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Hi All,

Just installed BMW advanced eye camera on my F10 few days ago. Somehow it delayed me comfort access i.e. When I touched the door know at drivers side or any of the doors, there's delay in recognition and unlocking the door like close to 30over seconds. The same goes when I want to lock the doors. When I power off the camera to isolate the issue, the door access is working fine again!! Can this be due to battery drainage below 12v? Or some radio interference?? Appreciate advise/comments to rectify this problem.

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Dear all brothers and sisters I will need your advice — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

Dear all brothers and sisters, I will need your advice.

My 318i, 1 yr old, air con has a noise when AC is switched on. PML claimed that it is normal and this is what they explained as the cause: "Hi sir, I have forwarded your video and was informed that this is a normal operation noise from the aircon system, where the evaporator valve will produce this noise when in operation. This is due to the adjust of the high and low pressure during the engagement if the compressor clutch. I have also compared with a similar model and the same sound was exhibited."

Believable or they are just trying to avoid warranty claim?

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    Hi All i just collected my f10 from PPSL yesterday Wanted to install car... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

    Hi All, i just collected my f10 from PPSL yesterday. Wanted to install car camera like iroad v9 with powerbank outside but SA explained that it will void my warranty, and advised me to get their inhouse bmw car camera. Really appreciate anyone with their ride from PPSL can share if my warranty will be be void in this case? SA also recommended to install 3M or V-Kool solar film which price are on high side, anyone have better suggestion? Thank you very much.

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      Photos from C GH Tan's post — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

      *Admin, if this is not appropriate, please delete my post, thx!

      SPC MINDS Car Wash :

      I thought I just post this and I am sure many of you motorists already know that such a place exists. Just for those who are not aware (maybe you do not frequent this area), there is a car wash operating at the SPC petrol station in Telok Blangah and it's run by a crew made up of intellectually-challenged people. This is a project by MINDS (The Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore - founded in May 1962 by a group of philanthropists who saw the need to provide equal opportunities for children with intellectual disabilities to receive education and later, to be integrated as contributing and responsible citizens in Singapore.).

      A collaboration between SPC and MINDS, this is the only car wash in Singapore of this nature. The crew is trained and able to perform the tasks of car washing and are supervised by 3 full-time officers. My friends and I have had the opportunities to interact with the crew for the past 2 CNY and Christmases as we thought it would be great to bring some fun to their, otherwise, mundane days at work. I have learnt more about them; engaging and talking to them eg. one of them is called Wan. He is a happy-go-lucky boy probably about 18 years old. He has mild intellectual disability, he is like any other happy teenager at work and after warming up to you, he starts talking a lot. Wan leaves in a one-room HDB flat with 10 other of his family members...yes, there are 11 of them cramped in the tiny flat but he is always full of smiles.

      At any one time, the car wash is operated by 10 individuals; from the wash bay to the drying area. They do what they are tasked and the supervisor will be the one doing the final spray wash before sending the car to the drying station which is supervised by another officer.

      These 3 officers, George, Woon and Raymond, not only dedicating their entire days, every day to watch over this team, they know each one of the crew like their own children. Its not easy to manage the crew as they each have their quirks and well, let's just say, they need to be watched closely coz they are not able to comprehend fully, what you and I can. Woon suffers from sever gastritis but you can see his love for the crew and is extremely patient when guiding them. George suffered a stroke and his left hand is immobile and he walks with a cane while Raymond is a very quiet individual who is extremely caring and alert watching over the team. How do we know if these 3 gentlemen are genuine in caring for the crew? You can tell from how the crew love and adore them and listen to them - you just have to be there to see it, to know it.

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        Attachment Unavailable — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

        Here guys. Please come for our meet up this coming Saturday.GONG HEY FAT CHOY.

        Our very own Modsters red packets! A little something from the fabulous Admins to add a touch of Modsters to your CNY this year.

        Let's get-together for a huat-ti-full time on Saturday, 21st January, 2230 hours at Kallang Leisure Park opened space carpark right outside Starbucks.

        Be quick though, limited quantities are available!

