When your passenger has the key and you dropped them off when you leave without... — BMW i3

When your passenger has the key and you dropped them off when you leave without the key there is no warning whatsoever. Then strangely if you turn the car off and on it then shows the warning but allows you to drive. And after that if you turn off the car and turn it on you won't be able to drive it anymore. Seems like a convoluted and potentially problematic way to handle this scenario. I had a Mazda 7 years which would simply beep if you the key goes away from the car just a few feet - which makes the most sense. Do all BMW's with comfort access behave in this odd way?!

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    I said bye to my panda today in other words returned after a 2 year lease — BMW i3

    I said bye to my panda today in other words returned after a 2 year lease.

    It was a 2014 REX Tera with all options except HK.

    Did not have any major problems, the only time I took it to the spa was for squeaky steering wheel. They fixed it but it kept squeaking :)

    Some numbers

    Total miles : 16790

    REX miles : about 50

    Flat tires : 0

    Yellow submarines, drivetrain or CEL issues : 0

    AutoVin inspection report showed only one front tire charge. Replaced the rear tires couple of months back.

    It was a good ride for two years (pun intended)

    Dealer inspection person said AutoVin will do another inspection and submit their final report to BMW FS. Was that the same for the others who returned their cars? Did you see a difference with the first report and final?

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      Finally Just picked it up off the semi My 2014 CPO REx with 23k miles in Giga... — BMW i3

      Finally! Just picked it up off the semi. My 2014 CPO REx with 23k miles in Giga with every option except I wanted the 19" wheels. Found a late night car wash to take the MI to KC road grime off. Only problem is, they forgot to put the hatch cover back in it after all the service work. It wasn't in the back. Is there a KC group?

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        With 5 weeks and 1500 miles on my 2017 i3 it s a bit premature to worry about... — BMW i3

        With 5 weeks and 1500 miles on my 2017 i3 it's a bit premature to worry about long term battery life, particularly in a lease car. But, I'd love to hear what owners of 2014 and earlier BMW i3s find their batteries in terms of retaining the amount of charge they had when new. My dealer said it's not like the Leaf because of heat management built into the battery system. That may reduce catastrophic failure, but Lithium batteries do deteriorate over time and just how long one expects that battery to be able to achieve its full potential, I do not know. Anyone have a good answer?

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          Today I received a BMW branded credit card in the mail I did not apply for... — BMW i3

          Today I received a BMW branded credit card in the mail. I did not apply for this card nor did the dealer (Nalley BMW, Decatur, Georgia) tell me that they were applying for one in my name. But, they did.

          I will never deal with BMW Financial again nor will I do business with a Nalley dealership again.

          Has this happened to anyone else?

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            Does anyone else have horrible bluetooth issues in their i3 I have a Samsung... — BMW i3

            Does anyone else have horrible bluetooth issues in their i3? I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 which is basically one of the most popular phones in America, and I can get the Bt to work about 65% of the time. If I get in the car and the Bt on the phone isn't on before I turn on the car, it won't work. Sometimes it does connect and the audio is totally broken up. Other times when it connects it disconnects mid call and then if I take the call off the Bt, later it reconnects. If I can't get it to connect, but I keep trying, eventually the nav screen reboots.

            Dealer says this is normal and "bmw bt really isn't very good"

            Anyone else have similar experience?

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              Thanks for all the comments on my earlier post After much consideration we... — BMW i3

              Thanks for all the comments on my earlier post. After much consideration we will be going with a 2017 i3 REX rather than a CPO 2014/2015. With the recall happening it is probably easier to just order one with exactly what we want on it rather than try to source a recall fixed car. This is assuming we can still do that but my understanding is that the 2017 model year is running into the fall of the year so I don't believe I'll have any issues with doing that.

              Given that plan I have another question. From the early days of the i3 I've liked the Giga interior. However the car we rented for our own extended test drive had the Tera interior and it was very nice. So my question is this- how do the two interiors wear over time? In particular how does the lighter Giga interior hold up? My concern with Giga is that the cloth is going to pick up dirt and stains that would be invisible or easy to clean on the Tera.

              BTW no way I'm doing the Mega interior and I haven't seen or touched the Deka one but I'm inclined to stay with the more upscale ones.

              And if it matters we are leaning toward the blue for the exterior. That or the lighter sliver.

