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So I'm not an e90 owner yet but today is (fortunately and unfortunately) when I think I'm looking to become one. Long story short I've kept a two owner 2004 325xi 5 speed running as an all year daily driver since I bought it as the second owner in 2009. At 452,456 miles it finally "died" because a 7" diameter oak branch fell square on the roof. I'll probably keep the m54 for giggles and part / scrap the rest. In the future I want to add to the collection an e46 M3 but that'll be the only other e46 I'll ever own at this point. I was thinking of a 1 series but where I'm in New England and travel a lot (understatement) in the winter AWD is on the list. So I'm thinking of finding a good example 328 with xdrive. Coming from the e46 is there anything I should really watch for or is anything more / less PITA? On that car there wasn't anything I didn't do myself maintenance wise including subframe reinforcement / bushings (never had to touch the engine though other than the timing chain tensioner). From research it looks like the electric water pump is one of the few major cooling system woes but nothing like the e46. Thanks guys.

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    Photos from Vee Aoki's post — BMW E90 E92 E82 Forum

    For sale

    Used Moton Club Sport


    less than 2 years old

    5 months ago rebuilt

    Hyperco Springs

    Springrates: Front 550 / Rear 400

    Quick disconnect lines

    Turner Motorsport Camber Plates

    good condition

    $3900 + paypal fees

    Located in Franklin Park IL for pick up

    Willing to ship at buyers expense

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      Some advice for E90 LCI owners — BMW E90 E92 E82 Forum

      Some advice for E90 LCI owners

      I recently disconnected the negative terminal on my battery and closed the boot. The rear seats do not fold down and there is no lock on the boot. Jump starting the car under the bonnet did nothing as did applying 12 volts to the boot wiring. So I was in a pickle and BMW quoted £400-1200 to fix it.

      Solution is EASY.

      Remove the bottom of the seat by pulling up at the front then pull the rear up. Place outside the car.

      Remove the 2 x silver T50 bits in the middle seat area.

      Remove 3 x black T50 bits from the bottom of seatbelts.

      Open BOTH doors and lift from the middle of the seat straight up - it will click and a tab either side will pop off. You can then use an axle stand or similar to hold the seat up in the air whilst you climb in and reconnect the battery.

      I scoured for hours and hours on forums and groups on facebook and nobody could help me with this as everybody said you need to access the two tabs in the boot to remove rear seats. But they can stay in and tilt the seat up and nothing gets damaged.

      Hope this helps someone in the future!

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        Hello all — BMW E90 E92 E82 Forum

        Hello all,

        e82 135i 08

        I have an issue with the flip up monitor as per picture.

        I was wondering if I could replaced the monitor only (and how) or do I neeed to replace the whole unit?

        I've unplugged all the connectors (back of head unit, power unit and connector close to the flip unit) and think the screen in stuffed. Has anyone else experienced the same issue?

        Any suggestions?


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          Hi folks cheers for letting me join Hate to start off by asking favours but I... — BMW E90 E92 E82 Forum

          Hi folks, cheers for letting me join. Hate to start off by asking favours but I've a issue with my 320d. It Dont turn over when u push start button it waits upto 7 seconds then starts turning over but never fires up. Had a auto/diagnosis bloke come round he plugged it in spent a hour on it using cas or something scratched his head n jus said I a got a clue mate n walked off. Any ideas. I think dde is irresponsive. Cheers guys any help be amazing. Driving me e46 title 90 starts

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            Photos from Rob James's post — BMW E90 E92 E82 Forum

            My T08 arrived from yesterday so I had a fun time fitting it, here's a review with some photos. This will be a long post.

            First impressions on unboxing - unit is quite heavy and feels well built, the edges are very smooth with no chips etc. There is a LOT of wires.. there's 2 x aux, 2 front speaker out, 2 rear speaker out, sub out, 2 video out, 2 camera in ports, 2 USB cables and I'm sure there's more.

            Install - you need to drop the glove box out (5 minute job) if you want to run the USB cables and aux into the glove box like I did as I'm going to run a 1tb hard drive with films, also makes charging phones easy. You will also need to run a permanent live from the fuse box to a yellow wire on the unit or it forgets the time when switched off.

            You will need to run the mic wire down past the steering wheel and fit it by the clocks- again this only took a couple of minutes.

            Wiring loom plugs straight in, aerial plugs straight in, canbus box and reverse siren plug straight in and all work perfectly.

            Fitting the heater controls is a bitch as it's very tight but wiggle it a lot and some force and it goes in.

            Powering up - screen displays a bmw logo on startup which I thought was cool. Plays every kind of video file and music format that I have so that's great. Screen is very high quality and displays colours perfectly. Works with HD movies perfectly. Sound quality is perfect, better than oem. Car play app works perfect. Maps app that's on there is very good - displays speed limits and warnings for speed cameras! Steering wheel controls all work perfect. Radio works perfect.

            Overall - great unit and worth the money all day!

            Think that's everything, but any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help.

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