Frontera WEEK END BREAK Tour Dates 2014 Trip duration 4 days General info on...

Frontera WEEK-END BREAK Tour Dates 2014. Trip duration: 4 days. General info on How to join:

The Pyrenees - Mountain tour (Start/end Barcelona): 29. May - 3. June, 2014

Andalusia - Sierra Nevada and the Moorish villages (Start/end Málaga): 17. - 20. Oct., 2014

Andalusia - Sierra Nevada and the Moorish villages (Start/end Málaga): 7. - 10. Nov., 2014

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  • Can u give me interesting routes n recommendation etc for Pyrenees plsss. I m planning to do in mid April.

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  • Bikke Bikks: Pls write me on and I will let you know what I can do.

  • @Claus: I'm interested as well, so maybe you could keep the advice public in this group? How much of a discount are you offering for group members on the tours? :-)

  • @Claus. I do the trips to make a certain income (not much) - so even though we share many biking interests, it is difficult for me to justify making public my routes etc. I am sure you understand. Also, I can not say, I can offer the group members a discount overall - if you are sincerely interested in joining one of the tours, I suggest you write to me and I am sure we can sort something out. Best regards, Claus (

  • @Claus: I understand not wanting to make public something you rely on for an income. But that pretty much means that you have posted an ad. Have you checked the posting rules in the group before doing that? ;-)

  • @Claus. Hm, actually, I have not thorughly checked the rules but as I saw other 'ads' I supposed I was in the clear..... am I not?

  • @Claus: If you click "See more" over on the top right of the page, you should be able to see the rules for the group - including those for vendors posting motorcycle related ads. :-)

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  • Thx, Claus - I will take a look at it! :-)