maintenance. 5-speed, good clutch, good cooling system- good daily driver. Just needs a few little things which don't affect its driving ability.

                                                          Runs and drives great. Tokico Struts with Vogtland Springs. M3 Steering Wheel. Zhp Trim. Front Facelift Conversion with ZHP bumper. VMR Wheels with new tires on the front. New cam position sensor, steering angle sensor, window regulator, motor mount, and fresh front end suspension (control arms/ bushings/ tie rods/ wheel bearing/ ball joints/ etc). Euro tail lights. Mint interior.

                                                          Don't waste my time with $4500 offers. Price is pretty firm but will listen to a reasonable offer with cash on hand. I have tons of money into this car but must move on.

                                                          Must go this weekend!

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                                                            Request to all here — KC BMW

                                                            Request to all here:

                                                            Every year the KC BMW Club participate in the All German Car Show. It will be held in Rosanna Square on Sunday Oct 18th. We need all the BMW's to attend. We are in a contest with the other major German marques to see who will have the most cars there. Porsche won last year. We, the illustrious BMW drivers need to show them who is the leading car marque of the KC metro. PLEASE attend. You don't need to be a member to be a part of this. It is held from 9am to 2pm BUT attendance will be taken around 10:30. So try to be there and help the BMW people show the others who has the most support. SUNDAY Oct 18th...Rosanna Square (119th & Metcalf) MORNING----->no later than 10:30am. See you there!

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                                                              Photos from Alec Schemenauer's post — KC BMW

                                                              1993 e34 525i


                                                              Summer project car

                                                              244k miles

                                                              Bought with clean KS title

                                                              MO Rebuilt title in my name

                                                              Replaced with new Bosch/oem parts (have all receipts)



                                                              Spark plugs

                                                              Fuel filter

                                                              valve cover gasket

                                                              Blower motor

                                                              Cabin filter

                                                              Air filter

                                                              Rear pitman arm bushings

                                                              Tires with great tread.

                                                              New jack

                                                              Couple new fuses

                                                              New windshield wipers

                                                              4 new rust free doors

                                                              New trunk


                                                              +more I'm forgetting

                                                              Currently working on getting the window regulators all working properly on the new doors. Will update as I get more pics and with new doors.

                                                              Issues: vacuum leak, surface rust behind rear wheel wells, around the body line.

                                                              Price revised after both knock sensors replaced.

                                                              Starts every time, runs like a top. No hurry to sell, and car is garaged since it has been in my possession.

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                                                                Anyone know much about the E83 X3 s I ve got the chance to pick one up for... — KC BMW

                                                                Anyone know much about the E83 X3's? I've got the chance to pick one up for pretty cheap! It's an 07 with 52k on it for less than $14k. Just trying to get some info on these before I make the decision... The price looks right and the car is VERY clean. Only needs cabin air filter, valve cover gasket and one panel on the backside of the driver front seat.

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                                                                  I wanted to give a hearty THANK YOU to Waylon Magobotha for his efforts at the... — KC BMW

                                                                  I wanted to give a hearty THANK YOU to Waylon Magobotha for his efforts at the Meat Meet yesterday as both grillmaster extraordinaire, as well as being the man who got the food donated again this year. Doing so allowed donations that would normally have gone to paying for the food to instead be directed towards ALS research. Thanks also to everyone who donated! We raised a few hundred dollars. Next year we will tie this in much more closely with the meet, and see if we can't mulitply that amount by 10!

                                                                  Again, Waylon - you are a fine gentleman!! Thank you!

