Don t forget your walnut blast

Don't forget your walnut blast.

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  • Holy crap, that's an amazing difference. I'm getting mine done shortly after about 64,500km on the clock.

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  • How much is everyone paying to get this done?

  • I'm at 102 and haven't done it lol fml

  • I'm at 116,000...and yeah..never had this done

  • I'm on every chance it looks like that then?!! Might have to look at getting it done......will have to ask around!!

  • I had it done 6 months ago for about a grand at the dealer. My car was at 65k. Before the blasting the car totally lost is torque and acceleration in 5th and 6th gear. My car was also throwing the check engine light. I had brought it back to the dealer a few times and they couldn't find any problems. After the blast the car felt like it did at 30k

  • that was with a bone stock car.

  • Wow. How many miles on your engine?

  • soda blasting is about $A450 here in Perth apparently.

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  • Getting it done at Advanced B M W Repair for Texans