How does the BMW i3 with range extender compare to the Chevrolet Volt Detailed...

How does the BMW i3 with range-extender compare to the Chevrolet Volt? Detailed answers here.

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  • Ill give you that one but wrong on relating power to the gas engine

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  • I've read, from an owner in Europe that the REx does suffer some loss of power in ICE mode when going up a grade at highway speed. My Volt, in Mountain mode, does not. In extreme circumstances, it draws on the battery for a boost.

  • Chris Neff What did I miss? What are you referring to? In what way have I "related power to the gas engine"?

  • I know you say you will test later but I think this is incorrect and I'm basing it on what I've heard from BMW and my own experience with one, 'On the freeway, once the gasoline engine has turned on, the Volt has approximately twice the power of the BMW. This means it should perform better in long and steep uphill climb' When you test it I'll read it

  • Chevy Volt is a bit faster after the ECU performance mod I've heard

  • Don't go BMW performance stats. A Volt will not get the jump on a Corvette. Heck, I have a hard time with a V6 Altima. The i3 is very very quick. Quicker than my Active E. And my Active E is 3-0 against Corvette, 1-0 against WRX STIi and 1-0 against 7 series BMW with a V12. :)

    Also, kiss your warranty goodbye with ECU mod. Volt is not the ultimate driving machine.

    BTW, I love my Volt. It's an awesome car but not perfect.

  • You can reflash it back to stock before going in for service

  • The i3 is just as quick as an M3 from 0-40mph ....from there it fades....similar to the Volt

  • Great article Anton.

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  • Nice Job Anton