Hey everyone. Been weighing the options between MHD and JB4 for my 10 N54 car

Hey everyone. Been weighing the options between MHD and JB4 for my '10 N54 car. I'm heavily leaning towards the MHD due to the simplicity and price factor.

One question I have, how is the reliability compared to JB4? I know the JB4 is known to make parts fail much faster, and I was wondering if the MHD flashes helped combat that.

Also my friend is buying the MHD app and everything for his N54 car and I was wondering also if the app is bound to a certain car, or can we share the tablet/app for both of our cars? Thanks!

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  • mhd all day.

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  • make sure you also buy a trickle battery charger if you're going the MHD route. people have bricked their ECU when the battery fails in the middle of install, which takes a long time.

  • Bound to vin. Mhd ftw. Jb4 is very moody.

  • Jb4+MHD if you want to be fast

  • Mhd w custom tune if you want to be fast

  • But jb4+MHD holds all records and wins

  • Mhd is the best bet. Save the money from the jb4 and buy a new cp.

  • I currently have BMS DCI and a ER chargepipe. Plan to get a FMIC and catted downpipes next.

  • Put that towards the dp or fmic then. Why catted?

  • Kyle I'll be in NY Sunday. Want me to show you what a jb4 n55 does

  • I Honostly really don't give a shit. I run Mhd. Its cheaper and the car runs great. Couldn't ask for anything more

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  • Dude who cares? I love my car. Its not the fastest yet but idc. How about you Fuck off and leave me alone? Your Fucking annoying

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  • I'm not taking sides by the way I stack jb4 with mhd and love it

  • Joshua normally I'm 100% flash only kind of guy it just so happens that in this certain application I enjoy the jb4 features along with mhd flash if it was any other car I would be 100 opposed to piggyback

  • The features are really nice, and you can really customize how you want the power.. pedal input, meth, fast ethanol maps, change psi on the fly, and logging and code reading of course... But it can def be finicky sometimes lol... just today I started that car and My gauges weren't working until I entered the jb4 menu.

  • And I guess for amateurs the jb4 can be an issue if they don't research the info.. so a lot of people complain about it

  • How about this one Eric Hodes

  • Mhd is just so much easier and you get the same if not better performance

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  • Price difference between JB4 & MHD?? what kind of hp diffrence do I need to expect. I'm stock only have DCI