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                So the recall has got in the way of my taking possession of a 2014 Rex even... — BMW i3

                So the recall has got in the way of my taking possession of a 2014 Rex, even though I’ve paid for it. Purchased the car on Monday from large Boston BMW dealer. Went through the whole process and signed the papers without any word from anyone about the recall. Then when signed and sealed, the car was not delivered. The salesperson then the manger told me that BMW had instructed dealers not to release new or used Rex’s until a protocol was in place to affect the recall and parts on hand to make the repairs. “How long?” I asked. No one knows. “We’re awaiting further direction from BMW and are in contact with them.” I looked up the NHTSA filing. Says visual inspection and if no chafing no need to replace the hose but a clip needs to be placed to keep the hose and battery cable apart. Says that notification of owners will begin on April 3. Interpret the April 3 date to be an estimate of how long it will take to distribute sufficient parts to dealers. So in theory they could hold my car until April 3!!

                I’ve committed to selling my existing car to a relative who needs it to commute so I can’t use it in the interim. Told the dealer I either need a loaner (they said no) or for them to pay for a rental until they release my car. They’ve asked for 2 more days with the hope that BMW will provide guidance tomorrow or else they said they will “take care of me” – sounds ominous.

                I learned today that the dealer has not registered the car and obtained plates so they are still the legal owner, but then it would be BMW Financial when they did register it anyway.

                Needless to say I’m getting a bit steamed. Anyone heard of this happening to others over the recall?

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                  Photos from Ganesh Ramamoorthy's post — BMW i3

                  I'm in Whole Foods charging at the DCFC and I see it is maxing out under 12Kw. But at the same location a few months ago it was charging as high as 20+ Kw (I could find it from the history). Why is this? Under charging settings I see both L1 and L2 are set to max and I presume this has nothing to do with DCFC anyway. Is there some other issue with the car?

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                    Considering the pro cons of paying more for a 2017 vs an earlier i3 REX — BMW i3

                    Considering the pro/cons of paying more for a 2017 vs an earlier i3 REX. If I manage to code the gas tank, then the overall range should be really close between the older models and the new one, right? I'm thinking 20-30 mile boost on the new battery may not be worth the extra money.

                    Has anyone traded up an older "coded" REX to the new 94Ah REX?

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                      Question about programming After installing a dash cam that draws continuous... — BMW i3

                      Question about programming: After installing a dash cam that draws continuous power from the OBD-port for recording when parked as well as driving. Now I receive a battery error when I start the car (I guess it knows unexpected amounts of power is used while parked). The problem is that my remote access (my phone) to the car stops working after the car is finished charging (even though it is still plugged in). Is there any way to remedy this through programming so that remote access still works? I will be grateful for any help you can provide.

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                        Jay Rolls uploaded a file in the group: BMW i3. — BMW i3

                        Received a letter today about an airbag recall for my 2017 i3. Impacted models are 2016 and 2017 i3's, but also BMW 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, i8, and X1 SAV vehicles. Recall letter attached (PDF). Was surprised because I would have expected to learn about it here first. But doesn't appear anyone has posted this.

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                          I had to run some errands and the shopping area where I went has a couple of... — BMW i3

                          I had to run some errands, and the shopping area where I went has a couple of chargepoint chargers. Free top off. While I didn't necessarily need the electrons, both spots were ICEd by SUVs. I drove away and parked in a normal spot. If I was in dire needs of a charge, is there a "protocol" in place to handle that? Other than waiting around?

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                            Hi — BMW i3


                            I had a total breakloss on my 2016 BMW i3 94AH Fully Charged yesterday and wondered if anyone of you have had simular experiences?!

                            The car had abselutely no brakes and i had too use the engine "brake" to slow the car down!

                            This happend in the middle of Oslo city in Norway and i was lucky i just hit a road i could stop and check the car!

                            I tried to drive the car in some small bypass roads to test the brakes again, and even after 40KM they had not gotten any better.

                            I then just for the hell of went into the hidden servicemeny and engadged "Roller-Modus/Test modus", when this was activated the brakes magicly started working again!!

                            Have anyone of you had this experience and have som thoughts of why this happend?

                            I was really scared this happend and would hope not other i3 owners get the same problem!

                            The car is now at my dealer for service, but since the brakes started working again in roller modus i dont believe they will bother to check them good.

                            (I do not trust the dealer because of lot of other problems)

                            (Sorry for a bit bad english here!)

