Hi all

Hi all,

For all of you (i3-owners-to-be) who are unaware of the following bit of information, i think this will save you a good deal of anxiety over the first charging experience:

There are three levels of speed charging (low, medium and high) for each type of charging (standard and high).. by default they´re set to low. Don´t forget to adjust these according to your needs or you might end up waiting 20 hours for a full charge on a standard socket... ;)

P.S.: Yes, everyday feels like Christmas :)

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  • Correct.. here in the US we have 110v, 220v and 440v charging. Each takes a different type of charging device. We don't manually choose the level. it depends on the device we use and it's corresponding voltage.

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  • Yeah but Mario said you choose one of three levels for EACH of standard or high charge source (which in Europe means 230v/13A or 230V/32A) - this is leaving aside rapid DC.

  • Interesting.. I wonder if this will be the case in the US cars... I thought I read somewhere the US is 220/32A

  • 240V in residential settings and 208V in commercial settings, Kaveh.

  • OK, but that wasn't the question.

  • What was the question? If the i3 will adjust the charging speed?

    We likely won't know until the US owners manual is out. Aside from the Volt or the Model S, to my knowledge, there are no plugin vehicles on the US market, which would allow the driver to set the charging speed from the cabin. It would be a nice feature though.

    The 220V/32A reference above is inaccurate on two counts. It's the voltage, for one, and also the amperage. The vast majority of stations out there have cheaper J1772 plugs, and those only support 30 amps, not 32. Fair enough?

  • Here is the screen, which allows manual amperage override on the center console in the Model S. Mario, could you post a photo of the settings screen in your i3?

  • - strugling to post a picture with my android (do it later from a laptop). -

    I believe you will have the same options in the US. Aside from the type of charger used, you get to decide how fast will it perform (guess that in the long run that could have some impact on the life cycle of the batteries)

    My experience so far (on two charging cycles with a standard 220V domestic plug) was: 20 hours on low rate and 10 hours on high rate

  • Thanks, Mario! The voltages and maximum sustained amperages are different in the US. It would be good if this setting was available here too. Android FB client won't let you post a photo comment. It works on iOS though.

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  • George Betak, thks for the clarification ;)