Hi Guys

Hi Guys,

What tyres do you recommend on off-road? TKC80? HEIDENAU K60? Karoo3? Or maybe some others?

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  • yeah Iam planning go Pyrenees and do some offroad over there but before I need to do 900miles on road to get there

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  • best is scout k60 rear and tkc 80 front. this is what i have on my motorcycles

  • ok thanks

  • did you check mitas E07 is nice too

  • and is cheaper for the price

  • no I havent done offroad before tis is going to be my first time thats why I am asking for advices

  • K60's - TKC's wear way too fast. Great tire but 4 sets a year gets pricey.

  • Idid 15000km on my scout k 60 and my tkc 80 it's the second season with it . check mitas e07 front and rear they are very good too

  • K60's for sure. Best rubber I have ever had on my 800!

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  • My combination is TKC80 - front, and Mitas E-09 rear. Too rear tires lives one front. Mitas is two times cheaper than Conti.