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                              Photos from Steve J. Myung's post — BMW i3

                              Traveling back in time to year 2014: This 2014 i3 REX Giga world in Andesite silver was my 3 day test driver. I was driving 2012 5 series at that time. I was interested in i3 concept car. So I had to take this car for a drive.....not really thinking that I would get i3 to replace my 5 series. I borrowed this car from Century West BMW. I fell in love with it in first 1 hour. At the end of the first day, my wife and I agreed on getting i3 to replace our 5 series. It was a no brainer.

                              On November 15, 2014, we were born electric with our brand new 2014 i3 REX mega world in Andesite silver. We were reborn on October 5, 2016 when we took the delivery of our second i3.... 2017 i3 REX Deka world in stormtrooper white.

                              When I was reading the post of Steven F. Schluter, I wanted to share my i3 story. What is your story?

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                                Photos from George Heath's post — BMW i3

                                My son's reaction after his first encounter with my i3 . . . .

                                Just sitting at my desk back at work now and wishing I was driving back with you. I thought it was going to be a cool car but my expectations were blown away. I feel like I got to sit in a rare Ferrari Berlenetta or something; seriously; who knew something so polar-opposite to a classic gas-guzzler could give you that same rush?! I'm really looking forward taking it for a spin. Thanks for making the trek down (and for lunch) and we'll see you soon.

                                Great choice!!

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                                  Just curious if anyone has considered shifting to a tesla and what they thought... — BMW i3

                                  Just curious if anyone has considered shifting to a tesla and what they thought about it?

                                  I test drive a model S this weekend and, after the rave reviews, I was pretty disappointed. The acceleration was ok (75D model) but didn't feel as urgent as the i3, and not as nibble in traffic ( understandable, larger car). The fit and finish were not great, with leather tearing at the stitches, a loose cup holder cover and piece of carpet coming loose. Many wouldn't notice but on a $100k car I expect perfection.

                                  Overall, my search for a larger replacement for the i3 goes on... at this rate I'll end up with a Chrysler Pacifica plug in

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                                    Well I finally had time to start coding my I3 I changed my tank to 2 4 from... — BMW i3

                                    Well, I finally had time to start coding my I3. I changed my tank to 2.4 from the 1.9. and I made the REX activation up to 12%. (I cut and paste the info on these two changes way below)

                                    A couple slightly confusing things that came up were:

                                    1) Trying to calculate what hex value to put. For now I simply did the amount which the example showed (hex value 18 which then translates to keep battery minimum at around 12% instead of 6%) The example says default is 0C which is 6%, and yes, that is what I had found. But how do does hex value of 18 keep it at 12%, if each increment is 0.5%, wouldn't it be 18 X 0.5 = 9%?


                                    2) On the tank volume change... After changing to: mcv_rex_liter_kl_rechts, and then saving it, When I go back to view what I saved, it shows the input amount twice! Like this: (mcv_rex_liter_kl_rechts,mcv_rex_liter_kl_rechts.< /p>

                                    Why? I searched this on hard, and finally found a blog that stated this has happened to several people, and a guru of coding guy on that page had said it is normal that it happens sometimes like that, and it really has no effect. Just let it be...

                                    Changes I made:

                                    Under the KOMBI or BKOMBI Module:

                                    Alter Range Extender activation battery capacity level:

                                    3000 SOC_HOLD_POSITION

                                    werte = hex value xx

                                    Units are 0.5% -- default = 0C which is 6% ie. 18 = 12%

                                    Increase computer-limited fuel tank capacity of REX to full 2.4 US Gallons physical capacity.


                                    set to: 8_liter

                                    3005 TNK_LITER_RECHTS

                                    set to: mcv_rex_liter_kl_rechts


                                    set to: mcv_rex_ohm_kl_rechts

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                                      Noticed a few weeks back my L1 BMW charger that came w car had power fault... — BMW i3

                                      Noticed a few weeks back my L1 BMW charger that came w/car had power fault light lit up. Prior to this, it had been charging in rain for less than 1hr outdoors bc I didn't know it was going to rain that day. Moved my car but as mentioned, charger stopped working. Took it to BMW dealer that I bought i3 from and they refused to replace. Also called BMW I customer relations, and they refused to replace. This seems to be not only extremely poor customer service, but a way to drive away early adopting customers. Any advice?

