E28 528i — BMW e12 e28 Australia

With considerable expense I had this freighted up to my place a few weeks back after buying it off another member here. The intention was to pull the air con out for my E28 (really needs it for longer country drives), then do a resto job on the car, put rego on it and have it as the tame everyday alternative to my current brash and angry E28.

Well I managed to get the air con out, but instead of starting resto work my partner and I found the perfect house and accidentally bought it instead... oops! We weren't really expecting to buy so soon but it was too good to pass up.

A shame because I really was looking forward to cleaning it up and was in the process of sourcing stuff for a respray (an order I will now have to cancel, hopefully they haven't organised the paint yet...) but adulthood has gotten in the way and needs to be treated with priority - my mother does not want any of my cars remaining in the yard once I move, so I need to move this on. I don't want to burden her any more than I already have by moving back in while we were saving up money anyway.

Car drives and moves fine, drove it home from the depot, interior is back in one piece with the non-AC console from my car. It'll need a jumpstart though.

267600km, automatic, beige interior, decked out with power windows, sunroof, trip computer and cruise control. Paint will need to be redone but a good car to start with.

I'll get my own pictures of the car tonight, but for now here are the photos from the previous ad. Need the car moved on quickly because otherwise the stamp duty's going to put me on 2 minute noodles so reasonable offers will be considered if it ensures a quick sale.

Besides everything, the new place only has 2 parking spots, the missus takes one and my E28 the other. Never planning on letting go of the hoonster!

Can cut a good deal if you take the car and the 17" Style 5s from my other ad, $2000 for the lot or something close to that.

Also have a 95 Honda Civic I'm also flipping for around $2.3k if anyone wants an economical little city car.

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Hi guys — BMW e12 e28 Australia

Hi guys

I have a really amazing car at work.

Its a 1973 E12 with one owner history from new.

Its a factory manual and amazing interior in 9 out of 10 condition.

4 speed factory getrag.

The car was in storage for many years and had the motor pulled out but lost to mechanics. So i am offering a crazy deal.

We at Bmwrecking Gold Coast

Are going to put a low km motor from a e23 735i in her.

Clean her up throw 6 months rego and a roadyworthy. With a warranty.

$5000. 00

The roof and boot needs a respray which I will do. When finished she will be a super fun sleeper

Just putting it out there for interest as we believe this car will be incredibly cool when finished

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    Any help would be great — BMW e12 e28 Australia

    Any help would be great

    Upper radiator hose blew (m30b35 auto), dont think the block over heated, the block was warm to touch after 20 minutes after i pulled over. Would have hit 3/4 max on the temp gauge. Never the less after i got it towed back home and it had cooled down i put the hose back on and filled with water. After filling properly and checking for any drop in the water level(there was no dropping) i started it up. It start but the rpms were all over the place and then after 40-50 seconds dropped and engine died. Does this every time but only lasts for 2-3 seconds when the engine is warm after the initial cold start. I can keep it alive with the throttle. Anyone have any idea. The engine was idling rough before the hose blew but no where ever close to this badly.

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      Photos from John Cokis's post — BMW e12 e28 Australia


      1984 E28 528i

      Polaris Silver

      Pacific Blue Herringbone Interior with the seats in amazing condition

      Abs brakes

      M30 b28 motor is strong (manifold gasket blown)

      4 speed gearbox is smooth

      3.25 open Diff

      Becker Mexico tape deck

      All lights in good condition

      Please let me know what you need.


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        Nathan Peel s old beast has made it to my yard after a week in transit — BMW e12 e28 Australia

        Nathan Peel's old beast has made it to my yard after a week in transit. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but plenty of ideas brewing in my head, from a partial resto project to a M57 diesel swap to use as a daily... mine is a glorious Sunday morning car, and will remain that way (read: more mods).

        Looking forward to pulling the spanners out!

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          Photos from Bob Cooper's post — BMW e12 e28 Australia

          Planning to complete my life long dream and buy an e60 M5. Therefore selling my oldies. Please ask for futher photos if needed. Perth WA

          BMW E28

          2.8 litre, 6 cylinder

          Manual gearbox


          M tech body kit

          M tech steering wheel

          Boot lip

          15 inch basketweave wheels

          Near new tyres

          4x electric windows

          Central locking

          Odo: 209000 km

          Just had a major service


          ------------------------ -----------

          BMW E30

          coupe 323 manual S1

          Lot's of money spent in last 6 months.

