Born electric 20 12 2013. Driven 2. 000km smoothly without a drop of gasoline

Born electric 20-12-2013. Driven 2.000km smoothly without a drop of gasoline.

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  • Congratulations!

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  • Hi Bas, congrats! What's your daily driving pattern (distance, city/highway etc) if I may ask?

  • Normal days aprox 35km, once a week 100-150km. Mostly highway. Currently, I mostly charge my car at the office and at clients. Later this year the city will install a charging facillity close to my house.

  • I pressume you cannot make the 150 km trip in one charge?

  • I assume you can, leaving fully charged and pre-heated, driving 90km/h on the highway in Eco Plus and with OK weather conditions.

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  • Tom already asked me, and I look forward to share my experience.