Has anyone ran into any issues with their air conditioning units going out

Has anyone ran into any issues with their air conditioning units going out? The symptoms are as follows.

Driving on either comfort or eco pro, there is a sudden slight clunk and then the air goes ambient and warm (as if the compressor is no longer working and just the fan is running).

The A/C will return to normal later on but this seems very sporadic. Anyone insight to my issue?

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  • I experienced that one time

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  • I've been having similar for the last few days, I think a service is in order

  • Yes mine is in the shop for that problem

  • have any of you resolved your a/c issue and/or found out the cause? My 2015 BEV with 1,700 miles on it started to experience air conditioning problems today; specifically it blows room temperature air. It was working until this afternoon. I am indeed in Comfort mode so that's not the issue...

  • Update:

    Car was in the shop for over a week. BMW had a hard time diagnosing the root of the issue. They replaced about 15 parts which consisted of a controller unit for the heat pump (64119314803), refrigerant shutoff valve (64119292573), various sensors (64539306477), and various gaskets and seals. Valve failure was intermittent hence the sporadic air con functionality.

    BMW opened a PUMA case for my issue.

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  • Mine was a faulty compressor, which they easily replaced in a day or two. They said it wasn't common for it to be defective. Car is only 2 months old, so probably defective from the beginning even though it worked for the first two months.