Dear BMW

Dear BMW,

Please make a purely electric X4. With double the range of an i3. I'll write the check today.



P.S. Any of the following would also be acceptable: 6-series Gran Coupe, 4-series, 2-series.

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  • The 6GC gets my vote.

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  • What? 80 miles is supposed to be good enough for True EV Believers! 97% of all Scientists say so! :-)

    Today was a bit unusual. My Tesla Model S started the day with 220 miles of range. I will have driven at least 80 miles by the time I get home tonight. Knowing this sort of thing happens I couldn't settle for an 80 mile range. And had I needed use of the heater I would have consumed at least 100 miles of range.

  • 80-100 miles was nearly always enough for early EV adopters...because early EV adopters were able to adopt EVs based on their driving needs.

  • Started the day with 220 miles in the battery and finished with 125. Off to the vet this morning with my cat. From there to work. Back home at lunch to pick something up on the way to the doctor myself. And back to work. To the vet after work to get the cat. Grocery store. And finally home. Couldn't have done it in a LEAF or BEV i3.

    Had only BMW put twice as much battery in the i3 as they did then the i3 would be *really* interesting. I still think they should offer a version with extra batteries in the REx compartment in lieu of REx. Range does matter.

  • David Kelly: totally agree, and have wondered many times myself why they didn't. Of course the answer is that they want to standardize the battery trays to keep costs down, but an i3 BEV with ~200 mile range would be a really interesting car. Ultimately less useful than a Rex if you really had to cover a long distance in a hurry, but awesome for virtually all use cases.

  • iM3

  • Mini.

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  • The other thing is I feel you need at least twice the longest expected day of range to cover for the unusual day that occurs every couple of weeks. To cover for wear and tear on the battery as the vehicle ages. And the bigger the battery the smaller percentage the discharge/charge cycles the less the battery wears.