Karbonius CF Airbox for BMW S54B32

Karbonius CF Airbox for BMW S54B32.

One of the top CSL CF Airbox replicas on the market.

Brand new these are usually $2300 shipped.

This one has a damaged clear coat. Otherwise, no structural compromise to the CF. The clear coat naturally cracked on its own. Got an estimate from a couple body shops who can reclear for $100-200 and have it be resilient to engine bay temps. Very low mileage on the unit. Great fitment. Includes like new throttle body boots. Does not include any other mounting accessories.

Price: $1800obo

Shipping: included CONUS. If other, additional fee applies.

More photos available upon request. Ready to ship.

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  • Sha Maula more stuff for your broken car

  • Top sexy!

  • How much is that E46 M3 hiding behind the air box?

  • Milla Bimmer, this popped up in my newsfeed immediately after I read your "He asked what I wanted for Christmas" post! Lol!

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  • Still for sale!