Hey guys I m still in market for wheels Apex is not for me But I wanted to...

Hey guys I'm still in market for wheels. Apex is not for me. But I wanted to know what is everyone opinion on RAYS wheels? Will they last long in Queens NY? I know they are not forged but asking because they look really nice. I have been told they can taking the beating. Rays Wheels 57motorsport G07EX

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  • Kambiz Naderi i had 19" and they exploded and flew into oncoming traffic and killed 4 children at a crosswalk...still waiting on court date....out on bail...go 18"

  • I'm running 19" going down to 17". ride sucks at 19"

  • Lol. Nope cant afford your cheap rep wheels that cost as much as the shoes on my feet.

  • Jon Yohay I see u guys are together! Makes perfect sense

  • Yeah the quality from 17 to 18 was enough to make notable difference

  • Ill prob be banned for that pic so heres another

  • Everybody love everybody!! You guys are tearing this family apart

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  • Oh shit....^^