E36 parts

Some E36 parts up for grabs

Really need the garage space

E36 stock suspension, front and rear, not blown or anything, car just has coilovers now - 20$ for everything

Ugly E36 aftermarket mirrors (not M3 ones, they have reflectors on them) - free to anyone who will pick them up

E36 M50 (6cyl) cooling system - 100$obo

Rad, overflow / fill bottle, 2 rad hoses

Doesnt work with the swap im doing

Front and back black leather seats, minir rip in driver's seat - 100$ obo for all

Will trade all for a nice seat or an M3 front bumper

%d comments
  • Brad J Bayer

  • Cars
  • Ramon Rodrigo the cooling stuff

  • Any E36 front lower control arms? Or have I asked you that already?

  • I have the rad already. But might upgrade to Mishi!!

  • I dont sorry!

  • I would be intetested in the mirrors

  • Come get them! Located in south delta

  • mirrors are gone ;)

  • Fack

  • Is the cooling system still available?

  • Well if there still there tonight i will grab them

  • Yes!

  • Just take the whole fucking car people

  • Stock suspension still available?

  • Yep!

  • Nopeeee

  • Is that my old stock suspension griffin

  • Cars
  • nopeee this came with my car, still have yours