| sinbad666 | P.Toone 6th Dec 2016

After a slightly disappointing dyno at the weekend, this is my first log. Could anyone spare 5mins to read it and see if I have any obvious problems please. I'm MHD 2+ 3rd gear pull. Car feels and pulls great, I have no codes whatsoever. Thanks in advance, I'm not sure on how to read these.

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  • What figure did you get and you got all supporting mods for stage 2

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  • It is supposed to be a low reading dyno. Evolve downpipes, VRSF charge pipe Tial Bov, Mishimoto intercooler, dci.

  • Yer 380 seems very low. However 550ftlbs is well impressive. The dyno results seem to be all over the place from the weekend if I'm honest :/ low bhp high torque seems to be a theme but there still cars pulling good number but then cars with more parts making less power :/

    Was it a dyno dynamics dyno yer? I've asked a couple people and they didn't know.

  • Superflow he had trouble keeping it in the rollers. He re strapped it 3times. I wondering if it's that not the car.

  • The dyno was run on V6 for that log I flashed to V7

  • Yer tbh I wouldn't trust any of the figures really then :/

    (Personal opinion)

    nothing but DD for me and that's backed up by how all the cars at the weekend seem to run low bhp and masses more torque then we've seen before or are used to.

    Not making 400bhp (when you should) but pulling 550ftlbs :/

  • The BHP figures did seem right is tho? Well for some cars as Adam got 500.

    And an M3 supercharged was 500+ and he got his 520 or something.

    And most other stage two cars got 400+?

    And the e46s not the M3s

    But the 320d and stuff seem to get the figures that looked right for there mods.

    I dunno tbh. I don't know fuck all about dynos just stating BHP figures did seem to match some cars as what you would expect. And the car like Adams but with meth and ethanol got 510 instantly on his first and only run.

    Can't speak for the Torque figures as I don't know much about what these cars should get or what the other cars should get and tbh was ever looking at them figures. :/

  • I was speaking to someone tho and they said Dyno figures can easily be tricked as thats what they are configuring at the start with the controllers.

    And I did see him doing that but I don't know how they work.

  • Just frustrating mate, I was going to go on another dyno. But the car feels right on the road so just going to save my money.

  • Tbh i think you should wait for another group one.

    Then we have the same conditions and same Dyno to compare on

  • It would of been better if we had the logs from the run to see what happened, in my run it was far too hot and the load from the dyno itself was more than on my road logs. So I was targeting more boost than usual and my timings were zero because of temps.

  • Weird isn't it as mine made over 400 without the supporting mods directly after Adams run. I'm tempted to try mine on a dyno dynamics to compare. After doing some Internet research it seems the superflow is the most conservative dyno out there reading 8/10% lower than its competitors

  • Paul Toone have you got an intercooler mate ?

  • Yes mate

  • As in upgraded

  • yes Mishimoto mate

  • Yeah it's very conservative, but also very accurate. Definitely not bragging figures

  • Winter tune your running Adam Ash

  • How many miles have the turbos done ?

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  • Warren Smith a lot