I have finally got my new E30 up from Melbourne a bit of work ahead of me not...

I have finally got my new E30 up from Melbourne - a bit of work ahead of me, not the least of which is mildew/mould in carpet (remove seats and console, remove and pressure clean carpet, lay out to dry properly for a few sunny days, reinstall everything). First time I have ever bought a car sight unseen and I doubt I would ever do it again!!! But it is a lovely drive.!!

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  • The sunroof drain pipes being clogged are the prime cause of e30 soggy carpet.

    Buy a roll of 1.6mm whipper-snipper cord and gently work it through.

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  • Thanks for the heads up, Ian Solomon

  • Ian Solomon - checked drain holes, all clear (cleaned out all the dirt in there also). Thanks again.

  • Seats out, console out, trim out, carpet out. 3 or 4 goings over with the pressure cleaner while clamped to my gates !!!. Should have put a catch tray under - lots of foaming and dirt. Should be back together on Monday ready to drive again - can't wait.

  • check air con drain tube, with that blocked, can also cause the evaporator to fail , as icing can build up

  • Thanks, Rod Tyson

  • That won`t dry by Monday!!!! Don`t know how thick the foam is under the carpet in an E30, but the E46 foam wouldn`t dry out after 3 months and I used a carpet shampoo vacuum to suck the water out. Then I stood on it and more water squished out. GRrrrrrrrrrr

  • Nearly dry - laid it on the hot concrete this arvo and walked over it. Only two places yielded moisture. Yippee!!!

  • Very lucky.

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  • It's always summer up here, Norton Weir!!