Hi everybody. Some help please — BMW GS EUROPE

Hi everybody! Some help please.

I'm about to buy new bike suits. I've reduced my options to Klim Rally Adventure ore Badlands but the new BMW EnduroGuard suit looks really nice to. Anyone here how has personal experience willing to share ? All help appreciated!

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Dear friends from BMW GS Forum — BMW GS EUROPE

Dear friends from BMW GS Forum,

I want to inform, that the German "Biker-Brummi-Hilfe", an association of motorcycle driving forwarders and their friends, are making their 15th charity tranbsport with parallel biker's tour to 5 towns in Romania. There are included also members of our forum.

If you are interested:about 120 bikers will come with, having their own routes. And the charity part: thatr are 21 big 40tons trucks fully loaded with donations for hospitals, homes for children and old people and for schools. The tour for the bikes as well for the trucks will be one of the best in our 14 years, nice landscapes, wonderful people, meetings, partzy, coming together with the truck team at each stage of the journey, which is planned together with professional partners and friends from Romania.

If you are interested: the trip will be in the time of May 21st to June 4th; more information, contact and so on please via e-mail h.munzel@bb-hilfe.de .

Kind regards Hermann

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    Photos from James Paul Harrison-akers's post — BMW GS EUROPE

    Got a few spares for sale. All of them came of my 2006 r1200gs. I have the top box for sale, cosmetically it's a bit rough been scratched a lot but perfectly usable £100. Also I have the right side pannier for sale it's in very good condition £120. Then I have a refurbished final drive. It is for the abs models as it has the 15mm speed sensor. Bought this as a spare in case I had fd failure on the original but never had to use it. It has the revised steel wheel flange fitted £200. Then I have a garmin nuvi 500 deluxe. Works great just don't have the ram mount anymore £45. Would prefer collection but can post, postal prices on request cheers.

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      Photos from Frederic Masson's post — BMW GS EUROPE

      Les Dust Raisers dans Motomag ce mois ci.

      Roule-toujours !

      Ce numéro de Moto Magazine s’adresse aux mordus, à ceux qui ne lâchent rien ; et surtout pas le guidon ! Aux amateurs de machines faites pour abattre des kilomètres, à ceux qui affrontent les petits matins par -10° C - et qui ont besoin de gants chauffants - et aux grands givrés capables de monter au Cap nord en plein hiver. Pour ne rien manquer de l’aventure de Guillaume et Frédéric en Norvège, filez chez votre marchand de journaux à partir du jeudi 26 janvier ou sur

      http://boutique.motomag.com/abonnements-motomagazi ne/302-abonnement-moto-magazine-et-ses-hors-serie. html

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        Pedro Pessoa shared a link to the group: BMW GS EUROPE. — BMW GS EUROPE

        Want to join us next April for a fantastic adventure crossing Morocco off road in your own Big Trail or Maxi Trail? Would you like to do that but don't have the time to ride from and back to your country? Talk to us, we have a local partner that takes care of the transport from and back to the main cities in Europe by truck. Check out the tour details in our website at www.bigtrailchallenge.pt and choose English or Spanish. Join us, we promise that it will be an adventure of a life time!


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          Photos from Willy Motardesneiges's post — BMW GS EUROPE

          Petite balade un samedi matin par -12°C

          Voici les photos que j'ai sélectionné. La nouvelle chaine easy grip, c'est bien. Le Michelin Anakee Wild à l'AR, c'est bien. A l'AV, je n'ai pas testé mais celui que j'avais c'est bien. Ces 2 montes sont mieux que le TKC80 pour la neige. LE TKC80, c'était bien mais le Michelin, c'est mieux. LA roue AV d'une autre marque, je n'en veux plus, car trop chère, trop bruyant et il semble fondre comme neige au soleil.

          Une montée sans ski et sans chaine parce que j'avais envie et surtout les conditions le permettaient.

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtfBaXyv0y0&featur e=youtu.be

          Sur la première minute 30 secondes, on mets un peu de son (bah oui, il faut entendre le moteur), on s'assis bien sur sa chaise et on tient l'écran, ça va bouger un peu et ça glisse. !!!

          Pour le reste, j'ai laissé si certains ont envie de se faire ça au coin du feu.


          La dernière, la plus belle


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            Antonio Campos Gonzalez shared a link to the group: BMW GS EUROPE. — BMW GS EUROPE


            Item Description

            The decals are printed using only original HP Latex inks, insuring deep color and perfect quality image. Only highest quality outdoor vinyl is used from the world’s leaders ORACAL . All of our products are printed on a weatherproof vinyl + laminated (protective clear layer). They are 9 laminated pieces and ready to be applied .

