My neighbors informed me that two men tried to tow one of my cars out of my drive way the other day, said that they couldn't because the car was locked in place. (Backed in on the driveway in Park.)

I am still trying to get more details but be cautious, there are some thieves going around trying to steal E36s (possibly others), they waited til no one was home to try and tow the car.

They told me neighbors that we had sent them to pick up the car and were asking them for help. Tell your neighbors if they get anyone knocking on their doors about a vehicle getting towed that they should call 911 and report the bastards.

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  • I'm in San Juan Capistrano and some fuckers broke into my car stole my shift boot ,shift knob adapter , shift knob and tried to steal my radio lucky for me my neighbor was coming home and he spooked them and he called the cops woke me up at like 3 am people are fucken scum

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  • How long ago was that? Could be the same fuckers as Im in MV

  • Last week

  • Yeah probably the same guys than as this happened within the last week from my understanding. Sorry to hear of your loss. If you need a shift boot I got an extra center console thing with the shift boot in it!

  • I ordered all the parts the same night ahaha fuckers took like 60$ worth of stuff so I park my shit in the garage now

  • 2 men with a tow truck in the middle of the day with no issues being seen or talking to neighbors sound like repo contractors. Did you have a homeowners association issue or another car behind the e36?

  • No never got any letters from HOA and the car is paid off in full with a NonOp title.

  • Years ago my neighbors stingray got stolen during daytime,and neighbors said it was a plain white tow truck.

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  • If people get caught doing this, they should be sentenced with impersonation as well as others. Cant stand thieves let alone those that go above and beyond