Parked up at the NEC during the week Didn t follow the marshalling muppets and... — BMW i3 UK

Parked up at the NEC during the week. Didn't follow the marshalling muppets and parked at a side bit away from other cars. When I came back, of all the thousands of cars in the car park, next to me was a Model S. Do you think it was:

a) coincidence

b) trying to show EV solidarity and companionship

c) trying to gloat


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Julian Kemp shared a link to the group: BMW i3 UK. — BMW i3 UK

I've been at Mobile World Congress (MWC17) this week. Obviously lots of android phones...... but also lots of cars

Mercedes had a Smart EV, and several presentations on upcoming EV's

BMW had a demo of the i3 garage self parking, and an Autonomous 7 series, using 5G to connect to the cloud

Vodafone invited me along to the Catalonia circuit to see their Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2X) demo with Audi. Look closely and you will see the camera from the white lead Audi being displayed on the dash of our car - improving safety when overtaking.

Lots going on!

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    It s the end of the fist week with the i3 1st impressions Rapid A little... — BMW i3 UK

    It's the end of the fist week with the i3. 1st impressions. Rapid! A little more body roll than I'd like but not overly so. I love the interior even if it is the standard interior.

    The gom depresses me somewhat. Ok I'm driving it in comfort but it's only ever showing 116miles fully charged. My m/kwh is around 3. Climate set to 22 degrees.

    I wonder if that will improve. Still more than enough for my daily needs at the moment.

    Loving the app and the control it gives over charging as well as checking the cars status. I find myself using I remote rather than connected drive app. I'll have to try a rapid charge at some point I guess.

    The icu charge points we have from the electric nation project are awesome with a nice readout on the screen showing status and charge rate.

    Harmon kardon audio is better than the basic of course. Beautifully clear with reasonable bass but not as good as the professional audio on my e92 m3.

    There's some wind noise from the drivers door seal but nothing too bad

    Overall I love driving the i3 and look forward to getting in it.

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      How is the i3 in the wet on country roads — BMW i3 UK

      How is the i3 in the wet on country roads?

      The road starts at the A39 junction with Berhill, Somerset, Cockrod and Marshalls Elm junction with the B3151. It is a favourite shortcut to and from the M5 for 38 tonne lorries and one of my favourite local driving roads. There is lying water and potholes. The one occasion when the back stepped out was easily corrected without crossing the centre line. No speed limits are broken (that would be naughty) and the speed limit becomes 60mph as the music goes to double time, the car is in eco pro mode and the music is Chris Newman playing The Skinner Set from his album Fretwork.

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        Stephen Doyle shared a link to the group: BMW i3 UK. — BMW i3 UK

        Interesting article about tyres and wheels from Ireland. Since I have gone electric I find that I am an expert on the different tarmac surfaces locally - whether they are smooth and quiet or rougher and more noisy. My local National Garage man tells me that Bridgestone are doing some quiet tyres now with some foam lining inside (sounds a bit like my Marathon Plus puncture proof bike tyres) Does anyone know about these?

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          So my car has been in to the spa for 5 days already and after a war of words... — BMW i3 UK

          So my car has been in to the spa for 5 days already and after a war of words between the selling garage and the repairing garage, it's undergoing its treatment for a faulty drive train.

          Told earlier today it needs a new fuel pump which is on order and has a 5 day delivery estimation. I have been given an MSport Series 3 BMW as a curtesy car. Quite nippy. I had an M sport 5 series before my i3 and thisbis a modern nippier version of that. But it is far from the i3. Miss my ev tbh.

          Won't be going back to an ice for sure.

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            Hello recently picked up our 2016 i3 Rex from Specialist Cars in Stevenage — BMW i3 UK

            Hello - recently picked up our 2016 i3 Rex from Specialist Cars in Stevenage (really good buying experience and happy to recommend John Freeman there) so thought I'd say hello.

            The car is my oh's daily commute that I (sometimes) get to use at weekends. 32A untethered Rolec installed at home quickly by Chargedev with no fuss or bother apart from 19m of cable and needing to run it under a flagstone to get across a gateway. Last BMW I owned was a 1989 E30 straight six so the i3 is quite a change. Really like the car and both full ev converts already.

