Iv bought a second hand manifold the guy is arguing with me telling me theres...

Iv bought a second hand manifold, the guy is arguing with me telling me theres two different types of manifolds.. ones with swirl flaps and ones without, looks all the same but just no swirl flaps? If it does fit then is the same as a swirl flap blank? Someone help a guy out

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  • Really lol

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  • What's engine code? They did stop using them on New models

  • If it's for an m57 and has no Swirl flaps then it's from a manual e39 530d

  • Mines a 05 Tony?

  • Its will have them Andrew without a doubt unless they been blanked

  • Is ther any way of telling without removing the manifold mate

  • Use a mirror

  • Lol wouldn't have a clue where t start, I'll ask my mechanic, cheers pal

  • Some 525D don't have them apparently.

  • 525d LCi engines don't have swirl flaps

  • So would it fit my engine?

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  • Connor-Jay Cunningham the lci engine is the 3 litre so if your car is pre lci no if it lci yesConnor-Jay Cunningham