I just got my i3 back from my dealer and they updated me to the I001 15 07 501...

I just got my i3 back from my dealer and they updated me to the I001-15-07-501 release. Unfortunately they killed my previous coding changes and I can't seem to apply those changes again. Has anyone coded this new release? Where did you get the missing CAFD files from? --thanks!

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  • Try to use the 56.0_PSdZData_Lite PSdZData files,

    with ESysLauncherPremiumSetup_2.0.7_Build_54

    & E-Sys_Setup_3_26_1_b42487

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  • Some additional info to use NEWER PSdZDATA files.

    You can use newer files, however due to BMW AG trimming the descriptive text in CAFD files, you will need TokenMaster’s ESYS Launcher PRO 2.0 software. This software allows you to use the NEWEST,

    UNMODIFIED PSdZDATA files. TokenMaster has included technology that “injects” the missing descriptive

    text on-the-fly without modifying the original CAFD file. What this means is that ESYS will not reject the files,

    and when you go into edit FDLs, all the necessary descriptive text will be there.

  • Hi Chris, my i3 just got the same update as yours, I001-15-07-501, from the dealer last week. However, I got the same issue as you, none of the descriptions are showing. All I got was a dot in when editing. Were you able to description issue? I am using E-SYS 3.26.1 with 56.1 PDsZDATA and premium launcher 2.1.2.

  • Did anyone get this worked out? I got upgraded yesterday and I thought I would wait to see if my CEL issue is gone but I'm free tomorrow and would like to get it done. The nag screen when you start the car is of enough annoyance to go ahead and do it.

  • I did get it working and was able to fix it with the latest PDsZDATA 56.0 file and the E-SYS 3.24.3. For some reason that was what made the difference.

  • My brain hurts!

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  • Thanks Chris!