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              I had the first trip to the spa this week for some warranty work Rubber strips... — BMW i3 UK

              I had the first trip to the spa this week for some warranty work. Rubber strips above passenger side rear window had lifted off the bodywork and the glovebox rattle was in need of attention. The dealer BMW Benham in Wolverhampton kept the car overnight to do a software upgrade too. Whilst it was in they lent me a fully loaded 420iM Series to pootle about in...and as nice as that was I was very happy to get back in to my i3. The 420 engine was mated to an auto box which was pretty horrible so getting back in to a car which goes for zero to big grin in 3 seconds was very welcome. I wondering if I will ever buy a combustion engine car again......

              NB The dealer was excellent and even sent me a video of my car in the workshop after it had been cleaned (complimentary) telling me when it was ready for collection - nice touch.

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                Hi all for anyone in Yorkshire or who is prepared to travel to Leeds I m... — BMW i3 UK

                Hi all — for anyone in Yorkshire (or who is prepared to travel to Leeds). I'm running a focus group for a car company that's looking at EVs and EV charging at home. You get paid £100 cash for attending. It's on 14th and 15th March — with sessions in the daytime (3pm) and evening (8pm). You will be needed for 1.5 hours, will be asked about your experience and opinions and there's no sell, it's pure research. Currently there are only a few Leaf owners recruited, so as a fellow i3 driver, really want to get some i3s there!

                Message me for more details — or — he is running the recruitment and can get you registered, tell you venue etc. Thanks to Bev and the guys who run twitter account for letting me post this, and hope to see some of you there, Joe

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                  Leyla Moore shared a link to the group: BMW i3 UK. — BMW i3 UK

                  Hi I'm Leyla, I am the Director of Rocket Research - , hope you don't mind me posting in your group but I have some specific market research you and the group will hopefully be interested in.

                  A leading electric car provider is hosting some research in Leeds about individuals that own electric plug in vehicles, they would love ascertain the reason behind purchasing an electric vehicle and which electric vehicles you are considering in the future.

                  If this is of interest to you there will be a group research session in Leeds LS16 area on Tuesday 14th March 2017 at 3pm & 8pm or Wednesday 15th March 2017 at 3pm for 2 hours and as a thank you you will receive £100.00.

                  If this is of interest to you please call Rob on 0113 2185233/ 0113 2698839 or email him on

                  Hope to hear from some of you.



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                    The other half has had the i3 Rex for a few days and it came back from a long... — BMW i3 UK

                    The other half has had the i3 Rex for a few days and it came back from a long trip today. I jumped in about an hour later to go to the supermarket and to my horror as I pulled out noticed it at 0.5% SOC and one power bar! This gave me an excellent max speed of 8 mph. Lucky I wasn't on a main road! The Rex then went crazy and within about a minute I was back up to 2% and normal power again. I've never seen this before, how could the car let itself get into that state? We live 3 miles from the nearest fast road and no hills around here, so it's not as if it was driven very hard before it was parked. Glad it was me who experienced it and not someone less experienced or it really could have been dangerous (expecting drive power when there isn't any). Anyone else seen something like this in the Rex?

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                      I do like it when technology comes with a book of words The user guide for the... — BMW i3 UK

                      I do like it when technology comes with a book of words. The user guide for the BMW plus charging box tells you how to remove the cover, unscrew and remove the terminal cover and where the "service" button is. It warns to take care to ground yourself to before to remove the risk of exposing components to electrostatic shock. I took the added precaution of using a wooden chopstick to press the button for the required six seconds and then replace the terminal cover and the lid. This has switched off the rfid card authorisation before charging starts. Simple really.

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                        My new job means my commute is 20 miles and about 40 minutes each way rather... — BMW i3 UK

                        My new job means my commute is 20 miles and about 40 minutes each way, rather than just 4 miles each way but taking about 20 minutes through much worse town traffic. As a result, I'm now having a lot more quality time in my car and love it more than ever.

