Finally had both thermostats changed in my 2009 535d M Sport. What a difference

Finally had both thermostats changed in my 2009 535d M Sport. What a difference! Next on the list is to get the EGR out and clean it up and blank of the swirl flaps. The difference in MPG on my 10 mile commute to work is unbelievable for a car with a DMS remap. I'm seeing 41.5mpg after just 10 miles of mixed driving.

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  • You'll not regret it at all! Luckily mine has done motorway miles but I'd hate to think what the cold temps do for the DPF. I think I'll add the DPF Regen to my Carly app and get this kicking in and burn all the crap out.

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  • My mechanic is putting stuff called DPF doctor directly into the dpf. He swears by it.

  • Sounds good. I've just been running some Reddex through mine since having it. Hoping this has freed some of the gunk in the EGR.

  • Did u not clean the egr while u we're doing the stats?

  • How much did it cost to change both thermostats?

  • Yeahh also asking how much you paid ? Think I need mine doing as only Gettin 70 degrees max and noticed my mpg drop by about 10 miles compared to normal

  • £70

  • Mines were £90 direct from BMW. If ur handy with a tool kit u can do it urself. I'm not so I'm expecting about 2 hours of labour at £40 an hour from an experienced reliable mechanic. I'm also getting this put through the dpf. £20 a tin but supposed to be superb.

  • I had a mechanic do it so I'll clean the EGR myself as it's a good hour to do that.

  • Parts were £60 and Febi Bilstein and Mahle which is what BMW use anyway.

  • Where did you buy parts from James? Cheers


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  • And see when u see all the posts on here about the thermostats and DPF'S and online about cars with only 40k on the clock having these problems BMW should be doing a recall on them. Same with the sealed gearbox that's supposed to have life of the car oil and no need to service them. Absolute pish!! They can be a money pit although I think BMW "planned it" that way. The price eh parts are a disgrace.