Has anybody driven from L. A. to Las Vegas with a ReX Any experiences

Has anybody driven from L.A. to Las Vegas with a ReX - Any experiences?

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  • I coded my car within an hour of taking delivery, this is the most expensive car I have ever purchased. I am not concerned at all about warranty issues. Plenty of owners code their car, there are other models in the BMW lineup, still haven't heard of anyone being denied a legitimate warranty claim because they turned on some extra features with coding.

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  • The climb along I-15 out of Baker will slow you to a crawl if you're using the REx.

    Unless you've coded the car as suggested above.

    http://www.insideevs.com/bmw-i3-rex-bevx-restricti ons-plea-carb-unleash-rex/

  • I'm just going to post this here

  • ^ you do know that although they did use a REx, they tried to portray it as a BEV (photoshop). Using REx (especially coded) and/or DCFC would have been a different story; but wouldn't have made for such a "great" video. Congrats Toyota, you make a good hybrid, what have you changed about it since 1999?

  • I drove my REx ~425 coded miles the first day of ownership, I didn't stop to charge once.

  • Not yet, however with the SOC hold feature active, I am confident of my ride keeping up with traffic flow especially on steep hills. My question is how many real life miles can a full tank of REx (2.4 gallons) go on routes like So Cal to Vegas?

  • 80 miles

  • Thanks for the info Jan-Philipp Wallhorn

  • Jan-Philipp there are some people in the i3 SoCal group that are doing a coding party in a few weeks. Come join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/bmwi3socal/

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  • I filled up about every 60 miles but that was Atlanta to Memphis at 65mph+ with AC on. The car was brand new too so perhaps not quite "broken in." My GOM usually shows an estimated 75 miles of REx now so perhaps even less fill ups would be required for long distance trips now.