                        Only downside is the new company offers up to £35/month 'commuter benefit', but you have to put in bills (like petrol) as expenses - charging from home I haven't really got any suitable paperwork so can't easily claim it! Might have to start taking the motorbike occasionally just so I can put in the odd garage receipt :)

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                          My son picked up a new SEAT Ibiza today His first new car so he was very... — BMW i3 UK

                          My son picked up a new SEAT Ibiza today. His first new car so he was very pleased (I did try EV.. but...). Anyway one observation - though the in-car unit is slower, and much less vibrant screen compared to i3

                          * The seat has full apple carplay (and android auto) - so wonderful to be able to search for place on phone and it's immediately in-car, in full .. and have a choice of nav apps. Ditto for spotify which is easier to use than the i3

                          * in-car satnav allows user-loading of POI

                          * Speed limit alerts are by road type - the seat doesn't read signs nor pick up speeds necessarily from maps, but the concept of variable speed alerts makes sense

                          * Nice station logos on the DAB

                          * sensitivity of auto lights can be adjusted

                          * consumption figures can be display with a variety of averages from last fill, last trip, all time etc.

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                            My i3 rex is just back from the spa. A variety of little niggles addressed — BMW i3 UK

                            My i3 rex is just back from the spa. A variety of little niggles addressed:

                            * The SW is now upgraded to I001-16-11-502 (from a July 2016 build)

                            * I needed a new rear passenger door latch (mine was sticking)

                            * My issue with charge flap cover (2 opens when driving, rogue alerts) was probably down to dodgy routed/taut cable -- apparently incorrect from factory

                            * I had a rear speaker replaced (it had blown/ mega distorted)

                            * brake/check service items

                            * No rex fuel pipe recall listed in UK .. yet

                            * My remote preconditioning timer STILL doesn't work. I've asked the dealer to open a case with support. From the app/web it looks as if the request never even makes the car as I get an error so quickly. Reinstall app, new login id, reset car.. none make any difference. I thought it might be in-car software but seems not.

                            * Had wiper sensitivity increased. Seems quite a big change. now wondering if it went too far!

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                              Following my post yesterday about my trip into the east badlands I ve stopped... — BMW i3 UK

                              Following my post yesterday about my trip into the east badlands, I've stopped for a fill up of my tum at Sainsburys Kings Lynn whilst the i3 sips at the Pod Point post. I'm now convinced that Pod Point posts do NOT output at 7kw. Or does 4% and 7 miles range in half hour sound right to you? Looks more like I'm getting 3.3kw not 6.6kw per hour. This is now the third post I've tried giving this amount. And yes....all my charging settings are on max.

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                                My car has finally been built Should be getting it in the next few weeks just... — BMW i3 UK

                                My car has finally been built!! Should be getting it in the next few weeks - just wanted to ask those who don't have home do you get on using the standard 3 pin charger? Have you come across and issues by just using that? I'm probably only having the car for 6 months and live in a rented house so won't be getting a home unit fitted.

                                Excited doesn't even cover it!! First ever brand new car, and what a car to get! (Gone for fluid black!)

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                                  Off to the charging desert that is East Anglia tomorrow. Nottingham to Norwich — BMW i3 UK

                                  Off to the charging desert that is East Anglia tomorrow. Nottingham to Norwich. 263 mile round trip with no convenient rapid chargers en route. Two lessons:

                                  1) Thank heavens for Rex

                                  2) The local authorities in the area, with all that flat land should be ashamed of themselves. Ignore the jokes about the people in the Fens being backwards, National government should be holding them to account.

                                  Go on BEV militants, tell me how I could do that trip in a BEV (and be home before the kids go to bed).

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                                    I have joined this group as I am thinking of getting an i3 REX The BEV I feel... — BMW i3 UK

                                    I have joined this group as I am thinking of getting an i3 REX. The BEV I feel will not give me the range I need.

                                    What's the i3 like on the motorway as I will be doing a fair few miles for work?

                                    The only reason I am looking at these is because the other half has said that my current car, 550i touring, is not that reliable as I am always having to fix this or that on it. I will be keeping the 550 no matter what (can't beat a V8, unless it's a V10).

                                    The toss up is between an i3 on a 2 year lease/pcp or something that I can use to tow a 1700kg caravan and relegate the 550 to just weekend duties.