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                                        Hi everybody I m new to this group and wanted to introduce myself I currently... — BMW i3

                                        Hi everybody. I'm new to this group and wanted to introduce myself. I currently drive a Audi S5 MT and am in the market soon for a new lease. I've taken the i3 out for a test drive a few times and it's definitely a contender as my next vehicle. I'm also considering the Chevy Volt and Bolt. One major reservation I have is how it will handle in a) high wind speeds and b) high speeds (i.e. aggressively defensive driving ;-) ). Also, I'm not thrilled that it doesn't have Apple CarPlay. Does the Tech package usability make up for it?

                                        Any input from the group is appreciated! Thanks!

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                                          Anyone that succeeded to run the Spotify app from an Android device in Conneded... — BMW i3

                                          Anyone that succeeded to run the Spotify app from an Android device in Conneded drive apps in the car? It works with iPhone but not with Samsung S7 Android. I've tried both BMW Connected classic and the new BMW Connected via apk download because not yet released in Sweden. Does not the android version of the new BMW Connected app not yet support app integration such as Spotify? Only the BMW Connected app it selves shows up as an app in the car. I got my i3 94Ah BEV on Feb 1st and it's a great car except this.

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                                            I bought both my i3 s from out of state and they were newly registered in... — BMW i3

                                            I bought both my i3's from out of state and they were newly registered in California. I live in California and want to get green carpool stickers. DMV returned my application and says my car is registered as the wrong type of "motive power" to get them. They didnt tell me what it should be, only it needs to be corrected.

                                            Does anyone have any idea what I should do?

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                                              Photos from Bryant Roperto's post — BMW i3

                                              In other news, daylight revealed the grease that was left behind after my car was serviced. Wiping the steering wheel removed the paint that was...and the spot on the armrest won't come off at all. Service advisor states his tech is 'very clean.' I don't see the tow truck driver opening the back door, but I was not there. Also, I am sure the tech is not the only person that came in contact with the car. Thoughts and insight?

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                                                My wife started a new job in January and would benefit greatly from having... — BMW i3

                                                My wife started a new job in January and would benefit greatly from having carpool lane access. We looked at almost all the plug-in hybrids but all of them had something that wasn't quite right. Pure electric wasn't going to work for her situation but an i3 REX could work. The car has been on our radar since the 2013 LA Auto Show were we got to test drive it.

                                                I couldn't find a BMW dealer doing the extended test drive near me so we rented one on Turo (returning it tonight). My wife is now convinced that this is the right car for her. So now it is over to me to make the deal happen as I'm the designated car buying genius in our household.

                                                And of course I want to do this in the middle of a recall of basically every i3 REX in the country. My wife is very tempted by an off lease car because of the price. But I'm not willing to do that without a BMW extended warranty. On my side the 2017 cars with their extra range seems to be worth the extra price. But right now I know there are no deals on 2017 cars.

                                                In either case what do folks think my purchasing strategy should be? I know how to buy a car under normal circumstances but with the recall this is not at all normal circumstances. We are not in a rush and I'd like to play this to get the best deal possible. Thoughts?

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                                                  Rented this off of Turo for a mini vacation in SF It s pretty similar to ours... — BMW i3

                                                  Rented this off of Turo for a mini vacation in SF. It's pretty similar to ours back home but missing a few options and isn't coded. So far so good. Used a L2 charger at a parking garage and then an L3 at Whole Foods. Still a bit of a hassle trying to find chargers. You can end up paying for a parking garage but then finding out the chargers are broken or blocked.

                                                  Also took quite awhile to get this charger working: had to call up and enter a serial number and credit card over an automated phone system. The PlugShare activation didn't seem to work nor any of my cards.

                                                  It was neat though when we picked up the car, the owner had left it at a hotel parking lot and he remotely unlocked it for us once we contacted him.

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                                                    i3 meet up proposal — BMW i3

                                                    i3 meet up proposal:

                                                    In March, this is my flight schedule as seen on the map. I am scheduled to stay overnight in following cities. If you are i3 owner in one of these cities, please contact me. Let's meet up !!!

