Is the 750iL worth getting over a 740iL considering all the headaches the V12...

Is the 750iL worth getting over a 740iL considering all the headaches the V12 car comes with ?

Is the "smoothness" of V12 worth it after all ?

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  • Plan on selling the highline one day Richard ?

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  • Let's just quote the famous Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase:

    "Everybody's got a price."

  • Havr owned a E32 750il now for 12years straight. Engine has been no drama at all ever.

    Usual issues of hard fuel lines, vac lines etc.

    Alternator needed a new set of brushes and i replaced a radiator early on . Thats it.

    (All the usual e32 suspension and body electronic gremlins yes, but they are common accross all models of E32)

  • For daily use 740, for use on weekends 750iL.

  • Im so glad u finally said this, im takeing a photo of this comment :D

  • Still prefer the 750, I just don't have the time to keep one in a good condition.

  • Exactly the same with mine, no serious breakdowns just the typical gremlins and the rest you mentioned. Exceptionally well designed the E32.

  • V8 über alles!

  • for me the best e32's are the m60 cars, they just feel so nice, both the 3.0l and the 4.0l

  • I've driven all of the available motors in E32,,,,,apart from the Goldfish V16 of course.....and i must say i only prefer the 740 nowadays

  • Why the V8 over the V12 ?

  • All I can say is, it was worth it for me to get another 1990 735i 5 speed black black interior this time. The 740 I'm guessing feels more alive like the 735 and almost pull the car as good as the v12

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  • Charles Park got pics of the exterior ?