                                    HELP. Please tell me the i3 is a great car and I will not regret it (obviously don't say that if it is not the case)

                                    I have NOT yet test driven the i3 but will be down my local dealers by the weekend to sort one out.

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                                      I read in a post somewhere that the BMW i3 wallbox Pure is faster than... — BMW i3 UK

                                      I read in a post somewhere that the BMW i3 wallbox 'Pure' is faster than alternatives eg a Podpoint for i3. Can anyone tell me if that is true or not? Thanks. [To the couple of people who already replied, I couldn't see what you said - Facebook blocked the replies so I had to repost, the post having been marked it as 'spam' for some reasons...]

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                                        Hi all — BMW i3 UK

                                        Hi all,

                                        I am driving my i3 from London to Calais next week, and wondered if anyone has any advice or can shed some light on European charging etc? I've read on online blogs that you need to apply for a charging card or something, but I'm struggling to find any info about this/don't know where to look and starting to panic!


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                                          A recent FB discussion on charging etiquette in a closed EV group got me... — BMW i3 UK

                                          A recent FB discussion on charging etiquette in a closed EV group got me thinking (no jokes please). You are all SM savvy! Are you active on Twitter? If not....get on it. All these moanings about ICEing, EVholes, RFID cards, cost for charging etc is fine, but it's a closed echo chamber. Decision makers don't see it. They DO take note of twitter.

                                          I'm @brooktop68 on Twitter and I've curated a list called 'Environment & EVs'. Feel free to follow and interact with any of the tweeps on there. Follow me and I'll follow back, so long as I know you're into EVs from your profile.

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                                            Been a quiet member for a couple of months and some great advice and... — BMW i3 UK

                                            Been a (quiet) member for a couple of months and some great advice and knowledge here - so much so that the new REx arrives in a couple of weeks!

                                            Getting a charge point installed at home and down to two quotes from Chargemaster and Phoenix Works (ABL unit) - any good/bad experiences on the installation and service from either?

                                            Also, does the iRemote app give info on the power consumed/cost in charging or does this need to come from the charge point itself?

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                                              Many of you may already be aware of this but I thought I d pass it on just in... — BMW i3 UK

                                              Many of you may already be aware of this but I thought I'd pass it on just in case. I started with an EV nearly 3 years ago. I had a Chargemaster post installed and a Polar RFID card. When they changed the system I had the 6 month trial but then cancelled the card as my usage doesn't warrant the monthly fee. Last year, my wife got an EV and took out the 6 month trial in January. Nothing was mentioned at the time, but we've now just received an invoice saying that we will be charged.....because it's only 1 trial PER HOUSEHOLD.

                                              I'm not here to quibble about that, but I just thought I'd warn others as I suspect many people may start with 1 EV and then another family member might move on to claim a trial.

                                              Roll on the days where you can just roll up at a charger and pay with a debit/credit card....just like petrol.

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                                                So I drove to work this morning with a reasonably heavy foot and a big smile on... — BMW i3 UK

                                                So, I drove to work this morning with a reasonably heavy foot and a big smile on my face. It's 52 miles and I got there with 11 miles range left. I don't normally run it that low on the journey in. Came out this evening to do the return run and the range had dropped to 1 mile! Luckily I had a couple of miles in the tank for REX but still had a very nervous drive to the nearest petrol station which was over 2 miles away. I had a suspicion I've been losing some percentage points in charge whilst parked for the day at work. Today's episode seems to confirm it. 2014 REX with 54k miles on the clock that I've had from new. Is this first signs of battery degradation? I'll monitor it closely from here on. Has anyone else on here experienced similar?

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                                                  Modern Transport Bill I posted the consultation document on the Modern... — BMW i3 UK

                                                  Modern Transport Bill. I posted the consultation document on the Modern Transport Bill recently and also posted the findings from the process.

                                                  I followed that up with a letter to my MP asking that they support the measures in the bill for reasons of clean air and climate change and received a pretty positive reply.

