Have many had their e46 s in for the air bag recall. If so what had to be done

Have many had their e46's in for the air bag recall? If so what had to be done... I just have a big fear leaving my car in for work.

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  • They change the sensor I believe? Then take your car for a free valet. Mine took 40 minutes.

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  • Mine went the other week, took less than an hour. Didn't get a free valet or free health check

  • Yeah not every dealer offer a free health check but tell them you know it's free and you want it to be done also ask for a loan car for the day

  • Ocean BMW Plymouth, free health check, free biscuits and hot chocolate, free valet, told by customer assitant my car was a nice example

  • Isn't there now a second recall for the other airbag?

  • They didnt tell me, they checked the key and it was just the one side...

  • It's linked to the takata airbag recall. I think it might just be bmw from 02-06 in the USA.

  • Just don't let the dealers wash your car

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  • No no never