Can anyone in the know let me know if this needs a regen. Thanks

Can anyone in the know let me know if this needs a regen? Thanks

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  • Yes mines worse then this lol

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  • I should add it's only done 192km since last gen too?

  • You got any faults stored for glow plugs by chance?

  • Actually when I had it dynoed they said I needed glow plugs and they're sat here waiting to go in.

  • The glow plug fault sometimes can prevent it from regenerating properly so I'd start there before trying to regenerate the dpf

  • Dynoed? Ditch the DPF

  • Tony Roocroft awesome, thanks buddy

  • you can't force the regen, it just places the request in the dde, it must be error free to start the regen

  • I'd say that's fine ....

  • Check the glowplug first by testing your glowplugs mine said it needed two and they didn't come out so cost me 300+ to get them removed it then turned out to be the glow plug controller

    Joe Stanford

  • Sorry, test the relay how?

  • Sorry didn't mean relay I mean controller

  • Get a multi meter and check the ohms of the glowplug a quick look on YouTube and you should be able to find out

  • Sohel Abhram

  • Nick Thompson I'll give that a go first, thank you

  • I didn't read up about anything before I got them done but when it didn't take the codes off I looked in to it

  • How can I do this on my f20? Is this an app?

  • Nick Thompson this was my code

  • It's an adapter and an app called Carly

  • Saf Adam

  • I'd check the controller then mine comes up with glow plug 1 and glow plug 2

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  • i can sort this