Hey everyone My sister has been looking at buying an x3 possibly and i was...

Hey everyone. My sister has been looking at buying an x3 possibly and i was hoping i could get a bit of info on any problems she might come across. Looking between a 2006 and 2008 model diesel automatic. One is a 3.0L 2006 6cyl, another a 2008 2.0L 4cly and the third a 2007 3.0L 6cyl.

Would be great to get any help thanks so she could get the best deal

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  • Tinny Tinman

    Best advice, get an X5 instead.

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  • Make sure the 2.0 has had its timing chains replaced. Check same brand tyres front and rear. No 1 transfer case killer.

  • Is there any way of finding out a cars mechanical history other than the log book... like getting it checked for previous accidents?

  • I cant say i did this, but calling the old owners insurance to check for previous accidents. Revs check will only show write off and finance. I am curious irrespective of year/cost, maybe consider 4cyl vs 6cyl. Cheaper maintenance and ongoing cost. Unless the 6cyl is required :)

  • Ado no insurer would give the history of a vehicle from someone's policy unless it was to the policy owner only. Privacy laws have strict regulations around this.

  • So you could (and like i said, never done this) but ask for a report from owner. Mind you, photoshop does wonders too :) But useless I guess if you go to dealer. It would be an interesting concept if private seller would get insurer report to proof that no claims have been made.

  • Mind you, this is why inspections exist :)

  • Ado on another completely different note, I see you're friends with my dear cousin Zdenka

  • I have called mechanics that have been down on the service list in the warranty book for cars I've looked at. That's always useful.

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  • Cheers heaps for the help everyone... slowly turning the family over to bmw when i can but cant do it with a dud.. will definitely do some research into each but any more suggestions, keep them coming