I m curious about the DC Fast chargers in Los Angeles Southern California

I'm curious about the DC Fast chargers in Los Angeles/Southern California. Does anyone know where they are actually located and who operates them (Blink, Chargepoint, etc.)?

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  • Haven't seen that article, Heather. Thank you! Know the author personally, he does high-quality work. Kelly, here is the Nissan dealer CHAdeMO map Dave Rees has created. Brian Brockman from Nissan NA might be a good point of contact for inquiries.


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  • One nit in Brad's article: ChargePoint has now 16,000 stations across the US. Nearly 100% of them are level 2, although they networked a limited number of Nissan CHAdeMO quick chargers in a pilot project.

  • George, several people at Nissan have seen the video. One response was, "Yes, we know about the issue, but people can just go to some of the other peer based charging info websites to find the dealers with quick chargers." I found this reply highly troubling.

    If there is a better site with better info then why not have that be the link? The link you gave does not list all of the dealers in L.A. either. There has to be a better way to do this. Tesla can list all the places the Super Chargers are. Is this is really so hard?

  • The link I provided was the first grass-roots effort to come up with a comprehensive list. It was the effort of a single person, and has not been updated over the past six months, I believe. Most of these stations should be on PlugShare, and if they are not, we might want to help transfer it over.

    I don't understand why Nissan has not communicated this better. I'm confident that they have a list of dealerships that agreed to have a Sumitomo CHAdeMO unit installed.

    I mentioned Brian Brockman, because he is in corporate communications, and he announced the program. I'm not sure who you were talking to, but I agree that this is both an important issue, and one that needs a better solution.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure if this is a good venue to discuss this. Happy to take it offline. We have additional points of contact at Nissan NA, should you need them.

  • In NJ one of the 4 Chademo stations that I know of runs on the Greenlots network. You have to download their app to start a charge session.

  • Stay tuned, new DC fast chargers are lighing up on the ChargePoint network!

  • I have to talk to Brad Berman about his article, some of the information is woefully incorrect, but that's the great thing about the EV community - we can all work together to share our knowledge and make it better. Thanks for reminding me. I saw this indepenently earlier and meant to follow up with Brad but hadn't got to it yet - NOW is the time, so people can see all the great charging resources out there with more coming everyday - if onl new charging spots were going in proportionallyas fast as EVs and Plug In Hybrids are selling! http://www.plugincars.com/ultimate-guide-electric- car-charging-networks-126530.html

  • Please let Brad know, Mike! I left a comment on the article itself as well.

  • I know where the first ChargePoint DC charger is.

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  • I know you know that I know that you know! Stop by next time you're in the area!