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Hi everyone, I just replaced my chain and sprockets over the weekend. Everything went really smoothly except the riveting of the master chain link. For some reason, I just can't flare the rivets to DID 525 VX specs of .224 to .236inches. My chain rivet tool is crooked because of the brute strength I applied. The plates now are compressed too much but the rivets just wouldn't flare. Any thoughts?

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    Hi folks My bike is having difficulty to start I suspect the battery is the... — BMW F800GS

    Hi folks. My bike is having difficulty to start. I suspect the battery is the cause of the problem. I seldom ride it as I drive most of the time. I will have to do a jump start with a powerbank everytime to get the bike started. The battery just got replaced in June 2016. The model is Yuasa YTX14-BS. Any advice what I should do?

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      Greetings. I am in the market looking to upgrade the barn. Current inventory — BMW F800GS

      Greetings. I am in the market looking to upgrade the barn. Current inventory....KLR650. I test drove the 800gsa and liked it but then I drove the r1200gsa and fell in love. I mostly commute back roads to work. 43 miles round trip. I prefer to ride dirt gravel fire roads for enjoyment. However, I want to expand and go further away from home 200-400 mile weekend trips to get up in the mountains. I live in Georgia south of Atlanta. I know both bikes are capable and I really don't want to spend r1200 money. (Would like to buy new or almost new) I'm concerned about the suspension and load out capacities. I am 6'4 245lbs. Will the f800 work just fine with say 100lbs of gear strapped on too? Long distance comfort? Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.

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        Hiya guys I m considering buying a 2nd hand 2009 800gs However it has 65000 on... — BMW F800GS

        Hiya guys I'm considering buying a 2nd hand 2009 800gs .. However it has 65000 on the clock ... Anything i should be concerned about ?


        Update .. I went to view the bike and the sumps paint has flaked off and it's had a extremely bad respray White ..

        It was the grey version ... The last stamp in the book was 28000 with next scheduled for 36000 which has not been stamped ..

        The add said full Motard history ...

        Looked like last 800£ fix was back in 2015 and after that it's got no paper work but it's got another 20000 mile since then .. The dash is showing the service sign ...

        Prob need new chain and sprocket ..

        It started from cold . No problem ..

        Needs new front tyre and pads ...

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          Photos from Petrica Ciobanu's post — BMW F800GS

          Dates available for Adventure Rides in Romania :

          Some pictures from our Eastern Carpathian Adventure Tour - the most beautifull and pitoresque regions from our country : Maramures, Bukovina and Transylvania.

          - 2 dates available : 16-26 August and 14 - 24 September

          - 10 riding days, a total of 2000 km with 975 km off road

          - meeting/finish point is Cluj Napoca city

          - cultural important sites that we will visit:UNESCO World Heritage wooden monasteries from Maramures region, Unesco World Heritage painted monasteries from Bukovina , Dracula Castel and 3 most beautifull old cities from Transylvania Region ( Brasov, Sighisoara and Cluj Napoca )

          - we will pass 14 mountains range

          - included in this tour - best asphalt roads from Romania : Trans Rarau Pass, Transalpina Pass, Transfagarasan Pass, Bicaz gorges Pass.

          - we will have this tour with minimum of 4 riders and maximum 10 riders

          - all acomodation in 3-4 stars guesthouse/hotel

          - assistance car for our luggage we will be as light as possible on off road

          - motorcycle guide, english speaker

          - cultural guide(english speaker) for all our cultural/historic sites

          - B&B included

          - WI FI available every day (not in to the mountains)

          - pictures and movies from entire trip

          - suitable for all dual sport bike with off road tires

          - DAY 3 from this tour (hard enduro part) : we will have 2 motorcycle guides and if somebody will feel that it is to hard for them , we have a easier route (with the second guide) ...meeting into the evening at accomodation place.

          - if we don t see a smile on your face every day - 50 % money back guaranteed :)

          - custom tours 5-17 days available at your request - hard or easy off road

          - we can bring your bike to Romania you just have to book a flight

          RIDE ON with style !!!

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            Photos from Steven Heyworth's post — BMW F800GS

            Ok guys, as promised, photos of my tool tube fitment. My bike is the Adventure model so couldn't fit the tool tube behind the pannier rack like most do on the standard GS. Also I didn't want to fit the tube to a pannier just in case I was without my panniers. The last photo is another addition, a double 12v socket inside the top box pannier, this will connect to my optimate connection under the seat, I am waiting for the lead to come from eBay. This will enable me to lock my helmet up at night and still charge my Sena hands free attached to the helmet. Also while camping the lead is long enough to put the back box in the tent with me and I can charge my phone, GPS etc.