            For the white GS , we offer the letters all in black. Although we could adapt the colour letters to your style for any colour GS.

            Made in Spain.


            Lamination is very important when the decals are to be used in an outdoor environment which will not fade or become matted stickers . The finish produces a high gloss laminating vinyl by the brand ORACAL . Here are some of the advantages of the laminated decals:

            * Scratch and friction protection which will add durability and strength in very frequent use areas as side tank or tank bag area .

            * UV protection – fading from the sun is not possible.

            * Water, fuel, chemicals and cleaning fluids .

            * Professional finish – added gloss and thickness .

            * Ideal for curved and corrugated surface.

            �Total number of decals: 9


            All the decals must be applied on a flat and clear surface, free from dust, oils, chemicals and dirt so make sure the surface is clean and flat enough.

            Large pieces will recommend installation by warping professional.

            �Packaging and Shipping

            We pack our decals in hard tube cartoon containers.

            * We post on the same or the next working day if availability of the product . We try our best to keep up with the demand . The items are shipped from SPAIN or UK, so shipping times may vary. We only use Track and signed services, so usually the shipping time is 10-12 working days to EU and around 15-20 working days to the rest of the world . However by reasons that we cannot manage, sometimes the package can be delayed by post offices, due to busy periods, weather conditions, holidays.

            * BMWworldstickers is in no way responsible for any delays in shipping including local delivery errors or international customs issues.

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              E UK D NL scroll down — BMW GS EUROPE

              (E/UK, D, NL ↓↓↓ scroll down)

              Moto-Pyrénées : Calendrier Route 2017

              Découvrez les Pyrénées ... ... autrement !!!

              1 semaine de balades moto entre motards : participation aux frais : 620 EUR* en pension complète (hébergements, repas, balades, visites, dégustations, ...)

              Une vidéo de nos balades route : http://youtu.be/r_x4E8IA-30

              Toutes les infos sur www.moto-pyrenees.com

              Calendrier 2017 : les 1ères dates possibles :

              - La Printanière 1 : du 13 au 20 mai 2017

              - La Printanière 2 : du 20 au 27 mai 2017

              - L’ Estivale 1 : du 8 au 15 juillet 2017

              - L’ Estivale 2 : du 22 au 29 juillet 2017

              - L’ Estivale 3 : du 29 juillet au 5 août 2017

              - L’ Eté Indien 1 : du 9 au 16 septembre 2017

              - L’ Eté Indien 2 : du 16 au 23 septembre 2017

              Autres périodes possibles. N'hésitez-pas à nous contacter !

              N'hésitez pas à partager l'info et l'envoyer à vos amis motards :-)

              *Excepté Estivales

              #Moto #Pyrénées #Balades #moto #Route #Tout #Terrain #On #Off #All #Road #Enduro

              ------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------

              E/U K

              Moto-Pyrénées : Calendar On-Road 2017

              Discover the Pyrenees ... ... differently !!!

              1 week off motorbike tours amoung bikers : participation in the costs : 620 EUR* in full pension (overnights, meals, motorbike tours, visits, tastings, ...)

              A video of our motorbike tours : http://youtu.be/r_x4E8IA-30

              All info at www.moto-pyrenees.com/en

              Calendar 2017 : the 1st possible dates :

              – The Spring Tour 1 : from 13 till 20 May 2017

              – The Spring Tour 2 : from 20 till 27 May 2017

              – The Summer Tour 1 : from 8 till 15 July 2017

              – The Summer Tour 2 : from 22 till 29 July 2017

              – The Summer Tour 3 : from 29 July till 5 August 2017

              – The Indian Summer Tour 1 : from 9 till 16 September 2017

              – The Indian Summer Tour 2 : from 16 till 23 September 2017

              Other periods possible. Do not hesitate to contact us !

              We speak english ! :-)

              Feel free to share the info and send it to your biker friends :-)

              * Except Summer Tours

              #Moto #Pyrénées #Motorcycle #Tours #On #Off #All #Road #Enduro #Pyrenees

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                Photos from Richard Michael Sherwin's post — BMW GS EUROPE

                Trying to stop condensation saga continues.

                I have been recently sorting out the electric supply to my bike shed so that I can purchase a 'bike bubble' which is now done.

                Whilst I get the funds for the Bubble I am trying to reduce the condensation on the bike.

                I have lined the shed floor with damp proof membrane and then a wood floor. I have also lined the metal walls with a few layers of foil Bubble wrap (not sure how much good that's done).