        I take this opportunity to thank fellow Admins, especially Patara Chen, for their generosity in contributing to some 2000 limited edition red packets just for you.

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          Hi all i would like to hv some advice from yours Recently i found my 2010 E90... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

          Hi all, i would like to hv some advice from yours. Recently, i found my 2010 E90 a bit rocking and swing to left n right while crossing humps. I m not ramping over hump but just slowly cross over it. Just monitored about 2 wks ago. Is it related to one side of the suspension become weak? One side strong and one side weak? How can a suspension become weak? I m about to bring it to workshop to check it out. Anything should i take note of and emphasise the workshop to chk more details? Thanks.

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            Photos from Alan Zee's post — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

            Need some advise on what's wrong with the car. My car was not able to start tonight and red steering wheel lock light went up. I thought the battery was drained and got a tow truck to jump start the car.

            I drove home but during the time the abs and dynamic stability system lights were yellow and it also seems the battery was still running low.

            After got home and stop the car I cannot start the car again and red steering wheel lock light went off again ....

            Can this be fixed with a battery change or something more serious happened?

            Below are the photos of the signs, appreciates yr advise

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              Photos from Jonathan Liu's post — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

              Hi bro n sis. Im in need of help here. A few days bk my daddy 2011 520i f10 show on screen that the battery increased in discharge. I assume it was battery faulty so i took it to a garage to change the battery. After changing the battery, it show battery not charged n battery charge low. But during the battery change the garage had the car plug in to computer n check the alternator is working fine ? Any advise ?

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                Hi need some advice Just took over a 08 E60 525i in Nov 16 Was fine until... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                Hi, need some advice... Just took over a '08 E60 525i in Nov '16.. Was fine until recently when I experienced squealing sound coming from right side of driver seat when decelerating...

                Sent in for diagnostic but no fault found. Pulley and fan belt checked and in good conditions.

                Anybody faced this issue before?

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                  So i overstretched myself and got a 2009 E90 I lost my job in November so now... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                  So i overstretched myself and got a 2009 E90. I lost my job in November so now am stretched paper thin. 2 questions.

                  1) The engine oil warning light came on, as did the service car light. How far can I travel before I need to service?

                  2) Can anyone recommend a workshop in JB near(er) to Woodlands side I can bring for servicing?

                  Any help is appreciated.

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                    Good morning happy new year people just wondering If anyone have this... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                    Good morning.. happy new year people... just wondering. If anyone have this problem. All is normal. But when u move slow in traffic or in carparks esp when down slope and slowing down before comes to a stop and you let the car inch abit forward the whole car vibrate violently before it stops. And no its not engine mount as PML replaced them and they cant find the problem... driving a e84.

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                      Hi all im looking to dekit my n54 335. thanks for reading — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                      Hi all, im looking to dekit my n54 335. thanks for reading

                      1. Brembo GT red full set. 6/4.

                      Pads and Rotors with good life, used approximately 7500km.

                      asking 3k with swap, labor on buyer

                      2. M5 rims

                      M355 avant garde with Michelin PSS

                      Rear tyres 1 month old only.

                      F: 235/35/19

                      R: 265/30/19

                      asking 1.3k with swap, labor on buyer

                      3. M3 performance steering

                      full led with water, oil temp, counters, timers.

                      asking $600 with swap, labor on buyer

                      4. 1M front bumper

                      painted sapphire black

                      asking $480 with swap, labor on buyer.

                      5. R-Logic coilover

                      used 10000km

                      huge reduction in body roll and enhanced driveability

                      good handling and comfort, full adjustability for height and stiffness.

                      can feel as comfy as stock on soft settings.

                      asking $600 with swap, labor on buyer

                      6. Cobb accessport v3

                      this needs no introduction.


                      7. AR chargepipes and downpipes



                      8. Wagner FMIC


                      9. BMW oil catch can and blow off valve


                      if keen, do drop a note to 8.two.two.