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              Hi All I m thinking of replacing front sprocket on my 2017 F800GS I heard it... — BMW F800GS

              Hi All. I'm thinking of replacing front sprocket on my 2017 F800GS. I heard it is common mod on this bike, which should make MPG better on motorway cruising (I'm commuting 35mls/day, out of which 20 is motorway) and eliminate vibrations coming from engine when riding around 70-75mph ( because engine will be spinning about 500rpm lower than it currently is).

              So the question from me is...have you done it and if so, what are your impressions? Can someone tell me socket size for the sprocket please? Thanks!

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                Hi all I am having trouble finding a fault on my friend s F700GS At first it... — BMW F800GS

                Hi all, I am having trouble finding a fault on my friend's F700GS. At first it seemed like the old and known fuel pump problem that makes it cut out intermittently. The fuel pump was replaced, but the problem persists. Because my GS911 showed an error on the fuel control unit, it was also replaced, but the problem persists. The fuel filter was thoroughly cleaned and the adaptation values have been re-calibrated as well. So, with the fuel control unit and fuel pump replaced and the filter cleaned, it still cuts out. After clearing the fault codes and taking it for a 4km ride, the fault codes we got are:

                10150: Injector valve 1

                This fault occurred 3 times.

                The fault is not present now.

                10151: Injector valve 2

                This fault occurred 3 times.

                The fault is not present now.

                10167: Output stage to Electric Fuel Pump faulty (Most likely: Fuel pump electronics/driver)

                This fault occurred 4 times.

                The fault is not present now.

                10233: Starter Relay driver

                This fault occurred 5 times.

                The fault is not present now.

                I believe the injector valve faults are a result of the problem being upstream? Because the last fault "Starter relay driver" occurred most, I assume that it could be the source of the problem. Where is this relay located or how can I rectify this problem? Your experience and knowledge would be highly appreciated, thanks.

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                  Hey guys — BMW F800GS

                  Hey guys!

                  My dad and me are planning our next 2-3 week trip for summer and we were thinking about Hungary. Do you have any experience with adventure trips there or other suggestions?


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                    Hello riders just a question my F800gs 2009 had already installed the BWM... — BMW F800GS

                    Hello riders, just a question, my F800gs 2009 had already installed the BWM touring screen, but protection is very low. Due to price and estetic I would like to install WRS caponord, it is 4 cm higher and it seems better than touring. Have someone of you experience with WRS? I'm only 1,73 cm tall.

                    Thank you in advance for any advice.

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                      Hi guys — BMW F800GS

                      Hi guys.

                      Got a question, I acquired a tool tube yesterday and I have been over my bike, a 2014 F800GSA to see where I can mount it, where it won't interfere with my panniers (BMW aluminium) swing arm, fuel tank etc. I want it on the bike so if I am out without the panniers I will still have it with me. Where have you guys fitted them, I have access to fabrication equipment as this used to be my job so manufacturing specific brackets isn't a problem. Photo's and ideas much appreciated. Thanks in advance, will post a photo when made and fitted.

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                        Photos from Paweł Kisiel's post — BMW F800GS

                        Hi Folks!

                        Quick question about retrofitting LED indicators. I'm picking my F800GS 2017 model this Friday, which came with standard bulb ones. I saw plenty of LED OEM ones on Ebay and I was wondering if it is just plug and play install or it needs resistors to slow it down and/or software coding via CANBUS at dealer? Thanks for Info.


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                          Hi guys just wondered what your thoughts were — BMW F800GS

                          Hi guys, just wondered what your thoughts were.

                          Got a 10 plate and it currently showing the top end of 20k, I've owned it for just short of 2 years, ever since I've had it its had the service date showing ( I bought it from a general bike dealer) in the time I've had it I've covered approx 5k and I've I've changed the oil and filter once, the chain and both sprockets, (rear bearing fail so changed at same time)

                          That's the history, question is, is it worth having a service from a BMW dealer and any ideas on cost?

                          Also there's oil leaking from the top end left hand side, I know I've seen reports of this on here before but I have to admit I can't remember what was said.

                          So what do you think, thanks in advance

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                            I have been riding off road F650 Dakar until now. I just bought an F800 — BMW F800GS

                            I have been riding off-road F650 Dakar until now. I just bought an F800. I'm facing a problem with controlling the gas. The F800 reacts aggressively for every single movement, even if I try to make smooth movements. Can you give me any advice - besides practicing, practicing, practicing - how to accelerate smoothly? I have the original sprockets (16/42) and I would like to keep them beceause I use the bike both on and off-road. Is any modification possible at/in the grip?

