Hey guys. I desperately need some help. I had this problem already once

Hey guys. I desperately need some help. I had this problem already once. I was locking the car from the passenger side till the red light in the middle turned on for the infrared. After that I unlocked the car from the driver side and right away my alarm turned on. The only way of turning it off is unplugging the battery from the rare seats. I tired everything to take out fuses and boxes for the anti theft control. But it won't shut of the alarm when I plug the battery back in. Any suggestions help I would really appreciate a lot! (For the future I guess I will never lock the car from the passenger door)

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  • Lock and unlock via the passenger door?

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  • Tired it .. Didn't work!

  • with enabling the alarm?

  • Yes I enabled every fuse which has to do with the alarm or anti theft (fuse, relay, box)

  • What about the hidden fuse of the green alarm module ?

  • I had the same problem with my E32. Hera is some info what you need to do http://bmwe32.masscom.net/ivo/remote_install/remot e_install.html

  • I don't have the remote key anymore for my car.

  • Then it is a problem because the key shut down the alarm system when you unlock the car. But on the left side under the reae seat is the computer for the alarm system, unplug there and then the car will run but onboard cpmputer will not work, that happend in my car

  • What if I disconnect the battery for a long time of period (1hour or more) wouldn't it stop the alarm because the hole system of the car got reseted from this?

  • That didint work on my car to disconnect the battery but you can try

  • Okay. I will wait and than let's see what I can do. Cuz this happened to me already once. And the thing how I solved it was unplugging from the passenger door in the inside the central lucking system. So in this way I cannot central lock from the passenger door anymore. But as stupid I was I plugged it back in just not long time ago. And here is the result. But this time it wouldn't work that way .. So yeah.. Let's see what will happen. :/

  • Okay problem solved. I took the DWA module out and now it's all good :)

  • Unfortunately the OBC does not function without the DWA module... Gosh the electronic on this car I just can't understand. Everything is connected to each other even tho it has nothing to do with it.. xD

  • Then you have to get the remote key so you can connect DWA module

  • Yeah this unfortunately has to wait for now. For my taste They ask too much for a remote key

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  • blank key is 122 usd on realoem.com