                                                    SFO (San Francisco, CA) 3/23

                                                    SLC (Salt Lake City, UT) 3/17

                                                    PHL (Philadelphia, PA) 3/18

                                                    BUF (Buffalo, NY) 3/28

                                                    DCA (Washington DC / Arlington, VA) 3/29

                                                    DFW (Dallas Forth Worth, TX) 3/30

                                                    AUS (Austin, TX) 3/19

                                                    MMLO / BJX (Leon / Guanajuato, Mexico) 3/7

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                                                      Is there a way to leverage a low mileage lease vehicle I haven t needed to... — BMW i3

                                                      Is there a way to leverage a low-mileage lease vehicle? I haven't needed to drive nearly as many miles as expected so I'm way under mileage 8 months into a 30-month lease. I was thinking maybe when I start driving more I could lease a 2018 this summer and "trade in" my i3 which will have ~ 5k miles on it at that point. As I've posted before I'm also considering selling my lease to a high-mileage driver and leasing a 2018 i3 when I'm driving more miles daily or buying a Model 3. Whatever will help give me some "positive equity" so I don't have to return my lease with half of the allotted miles.

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                                                        ALMOST STRANDED AGAIN So I m 3 miles from home and it says 15 charge and 8... — BMW i3

                                                        ALMOST STRANDED AGAIN! - So I'm 3 miles from home, and it says 15% charge and 8 miles range. My i3 then rapidly limits my accelaration to 20 miles an hour and I watch my 15% go to 4% in about 60 seconds? We trickle charged it back to 15% at a gas station and with 3 miles to the house and just barely make the 3 miles and it sucked down to 2.0% - My theory is the battery is going - anyone else have thoughts or similar experience? Thanks.

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                                                          My 2015 i3 REx is spending the weekend at the service center waiting for a new... — BMW i3

                                                          My 2015 i3 REx is spending the weekend at the service center waiting for a new fuel pressure sensor to be installed tomorrow

                                                          The REx filler cap was working ok about 3 weeks ago when I last used it, but my CEL came on the day before I took the car for service, and upon analysis at the service center it was determined that the fuel pressure sensor had become faulty.

                                                          The part should be in tomorrow morning (service is open despite the holiday) and the car should be ready by the afternoon.

                                                          They gave me a very nice brand new loaner and I'm grateful, I'm just not used to burning so much gasoline (12-15mpg in SF) :/

                                                          The hills here are rough, I averaged 16-18mpg at best in my 2011 Mini Countryman before getting my i3

                                                          I asked ahead of time but no loaner i3s were available :/

                                                          On the bright side, GOM reading looks nice with the new software

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                                                            BMW seems to structure their leases so that the residual values have nothing to... — BMW i3

                                                            BMW seems to structure their leases so that the residual values have nothing to do with the market value. This keeps us trading up because buying out the lease makes no economic sense. So my question is if the residual is $28K and the market value is $18K (just for example), WHO absorbs the loss if the consumer turns in the car at the end of the lease? The implication seems to be that the car was overpriced to begin with so from BMW's standpoint there is no loss after netting price against fully-loaded manufacturing cost. We can all conjecture, but does anybody know the facts of this matter?

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                                                              I m at a Chargepoint L2 charger. Have charged here successfully several times — BMW i3

                                                              I'm at a Chargepoint L2 charger. Have charged here successfully several times. On the last two occasions, my card works, unlocks the plug and I plug in. But the handshake never works. My car tells me it's plugged in but the CP says "waiting for vehicle to connect" I'm charged simply for parking, no charge supplied. Anyone seen this before?

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                                                                Photos from Ramon Speelpenning's post — BMW i3

                                                                My Wallbox will be installed on March 1st and I already received the Wallbox. I want to measure the kW usage and the installation partner and BMW dealer told me I need to install a separate kW meter for € 200,00. Because the Wallbox has no such functionallity. In the manual also no word about connectivity or about the symbols behind the cover. I was kind of surprised to see an app show up in the Apple App Store called BMW iV doing exactly what I need. I also popped off the cover and found an ethernet connector. Anybody who knows more about this?

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                                                                  In the US 2017 i3 Rex with 20 on the rear Got a flat and was able to plug at... — BMW i3

                                                                  In the US- 2017 i3 Rex with 20" on the rear. Got a flat and was able to plug at home since multiple tire places wouldn't touch it due to where it was.

                                                                  Tried to order one through Bridgestone, ended up going through Discount Tire. Not a tire in the country to be found and they said TWO MONTHS expected time to wait. They said there is a "heavy load" tire available that they've ordered for me.

                                                                  Two questions-

                                                                  Anyone else have an issue finding a new tire for a 2017?

