EE i3 BEV 0603650 is now in production also For what it s worth I placed this...

EE i3 BEV #0603650 is now in production also. For what it's worth, I placed this order at the very last moment, before BMW NA locked down Electronaut edition reservations. I could be wrong, but it looks like the Leipzig factory might be grouping orders by color.

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  • George that's the lowest production number we've had posted yet! It really doesn't matter because they will be shipping all the Electronaut Edition cars at once so don't worry. Mine hasn't gone into production yet either.

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  • Saving the best for last, Tom.

  • George, they're searching for a specific panda.

  • My stormtrooper finished production today. Yah! Now the waiting and obsessing.

  • We have Production #0602455 but it has not started production yet. Panda/stormtrooper/penguin

  • George Lee: I know you were probably only kidding about paint, but it triggers a question: are these thermo plastic body panels painted or is the plastic itself colored? I assume painted, in which case, I really don't see the point of overly large color batches - you wouldn't want to change paint colors on every single part, but surely changing paint colors is not too big of a deal? Meanwhile, where the heck is my car?

  • Christopher Mirabile - They're individually painted. Check out about 5-6 minutes in on this video:

  • I just found out that for some mysterious reason, my order went from status "112" back to "111" on 2/27 without explanation... but there is a name attached... the hunt begins. 8-[]

  • :-S Hope you will find out what happened, Andre!

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  • Will know by tomorrow. Guy is checking into it.