Error free registration light my beefy hoop

Error free registration light my beefy hoop !

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  • After some myself, they of ebay pal

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  • Halfords do them £6 with a trade card

  • Thats them after about a year mate but still lol

  • How much are they without a trade card or can anyone get a trade card mate ?

  • Been on a year bud but still ...

  • Think they are £12. You need to prove your in the trade to get a card

  • Ye they where off ebay

  • Think there £20 on ebay so still better mate.

  • Good lights. Had mine 6 mths so far

  • Ye they look realy smart at night going to get new ones

  • I had this with mine, it's like the hole you plug it into is to big.

    I cut a small piece of cable tie off and wedged it in there and it's been as good as gold ever since.

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  • I got some from e bay 1 month all ok now pops a error on left and right bulb lol