                                                  "I have been personally assured that the Government is committed to positioning the UK as a world leader in electric vehicle uptake and manufacture. They can deliver a huge environmental benefit for our country, and secure the future success of one of Great Britain's leading industries. As you say, the Government's goal is that by 2050, nearly every car and van on our roads should be a zero-emission vehicle.

                                                  You may also be interested to know that the Government recently announced a new £35 million package to boost the uptake of ultra-low emission cars and scooters, which will see thousands more electric vehicle chargepoints installed on streets and at workplaces across the country. Indeed, the UK now has the most comprehensive rapid chargepoint network in Europe, and the recent Autumn Statement committed £80 million for new charging infrastructure.

                                                  I can assure you I will ensure the points you raise are represented fully and fairly when the issue is debate further in future, and I will of course continue to press Ministers to ensure that everything possible is done to protect our environment."

                                                  As ever, letters to MPs are only a small part of promoting EVs but I'd still encourage you all to do so.

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                                                    There was a thread earlier about the sound EV s should make at slow speed as... — BMW i3 UK

                                                    There was a thread earlier about the 'sound' EV's should make at slow speed as part of the EU pedestrian safety initiative. We established that it was mandatory from 1st July 2016, but that in the U.K. It remains an £80.00 option. Complaining to BMW, they responded that they always comply with EU safety rules but that the 'noise' was not enshrined in U.K. law, therefore absent from UK spec vehicles unless you pay extra.

                                                    This I found a little unbelievable - lots of EU rules are not enshrined in 'UK Law' but are a requirement. As I dig further, I found the sound was required as part of the EU Type-Approvals for the vehicle, the removal of it for U.K. use means that our vehicles have been modified - effectively removing a safety feature and leaving the driver exposed to litigation if all the UK i3's are effectively silenced unless you pay £80 to have it enabled.

                                                    I'm rather apalled at this that BMW UK cannot differentiate between type-approval and laws of the land.

                                                    Do YOU have the warning? Did you pay the asked-for £80? If you don't, wouldn't you think BMW should stop de-featuring UK-supplied vehicles because they hope we don't notice? There are times I would have found it useful, not constantly - I can decide when the conditions are right, but to remove it belies belief!

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                                                      i3 If I m a city car how come I m covered in mud. — BMW i3 UK

                                                      i3 “If I’m a city car, how come I’m covered in mud?”

                                                      Me “Who told you are a city car?”

                                                      i3 “Someone derogatory called Jeremy something.”

                                                      Me “I have told you to ignore Knobhead Clarkson!”

                                                      i3 “So I’m not a city car then?”

                                                      Me “No, you are an awesome lane flying mud sliding marvel.”

                                                      i3 “That’s nice. Now wash me!”

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                                                        Who cares about 100 Is there a way to find out the time when your i3 will be... — BMW i3 UK

                                                        Who cares about 100%... Is there a way to find out the time when your i3 will be charged at 50 % or 80%. I really don't care when it will be fully charged as that's nearly always at 2am when I'm fast asleep. Much more useful to know when you'll get 50 or 80% and as charging is not linear, hard to work out easily. Would be great on the app when public charging. Slide rule anyone?

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                                                          Another charge at the Fleet car park behind Sainsbury s Now that I ve got use... — BMW i3 UK

                                                          Another charge at the Fleet car park, behind Sainsbury's. Now that I've got use to the process. So nice to be able to use. I sit in the car, doing Sudoku on the iPad. Funny to watch people walking pass, wondering about the car parked there and looking in amazement at it plugged in. But generally no one comes over to ask anything. Even if the Stormtrooper is meant to attract.

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                                                            Pop quiz. well a question — BMW i3 UK

                                                            Pop quiz (well a question)

                                                            From my understanding of petrol - it goes off eventually

                                                            I know the i3 has a specially sealed tank to prevent this happening - but the fact is (from my understanding) it doesnt matter how well you seal a tank the peteol will eventually go off

                                                            Am i right or wrong

                                                            If i am right then in theory a rex run to empty and refill would be a sensible thing to do - how often

                                                            I filled rex up on 22nd of jan and have used 1/8th of the tank so in that case it would take me nearly 8 months to use the 9 ltrs


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                                                              Photos from Puneet Walia's post — BMW i3 UK

                                                              Drive train issue. Heard this a lot on here recently. First time I've needed to use the rex on the first part of a 100 mile trip and this has come up.

