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BMW 3 Series GT after the Paint Protective Sealant Treatment.

Below are Process Steps...

Complete vacuuming of car including seats & boot.

Washing & cleaning of foot mats.

Pre Washing of car

Foam cleaning of exterior

Tyre arches cleaning

Underbody wash

Engine degreasing with steam

Washing & cleaning of door frames & trims

Claying to remove all impurity from Paint,

Logo detailing,

After wiping off residue & water, all untreated area to be masked,

Sanding on areas where it is required,

Compounding on whole painted surface,

Swirl removing process,

Polishing on exterior of car,

A sealant is applied on treated areas after cleaning & leave it for 45 min than buff it off to create a protective layer.

Cleaning and polishing of dashboard

Tyre & alloys polishing

All side doors of car are cleaned & polished,

Car perfume spray,

Adding chemical in the windshield liquid to make it scratch less & repellent to water & dust

All black parts to be polished

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