Im having trouble i cant step on the gas hard and go without the engine...

Im having trouble i cant step on the gas hard and go.without the engine malfunction coming on it keep saying boost pressure to low and i cant seem to find the leak i took it to bmw and they said vanos solenoid need to be changed.. I changed and still the same issue

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  • you sure the didn't say boost solenoid?

  • Is that the only code? That's the underboost code, you have a boost leak. Could be vacuum line, charge pipe, etc. are you stock? I've seen people with that code with JB4 and the newest firmware. You have to change a setting on JB4 (if you have one). If not, boost leak

  • Could be your Diverter Valves

  • Charge pipe could be cracked, vacuum canisters could be cracked, intercooler piping could be cracked ect

  • Yeah I'm stock

  • Should I get it smoked

  • That's a good way to find a boost leak, if everything looks good on a visual inspection

  • Get it smoked. You should check the two vacuum lines to the reservoirs. Usually they crack and leak. Sometimes right near the oil filter housing where they bend.

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  • Smoking it should definitely let you know where they're at. Pop off your two vacuum lines to the wastegate and check with a vacuum gauge to make sure they do not decay.