                I have tried today to put on a fan with a timer, set to go on for 15 mins and off for 45 mins.

                Does anyone else have such issues and have any extra tips for sorting out the damp or do the same with a little fan to warm/move some air?


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                  to whom it may concern technical update for the 6 Nations Raid BMW the Hotel... — BMW GS EUROPE

                  to whom it may concern, technical update for the 6 Nations Raid BMW: the Hotel in Tirana moves from the 3*** previously booked to the 4**** Hotel Kastria by our friend Elton Myftiu. We stopped in this hotel in several of the 9 previous editions, and we managed to have enough free rooms for us in May 2017. It's rather good to book with great advance anyway. Faliminderit (= thanks, in albanian language). All the pics of every-day hotel are on the fb page of the event, in the photo/albums section. Furthermore, I hope (but I can't assure You) the Staff will increase by another official BMW ITA Tourguide, I hope will have time for us!

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                    Hi I hope I m not breaking any rules by saying about a recent experience on... — BMW GS EUROPE

                    Hi I hope I'm not breaking any rules by saying about a recent experience on buying a new helmet.

                    I spent days shopping around looking for the best deal on a Schuberth C3 Pro. I asked some of the big boys to price match but none of them would and I thought I was getting a good deal until I came across Just Helmets. The guy who I spoke to was fantastic he gave some great advice even offering to fit the SRC at no extra charge. He was able to beat all the big names shops by over £100.

                    I do not represent this company or know anyone who works in it but to find deals like this I believe we should be passing onto our fellow bikers.

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                      Hope no one minds me putting this here but I m having an open day to chat about... — BMW GS EUROPE

                      Hope no one minds me putting this here but I'm having an open day to chat about my tours to the US this year as well as answering any questions anyone may have about touring in the USA and Canada. I've got a classic Coast to Coast USA in June then a brilliant Alaska trip in July 2017 with details at www.unchainedtours.com

                      It's my 7th year of doing it so can answer most questions! It's also a great day out to shake off those winter blues and have a blather over a coffee and bowl of hot Chili.

                      The date will be Saturday 4th February 2017 and the details are as follows:

                      Adventure Bike Warehouse

                      Unit 5 Agecroft Enterprise Park



                      M27 8W

                      I plan to start the presentation at 2.00pm and it will cover all our trips this summer as well as any other questions anyone may have about touring in North America.

                      Gary from ABW will knock up one of his infamous Chili's for the occasion and will have a wide range of adventure bike equipment and clothing on display so bring your credit cards.

                      Anyone is welcome to come to this and listen to me woffle on for a couple of hours about riding in the USA. It's a great way to clear away the winter blues and to have a good chat with like minded folk. If you are interested in a trip in the future or just want to know about riding in North America come along and I'll be able to answer any questions you might have


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                        Right then chaps and chappettes I hope that wherever you are you had a great... — BMW GS EUROPE

                        Right then chaps and chappettes, I hope that wherever you are you had a great Christmas and that the new year is both prosperous and full of miles of riding.

                        Just out of interest, has anyone been to Nordkapp? I'm planning to go in 2017 or if time is limited then 2018. Any advice on time of the year to avoid, tips on routes or recommendations on places to visit on route will be gratefully received. If anyone fancies joining us on the trip, either for the whole thing or just tag along for part of it, let me know.

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                          Good afternoon all how many miles would you have to do to fully charge the... — BMW GS EUROPE

                          Good afternoon all, how many miles would you have to do to fully charge the battery, I have 2015 GS1200 triple black that I have had a few problems with when trying to start it, if the battery voltage drops to 11.4 volts it wont turn the engine over at all I have to put it on charge for a while till the battery is around 80% charged before it will start and then after a 30 mile run I test the battery and its only at 84% charged, any thoughts would be welcome.

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                            I m thinking about Hungary and Romania for a September tour from Scotland — BMW GS EUROPE

                            I'm thinking about Hungary and Romania for a September tour from Scotland. We like long days on the bike and mountain passes and scenery. Not so big on city visits. Good hotels with nice food, secure parking and Wi-Fi. A pool or wellness suite is also a real winner for us. Any advice on places to stay. Pic was Noordkapp last year...

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                              Take the ride out challenge — BMW GS EUROPE

                              Take the ride-out challenge. . . .