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                                                                    Photos from Dawson Daly's post — KC BMW

                                                                    $3000 OBO

                                                                    considering serious offers

                                                                    1991 318i bmw e30

                                                                    overland park KS

                                                                    5 speed

                                                                    make a reasonable offer

                                                                    414-828-4317 or just comment

                                                                    found something I want and looking to sell

                                                                    I'll start with all the con's first

                                                                    Cylinder three is misfiring. will have to be fixed,but can still drive, just power loss and backfires (I know this will effect selling price that's why its obo )

                                                                    driver seat is torn

                                                                    AC doesn't blow cold

                                                                    Power windows work but you have to use the same power switch for it

                                                                    crack in windshield


                                                                    raceland coilovers

                                                                    varstoen wheels with new tires

                                                                    no rust

                                                                    160k on m42whole

                                                                    straight body, one dent on car

                                                                    plastidipped black with a spray gun

                                                                    neck breaker lol

                                                                    5 speed with 7 puck clutch and 8lb flywheel

                                                                    it comes as it sits in the pictures.

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                                                                      I have a full Thule setup for two bikes This includes the fork mounted locking... — KC BMW

                                                                      I have a full Thule setup for two bikes. This includes the fork mounted locking racks, spare wheel carriers, crossbars, deflector, bases, the works. I purchased new at the tune of approximately $1200 a few years ago. This includes a fitkit for an e34, but you can get a fitkit for nearly any vehicle. Everything is in excellent+ condition except the cross bars. The cross bars are in poor condition as the finish has worn off in some spots. However, it's common to touch these up with bumper paint if you're so inclined. I have also reduced the price accordingly to include the cost of new crossbars (approx $100). $400

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                                                                        KC Exhaust Shop Recommendation Needed — KC BMW

                                                                        KC Exhaust Shop Recommendation Needed:

                                                                        Just purchased a used Eisenmann Sport exhaust (section 3) for my e60 M5. Unfortunately, the previous owner welded this to a customer built (section 1&2) system versus using the designed slip-on and clamp attachment so it had to be cut off.

                                                                        Given this might take a little more 'art' to properly attach...I'm interested in knowing any local KC exhaust shops that you've had good experiences with. Not necessarily interested in the cheapest.

                                                                        Any suggestions?

                                                                        Thanks for your help.

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                                                                          Hey guys I ve had my e46 M3 for a couple months now and at first the power was... — KC BMW

                                                                          Hey guys, I've had my e46 M3 for a couple months now, and at first the power was plenty to keep me happy (coming from an e36 318i). Now, the car is still plenty quick of course, but I find myself wanting more. So I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for adding a bit more power? I don't want to go forced induction yet as she's my daily for now, so FI will be a ways down the road. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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                                                                            Having a minor issue with my e46 m3 vert I seem to possibly have an electrical... — KC BMW

                                                                            Having a minor issue with my e46 m3 vert. I seem to possibly have an electrical gremlin. Periodically, my drivers side rear window will go down on its own. It almost seems like it occurs if I hit a large bump, but also seemingly randomly. Upon attempting to roll it back up, it seems I generally have to use the 'all windows' power control. No other windows are doing this, just the drivers side rear. I've read a lot about these, but there are always more symptoms in the threads I've read. It's nothing more than a random annoyance at this point, but I'd certainly like to get to the bottom of it. Anyone have any ideas on this? Costs incurred, parts required, etc?

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                                                                              Looking for suggestions — KC BMW

                                                                              Looking for suggestions.

                                                                              167XXX on my 2003 330CI. Getting the clutch replaced in the first few weeks of May once I get back. My question is, what type of clutch kit would be good? I wasn't a big fan of the stock clutch when I got it, but then again it was already 139K miles old at that point. I was debating getting a SuperKit from Pelican parts, which includes

                                                                              Three piece clutch kit

                                                                              New bolts for flywheel and clutch pressure plate

                                                                              New crankshaft rear seal (aka flywheel seal)

                                                                              New transmission Input Shaft seal

                                                                              New shifter selector rod seal

                                                                              New exhaust flange gaskets/seals

                                                                              New exhaust flanges

                                                                              New flex disc nuts (where applicable)

                                                                              New pilot bearing

                                                                              New release bearing spring clip

                                                                              New clutch pivot pin

                                                                              New slave cylinder

                                                                              + Bushings

                                                                              Is there anything else I should replace while there?

