I purchase a new Navigator V last month to swap between my K16GT and the GSA

I purchase a new Navigator V last month to swap between my K16GT and the GSA. Everything connected as per SENA's instructions for my 20s phone pairing to GPS. Media (A2DP) connection to the GPS. Phone pairing to the bike. Initially no problems.

About the third time out I discovered the GPS won't voice dial anymore. Then when making calls via the touch screen, the calls will periodically drop out, so that all I can hear is my voice. They'll suddenly reconnect after 20-30 seconds and work normally. After trying repairing everything several times, I simply dropped my phone connection to the GPS. Siri has always worked without issue direct to my SENA 20s anyway. A couple of days after doing this, suddenly when playing music from the GPS's inbuilt SD card, the sound drops out randomly. Each time it comes back will coincide with the start of a new track? I've also started noticing random bursts of static between my headset and the GPS when nothing else is connected.

I've tried wiping out the pairings and starting again. I've upgraded the GPS and headset to latest versions. Exactly the same pairings work fine with my Nav IV. I even tried using my wife's SENA 20s still on the old software version, which again works fine on my Nav IV but the same issues on the Nav V.

Before I send it back to the dealer, has any one got something simple that I'm missing?

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  • Simplex feedback is a long standing and unresolved issue with the Nav V: both ends of the conversation go to feedback. I've read that clearing the GPS cache helps and have tried it, but the problem returned after a few months.

    The old chestnut, Garmin won't/don't want to help (BMW software) and BMW refer to Garmin: their own open loop!

    An issue I have with the same bike arrangement as you: going from the farm bike to the K16, the Nav V often won't fully integrate and retains warnings, etc from the GS. No firm fix, but taking it out of the mount from the K16 whilst still 'om', then powering down and on again sometimes fixes it.

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  • I was figuring it was a Garmin software fault. I'm going to send it back and see what they say. I can use the Nav IV so it doesn't overly worry me. It'll be interesting to see what BMW say, as you'd think less than a month in, consumer affairs would over ride buck passing.

  • I had mine replaced: the problem returned within a week :(

  • Fit for purposes?

  • A had problems in that mine connected to the iPhone but wouldn't answer or dial. Factory reset on the GPS and repaired and so far so good.

  • Any thoughts on upgrading from Navigator IV to V? I've had the IV for almost three years now and I guess the newer one ought to work better ... don't use the voice conccection. Is it worth the cost?

  • At the moment, I'd say no. Wait a month or two and see if they got it right with the Nav VI

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  • Thanks, makes sense