                                                              What have all those who have suffered this encountered at bmw?

                                                              Any with a used BMW warranty?

                                                              Any advice appreciated

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                                                                So the election nation survey has been conducted and approved but they need to... — BMW i3 UK

                                                                So, the election nation survey has been conducted and approved but they need to install a fused isolator in my meter cupboard which will not fall within the budget. There will be a cost to this of £100 + VAT. Just how much does it cost to install one of these home chargers normally via the grant scheme for what is really a simple install of sourcing off the meter box, fit an isolator, a run of cable in the ground (I'm digging the trench) and the rest installed on the garage wall.

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                                                                  Warren Stocks shared a link to the group: BMW i3 UK. — BMW i3 UK

                                                                  Just recieved the following email from BMW which is strange as ive not requested a termination plus the cars less than 7 months old. What have a missed....?:

                                                                  Dear BMW ConnectedDrive Customer,

                                                                  We hereby confirm receipt of your termination of the following BMW ConnectedDrive Services:

                                                                  BMW Online / Assist

                                                                  Termination takes effect from the end of the contract term on 2017-02-23.

                                                                  For further information on the status of your BMW ConnectedDrive Services, visit "My BMW ConnectedDrive" on the Internet.

                                                                  Thank you for your interest!

                                                                  BMW ConnectedDrive

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                                                                    Photos from Robert Smith's post — BMW i3 UK

                                                                    The lease of my i3 is coming to an end... it's been epic, fun, quick and quirky, and I will miss it :-( but it means I have a 32A public charging cable if anyone is in the market for one. I used it once (Asda in Worcester, I remember it well) back in 2014 when public charging stations were rare beasts... and I used it for pure novelty value. I have lovingly carried it around with me for the full 3 years and 20007 miles and haven't used it since. If you are interested, let me know here, or PM me. It weighs 2.85kg so will cost ~£13 to deliver within the UK.

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                                                                      Right so my car won t charge no matter what I try The charger is making a... — BMW i3 UK

                                                                      Right, so my car won't charge no matter what I try. The charger is making a funny rattling noise and the car sounds like it's on range extender even when I've just turned it on.

                                                                      I feel very upset.

                                                                      Does anyone know precisely what rights one has if the car breaks down like this less than a week into the lease?

                                                                      ***UPDATE: BMW have agreed to lend me a spare charging cable (new model) as it was the charging cable that was broken. They booked my car in for a repair as the AC is broken, the rear camera is acting up and they need to officially test the charging cable and officially tell BMW it is broken. BMW said the extension lead is waterproof, and it is fine in the rain. I asked them today.

                                                                      On the upside, OLEV finally emailed back today to confirm the land registry records confirm the wedge of land at the front of my house to the left of the pavement is part of my estate, so they approved the grant!

                                                                      A third BMW genius is coming to my house on Tuesday to show me bits and bobs around the car as there are many things I still don't know. Let's hope third time lucky.

                                                                      Phew, what a stressful week!

                                                                      I want to thank everyone who has helped and supported me in this journey, it has been immensely stressful, more stressful than any other car I have ever bought.

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                                                                        Is it possible to extend a lease — BMW i3 UK

                                                                        Is it possible to extend a lease?

                                                                        Our i3 is leased via Alphabet and goes back late December, although we wouldn't mind possibly keeping it for another 6 months. Tesla Model 3 should be with us by mid 2018 (Ordered reveal day)

                                                                        Other option is buying a used i3 and selling it when the Model 3 arrives. Or last option, order a i3s when it is revealed in September and cancel the Model 3.

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                                                                          DC charging — BMW i3 UK

                                                                          DC charging.

                                                                          Is anyone experiencing DC rapid charge problems in the Wiltshire area (or anywhere else for that matter using Polar/Chargemaster posts)?

                                                                          I have yet to be able to use any of the Chargemaster points in Wilts for DC rapid in my 94 aH Rex. I've reported several times and have had car checked by dealers. But the problem remains . . . . . Any ideas?

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