                                                                              In regards to the flywheel, since this is most likely the original clutch at 167K miles, would it be worth replacing the flywheel as well?

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                                                                                Photos from Jeremy Mc's post — KC BMW

                                                                                Cleaning the garage. Need some stuff gone asap.

                                                                                E36 oem headlights with bulbs, off my 98 sedan, great shape, clear, look new. $40 obo

                                                                                Used MAF sensor off my 98 e36, fits a lot of other models. Bought a new one and turns out I had a frayed wire so 100% functional. $50 obo

                                                                                e36 m3 2 corner bumper diffuser and pork chop brackets, holds fender liner to bumper, not perfect, brackets are good and there are 3 - free if you get here before I toss them

                                                                                E36 ignition coil - works, used it and tested it - $20

                                                                                New E36/E46 RTAB'S with Vorshlag Limiters, paid $105 - $75

                                                                                E36 Contour wheel, 7.5 inch, one scratch about 2 inches and a spot were the paint chipped, no curb rash, tire has a bubble in the sidewall - $75 obo

                                                                                I'm also looking for a few parts for my tool kit, tow hook and screwdriver off the top of my mind.

                                                                                I need a good black armrest for an e36 sedsn, has to be perfect

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                                                                                  DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED A rescheduled date will be... — KC BMW

                                                                                  DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED. A rescheduled date will be posted soon.

                                                                                  DETAILING CLINIC

                                                                                  When: Saturday April 18, 2015 10 am - 2 pm (ish)

                                                                                  Where: 21516 West 51st Street Shawnee, KS 66226

                                                                                  I'll be talking about and demonstrating basic detailing products, tools, techniques to current BMW CCA Members and for those that are interested in the BMW CCA Kansas City Chapter. There will be food and beverages served. Please leave the children at home.

                                                                                  Have a product you want to talk about....bring it as well.

                                                                                  Greg G.

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                                                                                    Jeremy Mc shared a link to the group: KC BMW. — KC BMW

                                                                                    Looking to sell or trade a set of TRM coil-overs.


                                                                                    I have these on my 98 M3 sedan, they will fit 95-99 e36's except 318's.

                                                                                    The setup is designed to run a non-m front swaybar and no rear swaybar.

                                                                                    Everything is included to install, including the correct front swaybar which is not included in the kit.

                                                                                    It is an incredible setup, especially if you do track days. It is streetable, you can adjust the damping and get lighter springs from TRM fairly cheap. I think these are 670 lb front, 895 lb rear.

                                                                                    The rear spring height adjustors are froze so I will purchase new ones for whoever wants them or discount them if you are fine with the height.

                                                                                    Handling wise these are incredible, I've never felt so connected and in control, completely predictable.

                                                                                    Reason for selling is I'm turning the car into a DD, drive a lot for work, and after breaking my back a few years ago I need a softer setup.

                                                                                    $1000 obo, will take partial or full trades for a good mild street setup, no ST or junk Chinese coilovers.

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                                                                                      Serious question for the older e46 owners and I m sure this has been covered... — KC BMW

                                                                                      Serious question for the older e46 owners, and I'm sure this has been covered somewhere, but have any of you had your rear subframe connectors rip from your chassis? I saw on my driver's side that mine had separated from the body when I was inspecting the under side while I was changing my oil. I found out through ProDemand at my job that there was a class action settlement because of this very issue. It states that any American E46 is eligible for inspection and could possibly qualify for their repair program depending on the damage. Has anybody dealt with this?

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                                                                                        Photos from Chris Cevallos's post — KC BMW

                                                                                        Have a few random parts for sale. Everything is going to go cheap. Just send me an offer worst i can say is no. Everything is not BMW related but just in case.

                                                                                        Tuner socket set m12x1.5

                                                                                        For a 96 honda civic coupe camber adjustment control arms brand new off ebay.