                                                                  Should the "heavy load" be the standard for my car with the Rex due to the extra weight?

                                                                  BMW hasn't returned my call and did not offer or mention this when I called them.

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                                                                    Hello fellow EV drivers there s a nationwide action alert from Plug In America... — BMW i3

                                                                    Hello fellow EV drivers - there's a nationwide action alert from Plug In America that's active now. Did you use the federal tax credit to lower the cost of your EV? Are you in the market for a new i3? In Washington DC, the $7,500 tax credit is on the chopping block! Please help Plug In America defend this and other critically important incentives by clicking a few buttons at the link below. Your voice is needed. We can all act together to make sure we keep the EV momentum going strong.

                                                                    https://org.salsalabs.com/o/2711/p/dia/action3/com mon/public/?action_KEY=21067

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                                                                      So how s this for wacky. My Smart ED needs a 2 year service and the dealer — BMW i3

                                                                      So how's this for wacky? My Smart ED needs a 2 year service and the dealer (who told me when I bought the car that yearly services would be $95, because "there's no gasoline engine") says the service will be $395 to replace the key battery and the cabin air filter. There's a software update, which is "extra and not covered by the warranty" and that's another $195.

                                                                      Not thinking that this will be a keeper after the lease, as much as I love it. The lease pmt is only $110 a mo., and there's only ten months left. Hardly makes sense to spend $600 on a car I'm only going to keeps for 8-10 mo. tops.

                                                                      Especially when I can drive down the block and pick up a nice, used Fiat 500e for $7500 with under 10,000 mi.

                                                                      What are you all paying for yearly service on the i3? I've only had mine for a little while.

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                                                                        Photos from Edward T. White's post — BMW i3

                                                                        Hello my fellow i3 drivers! I purchased these sunshades last year for my i3 since it was parked outside a great deal of the time. I now park it mostly indoors, so I never use these. Before I try to sell these online, I thought I would offer them to this group in case anyone is interested. The current prices for the accessories charged by BMW are $103 for the rear window sunshade and $182 for the rear side window sunshades (set of 2). The shades are like new and I'd like to get $150 for the set plus shipping from a buyer. Please message me if you are interested. Thanks!

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                                                                          Trent Zou added 8 photos to i3 Paint Repair in BMW i3. — BMW i3

                                                                          I got a Certified Pre-Owned i3 to replace my lease that has ended. Got it from a dealership in Ohio sight unseen. Imagine my surprise when it showed up with a ton of paint chips on the hood, bumper, fenders, and A-pillar (110+ by my count). Not to mention tons scratches and swirls on the front-end. Looked like the previous owner drove the car through a gravel field everyday. This is by far the worst paint chipping I've seen on a car. Perhaps a lot of people would not care on a daily driver, especially one that might not be kept for a long time (waiting for Model 3), but I'm OCD about my paint. Initially I was going to just get a body shop to respray the whole front-end, but then I decided to see if I can DIY a solution. This is my 30+ hour journey.

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                                                                            Upgraded my 2014 I3 to North America Route 2017 2 Didn t notice much... — BMW i3

                                                                            Upgraded my 2014 I3 to North America Route 2017-2. Didn't notice much difference but the files were several gig's larger. To be honest, I tried upgrading them and getting an FSC Code using Esys. It wiped out my old maps so I had to get a code from bimmerforums. I thought I might be paying the stealership to update it but $65 and I was back in business. Does anyone know how to create an FSC Code for the I3. I couldn't find any details anywhere.

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                                                                              Photos from Steve J. Myung's post — BMW i3

                                                                              If you have two i3s in your garage sharing one Level 2 EVSE like me, you may want to consider this tip to avoid running over your own cord while other i3 is plugged in. (May result in expensive damage). In this case, my white 2017 i3 is plugged in after andesite silver 2014 i3 is done charging. (I am too lazy to swap the car). I ran the cord under the 2014 i3 to plug it into 2017 i3.

                                                                              To prevent me or my wife from driving away in 2014 i3 without unplugging 2017 i3, I have opened the charging flap of 2014 i3. So if I try to power it on and drive away, I will see the advisory displays on instrument panel and I drive screen, prompting me to close the flap before I start driving. Then I will see that my 2017 i3 is plugged in (yellow sign also helps) and I will remember to unplug it before driving 2014 i3 away. Happy eMotoring and have a safe / nice long weekend. ^^

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