Hi my E32 has been parked up since September and have not been to start it...

Hi my E32 has been parked up since September and have not been to start it since November. I went to try and start it today and car won't unlock. I have tried the emergency unlock on the passenger door but the button barely moves. I have tried 12v to the boot and number plate lights as I have done in the past but no no joy.

Any other ways to unlock before I try putting a small child through the ski hatch hole to lift a latch or open the bonnet (not joking).

If all else fails is there a way to remove one of the quarter lights rather than smash it.

Car was locked with a key in the drivers door, will I even be able to open it by lifting a catch if I can get in.

1993 730i V8 - UK car

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  • I had this problem. I ended up getting under the car and running a jumper to the alternator where the battery cable connects. Put it on the charger and no problem

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  • Try the trunk lights - they're easy to pry off. Few weeks ago I unlocked another E32 with similar issues.

  • Try the emergency unlock on the driver's door. For mine, it works just as the passenger side! If it moves, then let the handle go while still turning the key then lift the handle again... Sometimes that works.

  • My Passenger side works ,with no power Rob

  • The AA have a tool to open the car for you, if you are not a member perhaps a friend could make the call for you? They have opened my car for me very easily without causing any damage.

  • Carefully remove the license plate lights. Carefully attach a battery to the leads ... in the correct polarity. Unlock the doors.

  • Did you get in Rob ?

  • Not yet, I have tried the key in both doors but it only goes past the normal stop on the passenger side and the button does move a bit but does not come the whole way up. Tried the boot and number plate lights from my booster pack and even left it connected for 15 mins but no power for the locks still. May try connecting the Range Rover to the boot light using jump leads for more power although the booster pack was fully charged and has had enough power to start a 7 Series or 2 in the past. If not I will try child labour if I can find one small enough to fit through the ski hole.

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  • With mine I lock the doors with fob, with drivers rear open, disconnect battery in car (in front of rear seat) then shut the door, passenger door always allows me to get in but you have to pull handle at the right time. Once in car I connect battery and normally the central locking sorts its self out.