I have to get my valve cover gasket replaced any idea on which is the best...

I have to get my valve cover gasket replaced any idea on which is the best brand to get?

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  • If all of 1 brand fails, they aren't good. All of BMW ones fail. I used an elring in mine as I've had good luck with them

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  • I may have used Victor reinz... One of those 2. Those are the only gaskets I use

  • Okay, so no empirical evidence that OEM is better than aftermarket. Victor Reinz is designed and molded pretty much the same as OEM. I've had my VCG since it came off the line and at 115k I see no problems.

  • That's incredibly rare. And it's the compound of the rubber that's different

  • I'd be careful with aftermarket VC gaskets. A buddy of mine used one and it started leaking right away. It didn't fit correctly in the VC and install wasn't the issue. Personally, I'd only use OEM. It's a wear item. 60k miles isn't too bad

  • Anthony LaCross have you compared a brand new OEM one with the VR ones? In all seriousness I'm just curious. Victor Reinz is supposed to be an OEM supplier for BMW. In theory, the differences should be at best minimal

  • No I haven't

  • I went with a Victor reinz because I've never seen an OEM that didn't leak.

  • I'm at 96k and it started leaking on my manifold. I plan on only having this car for maybe 20k more miles just wondering if theirs a better one than an OEM

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  • Anyone have a link to an OEM vgc