                      *pics will be uploaded shortly

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                        C GH Tan shared a link to the group: BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers. — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                        I've noticed that there are frequent posts asking for assistance to identify the control displays appearing on the car instrument display panel. I thought I can share what I do for my car if I ever need to have a quick reference.

                        One of the first things I'd do whenever I get my hands on a car, I'd make a copy of the Display section under the Control category of the car manual. It basically summarises all the various icons that can pop out to indicate issues/failures etc of your vehicle. Then I'd reduce the size to something more handy (for me its A5), slot it into a clear file plastic holder and then just pop it into the glove compartment instead of storing the entire manual there. This has actually saved me time and panic on a few occasions!

                        For the newer models, there's an in-car Owner's Manual which will not work if your car is totally shut down lor! LOL! Personally, I find this takes a lot of time coz when you are kan cheong mode you'd wanna know what's the problem and I think it is more tedious to find what I want through that and prefer just flipping pages!

                        For those who bought their cars new or are lucky to buy from owners who preserved the car manuals then you are in luck. For those who bought pre-loved cars that didn't come with the manual, you can download from here :

                        For the older models : https://www.bmwsections.com/

                        For the 2016 models : https://carmanuals2.com/brand/bmw

                        For upto 2017 models (N. America versions) : http://www.bmwusa.com/Standard/Content/Owner/dgh.a spx

                        and if you can't find your model in the above links, just do a quick Google, that's what I did!

                        I hope this helps, Merry Christmas and a safe new year on the roads!

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                          Bros and Siss I am not a BMW owner yet looking around for a replacement ride... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                          Bros and Siss, I am not a BMW owner yet, looking around for a replacement ride for my current Mitsubishi. Was taken aback the depreciation can be comparable to some Japanese model.

                          Was looking at a 2009 318i yesterday, felt a bit too squeezy for my size but the feeling of sitting in BMW is definitely different. Agent then show me a 2009 520iXL, this one is really comfortable and heart turned very itchy.

                          Only thing that is holding me back is if a 2009 BMW worth buying? Agent of course will say "Bro it is a good buy and past owner really taken care of it", but I doubt their words and their 1 year warranty is really doubtful (just 2 lines on warranty for engine).

                          Need some advice from fellow members, how to ensure I will not likely to buy a lemon and is the maintenance and replacement really expensive? Heard about replacement of aircon compressor costing $6000 and $30000 for gearbox.

                          Sorry for my long post and Happy Boxing Day!

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                            Latest Update — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                            **************Latest Update************

                            Hello F30 crews, We are arranging an End of Year Meet up on 30th Dec (Friday) 2016.

                            Venue: Kallang Mac at 9.30pm!

                            P.S: Taking a fantastic shot of F30 rides

                            Hope we can gather everyone together on this date!

                            Below are the list of confirmed attendees:

                            Total 20 cars!

                            1. Gerald

                            2. Gary

                            3. Jun

                            4. Lawrence

                            5. Ivan

                            6. Chris

                            7. Chewkiat

                            8. Adam

                            9. Jerry

                            10. James

                            11. Zac

                            12. Ben

                            13. Jaya & Ravi

                            14. Derrick

                            15. Simon

                            16. CC

                            17. Chester

                            18. Joseph

                            19. Derick

                            20. Khai

                            Visit our fb page for more information


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                              Hi guys need some help on this problem My E60 520 right side day time light is... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                              Hi guys, need some help on this problem. My E60 520 right side day time light is down. Went to the usual car audio shop to change light bulb, but the guy said the wire was "burned" and dun dare to change bulb as he afraid will short circuit the existing module... and told me need go workshop to re-wire!?!?! 1st time hearing this... can advise how i can get it fix and any shop to recommend... staying in the east...

                              Thanks in advance,

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                                Blackvue 650s 2 ch — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                                Blackvue 650s 2 ch

                                Hi All has anyone on X3 2010 onward fitted this on their car and encountered radio interference problem? I fitted 650s 2 ch and also the cellink b battery. power for battery was tap from one of the acc wires at the rear near the rear fuse box. After installation, My radio had interference , can only hear static and a bit of radio.

                                Thanks in adv.