                                                                                        96-00Honda civic coupe rear taillights. And some random interior parts.

                                                                                        Bmw e36 kidney grille

                                                                                        Bmw e39 wheel. Was spare for an old set.

                                                                                        Front eibach lowering spring bmw e39 sedan

                                                                                        Bmw e39 throttle body though it was bad on my old one ended up being abs module

                                                                                        Taking offer on 18" style 32 staggered. Currently in process of aluminum polish refinish. But could really use the cash.

                                                                                        Like i mentioned, everything going for really cheap. I'm in pittsburg ks during the week but come up to Lenexa/gardner area every weekend so let me know

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                                                                                          I just wanna say how lucky I we are to have a skilled and knowledgeable... — KC BMW

                                                                                          I just wanna say how lucky I(we) are to have a skilled and knowledgeable mechanic like Bob Buxbaum I'm sure ppl have there own opinions and thats fine but he basically did an entire clutch job on my E36 m3 on HIS time. The reason was a part wasn't replaced the 1st time. The part showed MINOR signs of wear but was assumed good by both parties. It ended up causing failure and he stood behind his work and made things right!! Stand up guy imo.

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                                                                                            Ok guys I need some help with my m42 swap I got the new motor in everything... — KC BMW

                                                                                            Ok guys I need some help with my m42 swap. I got the new motor in, everything hooked up right. I used the DME that came with the motor and the car wouldn't start. Checked spark and it wasn't getting any. I decided to switch the DME and hooked up the one that came with the car originally. The motor fired right up but ran rough. Went to start it up again and it died, white smoke came from behind the motor (smelt like burnt wires) now I have no power at all. Not even an interior light. Any ideas as to what could have happened??

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                                                                                              Buğra Durukan shared Kansas City Cars and Coffee's event to the group: KC BMW. — KC BMW

                                                                                              Grab your coats and gloves, Kansas City Cars and Coffee is this Saturday, the 28th of February. As we continue to grow the event and turn it into a tradition, we will be battling the cold and hoping the snow really does hold off until the afternoon. We will have Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee to help keep you stay full, warm, and awake. The Kansas City Automotive Museum has discounted entry rates of only $4, so step out of the elements and get caught up on some automotive history.

                                                                                              As always we would like to thank Oakes Auto for sponsoring C&C and the Museum for hosting it! None of this would be possible without either, so go ahead and give their pages a "like"!

                                                                                              Also, like our page to stay up to date on future events, updates, and coverage of past events. We have big plans to kick off Spring, so keep your calenders and eyes open!

                                                                                              Lastly, thank you to everyone who shows up to the events and contributes to making it what it is. These events are in place to get one of the best communities of automotive enthusiast together. Please remember in order to keep the event growing with a positive image, we need to show the community respect. So please, no burnouts, no obnoxious revving, or other childish acts. Again, thank you all!

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                                                                                                What are some classy mods I can do to my M I m ordering LTW flags for it but... — KC BMW

                                                                                                What are some classy mods I can do to my ///M?? I'm ordering LTW flags for it but other than that I'm not sure what to do. I've been on the hunt for some red Motorsport seatbelts for it but it's near impossible to find any for a sedan. Don't want to do anything crazy, I've already done the slammed/extensive modding before. I plan to drop the car about an inch but other than that I want to keep it classy and mint

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                                                                                                  I m fairly new to this page and BMWs with a huge dilemma Recently I was given... — KC BMW

                                                                                                  I'm fairly new to this page and BMWs with a huge dilemma. Recently I was given a BMW knowing the car I had wasn't reliable. A blessing indeed and very much appreciated. I've been driving it a while and it's been fine. But now that we're going to meet soon to put it in my name, many things under the hood need worked on. When I have friends look at it they say BMWs are junk and to sell it. I've already sold my other car so I need this. What's sad is I rarely drive other than errands because I'm not working waiting on a disability hearing. Any advice?

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