Has anyone released a CHAdeMO to CCS adapter yet and would it work with an i3

Has anyone released a CHAdeMO to CCS adapter yet and would it work with an i3? There is a Blink Level 3 station at the Fresh Market in Palo Alto. Just off 101. Would be a great place to fill up.

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  • Great points, George. The only reason I'm interested in CCS is because it's what my future car uses. A pretty good model seems to be Fastned in Netherlands. They have triple protocol (50kW Chademo/CCS and 43kW Type 2). Unfortunately since they don't seem to have a ton of funding their build out is not fast (compared to Tesla which is probably an unfair comparison). It would be great if there was something like Fastned that was supported by the major car manufacturers and support all standards.

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  • Yes, Mutwin, I have heard of Fastned. Very good concept, if you asked me. Tony has been working with EV Oasis on something similar, I believe, but as you say, funding for this type of projects is limited and difficult to get. There are other visionary start-ups, like GOe3 in Arizona, which install multi-plug stations. Here is a video from their site in Tucson.


  • And lastly, here is a current snapshot of the DC quick charging network in the Bay Area from PlugShare. I'm working on the logistics for a local event, and we need a list of all available locations for attendees. It's worth noting that there were no DC quick chargers of any type in the spring of 2011. The first one was installed at the VW Electronics Research Lab in Belmont a year later.

    Oddly enough, it was a CHAdeMO-only Blink unit, which was subsidized by the DOE-funded EV Project. VW is in the CCS camp, even though some of their prototype vehicles used a CHAdeMO inlet. This particular quick charger has recently been replaced by a dual-plug unit from efacec. That' likely the only public CCS location in the Bay Area, and it's only there because of Volkswagen's research lab.

  • BTW, to add another data point for the numerator (total number) for Christopher, Tesla lists their Supercharger US locations at http://www.teslamotors.com/supercharger. Most (all?) of those have more than 1 charging bay, unlike most CHAdeMO installations which have only 1 DC FC or maybe 1 DC FC w/2 handles (e.g. Blink DC FCs). The unofficial count at http://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.php?p=356289 #p356289 shows Tesla Supercharger is up to 500 charging bays/stalls. Given their rapid growth and rollout, they will probably pass CHAdeMO in the US soon. The only compatible vehicle w/those is the Model S. Presumably all future Teslas will have compatibility w/those.

  • Yes, Andrew, Tesla got a late start as well, but they have been on a tear lately. The supercharger network is quickly becoming a key competitive advantage for the Model S. If I were to hazard a guess, I would bet that other OEMs are paying close attention. Anton Wahlman wrote an insightful opinion piece about this:


  • Tesla's superchargers are a formidable asset and compelling feature. All other EV manufacturers should be afraid.

  • Andrew - That's another thing that is frustrating with the current CHAdeMO deployments: only one bay or one bay with two handles. Tesla sees Superchargers as a gas station, whereas the CHAdeMO deployments function like a single pump. Tesla is doing it right and I am hoping others take notice as the next wave of infrastructure gets built out.

  • Christopher: Not sure what you mean by "you mean any efforts BMW may make to get chargers out there, as for example, relates to their $100M+ acquisition of that charging company not long ago?" Who bought whom for $100M+?

  • Andrew, they bought a charging company in the US and one in Europe. Presumably this was part of an effort to get more chargers out there?

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  • Christopher: They didn't buy a charging company. BMW invested in Chargepoint in the US and Chargemaster in the UK. I believe they now have a 2% stake in Chargemaster but I don't know how significant the investment in Chargepoint was.