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                                  PSA IMPORTANT We just spotted a spammer who posted a racy image with a link to... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                                  PSA: IMPORTANT - We just spotted a spammer who posted a racy image with a link to a Facebook phishing page with a fake login to steal your credentials. (I checked out of curiosity :p)

                                  In any case, make sure you have Two-Factor Authentication (i.e. additional security via mobile SMS / code) setup for your Facebook account ( https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=security&sec tion=approvals&view )

                                  If you use Gmail or any other web-based service that's popular, make sure you have Two-Factor auth turned on too. ( https://www.google.com/landing/2step/ )

                                  Always be paranoid about your data and personal information.

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                                    Hi guys can anyone recommend a workshop preferably west side that can or... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                                    Hi guys, can anyone recommend a workshop (preferably west side) that can or knows how to install car dashboard cams (front and back) for Bmw z4? The two workshops that I have gone to both say it's not possible to install the rear cam and tried to convince me to fix just the front. I am guessing they just find it too troublesome. Thank you in advance.

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                                      Photos from Emotionless Ed's post — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                                      Selling the following items:

                                      Items all used less than 7000km.

                                      1) AP racing 4 big pot BK $2400

                                      2) BC forged 18" rims with good years types (front is 18x225x40, rear is 18x235x35) $2000

                                      3) Bilstein B14 coilover $1000

                                      4) RS chip $450

                                      5) Remus exhaust $1000

                                      6) custom shades for all window including the rear $200 (used only a mth)

                                      7) Blackvue 1Ch Full HD cam $200 (forgot the model)

                                      All items stated are installed on a 2012 BMW 116i

                                      Items are still on my ride, hence labour cost will be 50/50 as to be fair to both parties.

                                      All items Neg but Low baller pls don't bother.

                                      Interested parties kindly contact 86841147 for fast deal.

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                                        BMW 523I series My car will rec a signal on the electronic panel asking me to... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                                        BMW 523I series. My car will rec a signal on the electronic panel asking me to top up coolent after every 3 weeks. Realise that there may be leakage that caused this. Check my workshop and was quoted $550 for this replacement. Anyone know where i can get OEM version and cheaper and installation. Thanks a million

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                                          Hi sorry if my posting here is not appropriate just asking anyone here wanting... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                                          Hi, sorry if my posting here is not appropriate....just asking anyone here wanting to help the disadvantaged/handicapped and give them a hand at Bizlink's upcoming charity golf on 23 Mar 2017 at SICC?

                                          They also accept donations.

                                          I took part in their 1st charity golf earlier this year and many flights were not taken up.

                                          This coming event may even be more challenging for them as the market/time is bad....just trying to spread the words around for them to help.

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                                            Hi guys need your advice I have been trying to use the Vehicle Finder on the... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                                            Hi guys, need your advice. I have been trying to use the Vehicle Finder on the "my BMW Remote" app with no success. All other functions such as locking, horn etc are all working fine though. The GPS is already activated on the car (setting->GPS) but it still cannot locate. It kept promoting me the attached error. Tried reinstalling the app already but does not help. I recalled that I was able to locate the vehicle few days back on and off.

                                            I have been trying the whole of yesterday but never once successful. PS: I parked in open carpark etc so no issue with no coverage. Just want to ensure it's not issue with GPS? I was also able to use the map for navigation.

                                            Any idea? Thank you.

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                                              Hi I am presently driving the 320i and have book my new 116d I have decided to... — BMW.SG - Singapore BMW Drivers

                                              Hi, I am presently driving the 320i and have book my new 116d. I have decided to switch to this diesel engine and hope some of our senior here can enlighten me. I love driving the North South Highway to KL, Kerth, Penang and even Hatyai.

                                              I am wondering whether we can get the Euro 5 diesel in the NS highway petrol station?

                                              Is the Euro 5 diesel is the same quality as Singapore?

                                              Since the 116d is 3 cylinder will that take up stress on the engine?

                                              Can the car take such a long drive?

                                              What are the precaution that I need to take?

                                              Sorry too many question to ask.

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