                              Bealach na Ba, Applecross Yes

                              Tregarth Pass of Cattle Yes

                              Cat n Fiddle Yes

                              Kirkby Lonsdale Yes

                              Kirkstone Pass Yes

                              Glencoe Yes

                              Chop Gate Yes

                              Rosedale chimney bank Yes

                              Cadwell Park Yes

                              Grossglokner Yes

                              Fern Pass Yes

                              Col de Tourmalett Yes

                              Fuente De Yes

                              Cormet de Roselend Yes

                              Grimsel Pass Yes

                              Col de l'Iseran Yes

                              Schöllijoch Yes

                              Col de Restefond Yes

                              Little St Bernard Pass Yes

                              Livigno Pass Yes

                              Bernina Pass Yes

                              Brenner Pass Yes

                              Col des Aravis Yes

                              Col des Montets Yes

                              Furka Pass Yes

                              Col Collon Yes

                              Mont Cenis Yes

                              Col d'Allos Yes

                              Jungfraujoch Yes

                              Tauern Pass Yes

                              Passo del Stelvio Yes

                              Col du Granon Yes

                              Susten Pass Yes

                              Col de Croix Yes

                              Thurn Pass Tes

                              Col de la Croix Haute Yes

                              Bernardino Pass Timmelsjoch Yes

                              Col de la Forclaz Yes

                              Col du Télégraphe Yes

                              Gotthard Pass Yes

                              Col Ferret Yes

                              Great St Bernard Pass Yes

                              Col de la Lombarde Yes

                              Colle delle Finestre Yes

                              Coll de la Bonnette Yes

                              Route Napoleon Yes

                              San Bernardino Yes

                              Col de la Grand Colombier Yes

                              Cormet de Roselend Yes

                              Col de Glandon Yes

                              Col de Madeleine Yes

                              Col du Lautaret Yes

                              Col de la Croix de Fer Yes

                              Col de Vars ***** THIS IS THE BEST OF ALL FOR MOTOS ***** Yes

                              Col de la CayolleYes

                              Col d' Izoard Yes

                              Col du Galibier Yes

                              Col du Restefond Yes

                              Col de la Bonette Yes

                              Col du Rousset Yes

                              Sestriere Yes

                              Passo Timmelsjoch Rombo Yes

                              Col d'Aubisque Yes

                              Col d'Aspin Yes

                              Col du Tourmalet Yes

                              Alp D'huez Yes

                              Col du Somport Yes

                              Sierra Nevada Yes

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                                G day All. My gal and I are shipping the bike over from Down Under in 2019 — BMW GS EUROPE

                                G'day All. My gal and I are shipping the bike over from Down Under in 2019. Intend doing around 5 to 6 months of touring. When looking at a map, say of Spain, for the Pyrenees region, where the route is marked N-260, is this actually sign posted on the roads. We intend doing as many of the great bike routes there are. From the bottom of Spain, to the top of Norway, in a very zig zag fashion, going as far across as Turkey. Appreciate any advice.

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                                  Carli Kooper shared The Riding Reporters's video to the group: BMW GS EUROPE. — BMW GS EUROPE

                                  I hope you can forgive me for having switched to another brand for the coming three months, and assume that you'll still enjoy our first long video ;)

                                  Meet The Riding Reporters! Two Dutch women riding KTM 690 Enduro R's, exploring and reporting for six month in South America. You can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

                                  Greetings from Uruguay!

                                  https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=127991 8475403857&id=649956598400051

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                                    I am looking for a safe place to sleep in Valencia from 26 to 27 december for... — BMW GS EUROPE

                                    I am looking for a safe place to sleep in Valencia from 26 to 27 december for me and my GSA. On 27 i have to be in Turadventure shop to pick up my order. On the 27 i will drive further to the south. I put all my money in my BMW GSA so try to find first cheap sollutions and want to meet other people with the same passion.......i live in the campo of Tivissa.....170 km under Barcelona.....if somedody needs a place to sleep ...... always welcome...

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                                      SOME IMPORTANT UPDATES FOR THE GS 6 NATIONS RAID — BMW GS EUROPE

                                      SOME IMPORTANT UPDATES FOR THE GS 6 NATIONS RAID:

                                      a) May 2017 departure is confirmed! STILL PLACE AVAILABLE

                                      b) single room fee now is 250€ ( was 500€)

                                      c) the final price is guaranteed until 31.12.16, in 2017 the croatian VAT is growint from 13 to 25% for tourist services so subscription price will be corrected.

                                      Trieste - Tirana, the 6 Nations Raid. Ok boys and girls... as I say... May 2017 is far away but not that too much.. and we have only a very very limited number of places. So... don't loose the chance to ride in the 6 Nations! Yesterday I finshed working on the engine of the bike and on the Bing... I'll make a trip to the Sahara desert at the end of december and then I'll wait for the 6 Nations.. .

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