Everything turning to blue accents A very nice Zoe My partner remarked is...

Everything turning to blue accents. A very nice Zoe. My partner remarked "is everyone copying the i3 blue flash?" . Imitation sincerest....

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  • The blue accents existed on Zoe and Leaf before the i3 was even launched :)

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  • Aha. Must be flattery by BMW then! My partner though it looked much nicer than i3. So Gallic design flair showing through.

  • The blue around the light cluster was pretty cool. Compared to the Laurus Grey this also looked better. Sheffield city of electric......dreams

  • It's a nice looking little car, just a shame the Renault dealers have zero interest in selling them :(

  • The black ones do look nice. Had a look around the Zoe at the Formula E and was rather surprised. Large boot, decent space, just typical Renault hard plastics in the interior.

  • Black Zoes and Leafs look the best IMHO. Unfortunately the Zoe's interior is far from plush.

  • Not everyone's copy of the i3 is so pretty !!

  • They Chinese even have the cheek to copy the colour !

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  • VW seem to be the biggest blue cribber. Golf GTE mimics the GTI red flashes and red tartan interior with blue flashes. I am tempted to go for some blue Alloygator wheel protectors as I think they would look cool.