e28 528e

2200 obo *will listen to any reasonable offers! i know the car isnt 2200, but just starting there

-clean title



Pre tty much a chassis to be a Drift missile nothing else really

Good running m20, never over heats very reliable motor... solid 5 speed tranny

Pretty much gutted car, but electric seats that work

Recently bought the car, updated all the registration and late fees, the car is smogged and 100% ready to transfer into your name.

Was gonna do a drift build with the car and put a 325is head from an e30 and the car would have been perfect, decided to change plans.

Car is what you see, nothing to hide

Text me any time 7324047223 entertaining all offers

Sharing to different pages, admins feel free to delete if its not appropriate for the page! possible drift missile lol

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  • Is this the car I ran in my evo? With your boys?

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  • Nah this was my bucket I've been working on but got nothing accomplished lol

  • $2200 is a bit to much for 528e and the condition man..

  • 100% agree, im taking offers knowing people will undercut this price

  • Also not a lot of cars on here are 100% ready to get transferred over to their names no extra price to pay after the initial purchase

  • I'd trade my ej

  • specs?

  • Stock auto 214k daily driven econobox

  • Eh tempting I'll let you know I still gotta solid daily

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  • Let me know dude

    I got this car in a trade for my integra and it's pretty solid

    Runs fantastic