Evil disappointment for BMW i3

Evil disappointment for BMW i3 ...

sadly only in German language but you can see that there are the same kind of "working" like at the European Songcontest or past ADAC ;-)

Can't take this award therefore not take seriously

http://www.welt.de/motor/article125423641/Boese-Sc hlappe-fuer-BMW-bei-der-Autowahl.html

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  • Echt Schade! Dumm gelaufen.

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  • Hi Joachim and George. What is going on?

  • Armen Hareyan, i3 is not a winner of Car of the Year award. Instead, Peugeot 308 took the prize.

  • Oh ok. Thank you Marina. Why Peugeot? George do you want to do an opinion on this? Thank you.

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  • i3 took second place and Model S third. This came as a surprise as i3 was perceived as industry favorite. The whole process was compared to Euro Vision (European song contest) as 58 journalists from 22 countries were voting for their favorites and votes were easily accumulated based on how many judges were represented by certain country/region (number of judges representing each region was determined based on market size). Each journalist could assign 25 points among finalists and could award 10 points to their top choice (they had to give points to 5 out of 7 finalists). Final tally showed that only 11 journalists picked i3 as their top choice. 23 journalists picked Peugeot as their top choice. France, Spain and Italy chose Peugeot, while Germany, UK, Norway and Holland voted i3 as # 1 choice. Some of the reasons for not voting for i3 - range, price & lack of infrastructure.