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                              2016 Adventurer mod — BMW F800GS

                              2016 Adventurer mod,

                              Front Guard extender, cheap and works great

                              ,Maier rear hugger (shock protector) , brilliant and a "must have"

                              Barkbusters, paid for themselves already in saving levers

                              Rad Guard (mesh radiator guard from Oz) good value for money and bolts straight on,

                              Alloy headlight/spotlight guards, excellent product form Thailand, stopped a few rocks from Aussie road trains/roosting mates

                              S&W motech bashplate AWESOME,

                              Vinyl WP stickers for the upper fork tubes, stops dings from small rocks, cheap and works well,

                              Touratech windscreen extender, bit exy for what it is but definately makes long distance tarmac less tiring

                              Plastic "pelican lookalike" box mounted on rear rack, cheap and sooo handy

                              Double USB adapter mounted behind screen, the standard plug on the 800 is a PITA, as its vertical, when I rode around Oz all it did was fill up with water

                              Well, there is my list, anybody want further details feel free to ask :)

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                                Gerhard Gibbs shared his photo to the group: BMW F800GS. — BMW F800GS

                                Have not been able to ride since November. Hit some rocks during a rather fast river crossing - here we are temporarily fixing the rim after a 3 hour detour to the closest town on the back of a pick-up truck that luckily came past. So finished the ride over the next two days, but after inspection: cracked fork, new rim, hand guards and crash bars needed + the odd scratch and dent from flying out the other side of the river and hitting some turf. I seriously need my bike back - mission with insurance and then the festive season, but next week they say......

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                                  Photos from Dustin Douglas's post — BMW F800GS

                                  I regret to list my '14 GS800 Adventure for sale. I bought it as a left over, It has 10.5k on it and is under warranty until next September. I lost my job and can't make the payments anymore so the bike has a bank payoff.

                                  Upgrades, Bark Busters, skid plate, new tires, camo paint scheme, heavy fork springs otherwise basically a stock bike. Never a single warranty problem, it has been a perfect machine. It has been ridden off road so there are some normal wear marks/small scratches. I am in So Cal for the winter can discuss delivering the bike in the South West. I would like to end up on a big single either a KLR or a DR650.

                                  Text is the best way to get me 484 224 6063, Dusty

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                                    Evening all I need some advice from the experienced on here I am off to the... — BMW F800GS

                                    Evening all ... I need some advice from the experienced on here ...I am off to the dealer tomorrow to sign up for the bike but after sitting on a mates yesterday I am a tad short in the leg department to be safe when stopped ....would the lower seat be enough or will it still need the suspension lowered ....hopefully some others have dealt with this issue and can advise on the best approach to getting ya feet on the ground ....tia ....

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                                      Hi everybody — BMW F800GS

                                      Hi everybody.

                                      Im new regards to owning a BMW F 800 GS.

                                      I want to know at what soeed can these bikes cruise.

                                      Mine runs at 5500rpm at 140km per hour.

                                      Is it good and safe for the engine to run "faster"

                                      Hope to hear from you

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                                        Attachment Unavailable — BMW F800GS

                                        175km gravel 130km tar breakfast ride in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The mountains in the distance in the clouds are the Drakensberg. 2 gravel passes including Hella Hella. 3 tar passes. Maximum temperature 36.5°C

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                                          I m going to buy new tires for my F800GS I have rich off road experience on... — BMW F800GS

                                          I'm going to buy new tires for my F800GS. I have rich off-road experience on light motocross bikes (with motocross tires) and on-road on heavy road bikes (with road tires), but I'm new to dual-sport. The tires would be used on road most of the time (speeds up to 160km/h), but it must be capable for serious off road too (deep mud, creek crossings, gravel, not much stony trails). My current choice is Dunlop Trailmax, Metzeler Karoo 3 or Michelin Sirac, but I'm still not sure. Any advice from more experienced dual-sport riders would be appreciated.

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                                            Can anybody help — BMW F800GS

                                            Can anybody help.

                                            I am a qualified mechanical engineer and want to service my bike myself, is there a way of re-setting the trip warning for milage and time warning signs on the clocks without connection to a diagnostics. Also, when I come to change the brake fluid, is there a special way to bleed the system with it having an ABS pump or do you bleed as normal and the pump looks after itself, or do you push fluid up from the brake cylinder up to the master cylinder using a syringe, or is there another way. Thanks for any help, oh and please, I am not putting a bit of tape over the clocks, heard all them wise cracks before

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