Hi guys my instrument cluster is not lighting up I don t see my d p N the...

Hi guys my instrument cluster is not lighting up I don't see my d p N the automatic designations..I tried cleaning the gear selector removed it and cleaned it checked all fuses still the same issue does anyone have any knowledge on how to solve this problem.

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  • How exactly did you check the fuses? Just visual check or ?

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  • Physically removed instrument cluster fuses and changed them

  • Does this affect the changing of gears as well

  • OK, does the check control turn on with the ignition ? What about the rest of the functions and gauges?

    Overall - is it only the gear indicator ?

  • It should not affect it, it's just an indicator - nothing more.

  • The fuel gauge was giving issues after changing fuses they began working temp etc ...the computer box message not showing the inside light for the gauge not lighting up the indicator for the auto control not showing as well.

  • Handbrake and battery lights only

  • OK, either ways it seems you need to remove the instrument cluster and check it manually.

    I would recommend you to check all of the light bulbs. All the specs for each bulb is written on the back of the cluster.

    So overall I suspect that either the back light is gone, either a connector on the back of the cluster could be badly connected and needs checking.

    Overall I see that fuses 17 and 20 are powering the inst cluster FYI

    For more you can refer here:

    http://bmwe32.masscom.net/johan/e_box/fuse_box.htm l

  • Thanks spent the whole day changing fuses I suspect it's the 3 bulbs which are blown will definitely look into it thanks

  • If you're pretty sure about this, I would suggest you to change ALL of them - three for the gauges and the rest for the LCD's.

    I'm pretty sure if they work now, they would stop after you put it out.

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  • Yes I agree thanks a lot