Ccc to cic is it worth the upgrade

Ccc to cic is it worth the upgrade ?

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  • Razvan Rzv what will I need for it to be able to stream music through Bluetooth or should it all work do I need anything specific

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  • Depends. You need bluetooth car kit ( but the original one not aftermarket ) + ccc navigation updated + specific software for your retrofit...

  • But if your car has this option you will only need ccc nav + soft

  • Sweet thanks mate gonna look into it see if I can get the full cic kit bought

  • It can be ccc or cic it dosent matter. Its about your e9x model....

  • Think I want to upgrade the system anyway mate I have e92 coupe 2007

  • I upgraded it and 100% worth it!

  • I was going to as mine is playing up, then decided against it as if I buy a second hand cic and that breaks I'll be pissed

  • The cic nav its way more better than ccc! There are few casses of breaking down.

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  • Yeh I recently had to change the nav disc drive in mine