          Comes with electric windows, electric mirrors, central locking from remote, cruise control etc.

          LSD rear diff

          New 17" BBS reps wheels with new tyres

          4x Kenwood speakers + subwoofer/amplifier

          Geniune M-tech2 steering wheel

          Geniune M-tech bodykit

          Sport seats

          Custom exhaust system

          Boot spoiler

          Odo: 210000km

          Recently spent $930 on full service + fixing/adjusting everything that was wrong with it.

          Slight hail damage on the roof. New bonnet and boot fitted.


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            Photos from John Cokis's post — BMW e12 e28 Australia

            M535i back from the mechanic. Feels like a totally different car now!! No more truck gear shift and the shifter slop is gone with all new linkages. Can finally fly through the gears without 3 seconds between them and no more crunching into reverse!

            *Installed the Bilstein Sport shocks front and rear with all new shocks mounts and rubber

            *H&R lowering springs

            *New front end bushes

            *Subframe bushes

            *Rebuild the LSD Diff

            *New gear linkages

            *Short shifter knuckle, massive thanks to Stuart Hassall for sending me it could not get any other shifter to work with the dog box

            *New rear main

            *Valve adjustment

            *Fuel hoses



            *Ac compressor hose

            *Brake fluid reservoir seals

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              Photos from Tim Hanialakis's post — BMW e12 e28 Australia

              So the turbo build has been started but I'm getting a few different answers on options for injector upgrades. Some say the short Siemens's deka pico style injector will fit just fine and other say they won't. I'm going to be running a wolf ecu to control the whole set up. I plan on running 80lb injectors.

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                Has anyone on here built an m30 n a I was aiming for 250 300rwhp with my... — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                Has anyone on here built an m30 n/a? I was aiming for 250-300rwhp with my project with triple Weber carburetors and was wondering if it was viable.

                From what I've read elsewhere with a fair bit of machining, boring and high comp pistons it's possible with a big cam.

                I wanted to dodge fuel injection or forced induction purely for keeping the car different and period correct ('75)


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                  E28 shell + some parts — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                  Its on the trailer and going to scrap metal early tomorrow morning, unless anyone in the brisbane region want's it tonight/early tomorrow in which case i can bring it to you instead. I believe the wheels may be worth something and it also has a 3.1 diff and axles in the back that I was going to pull out but just do not have the time as I am moving out this weekend. Will come with bonnet and front valence, full interior, and an assortment of other metal parts that I'm throwing out. Just thought I'd put it out there, speak now or forever hold your peice.

                  (SOLD) E28 shell + some parts

                  $20 - Inner Brisbane, Brisbane

                  Its on the trailer and going to scrap metal early tomorrow morning, unless anyone in the brisbane region want's it tonight/early tomorrow in which case i can bring it to you instead. I believe the wheels may be worth something and it also has a 3.1 diff and axles in the back that I was going to pull out but just do not have the time as I am moving out this weekend. Will come with bonnet and front valence, full interior, and an assortment of other metal parts that I'm throwing out. Just thought I'd put it out there, speak now or forever hold your peice.

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                    E28 bumper bars — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                    Cleaning out my garage...

                    -one full rear bumper bar (incl. brackets, clips, bolts) - 60$

                    -one full front bumper bar (no botls, can't find them, but everything else is there) - 60$

                    -one rear centre bar - 30$

                    -one passenger side rear piece (left) - 15$

                    -one drivers side front piece (right) - 15$

                    -set of two chrome links front - 5$

                    -set of two chrome links back - 5$

                    Or buy the whole lot for 150$.

                    I prefer for the buyer to come around and have a look.

                    The condition is not mint, but ok. Some dings and surface rust inside. They could all do with a good polish. For more photos please ask. PM me if interested.

                    I can ship at buyers expense.

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                      Technical drawings /factoryplans — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                      Time to sort out and clean up my Archive.

                      Here are a lot of technical drawings I found and would give away. So who is interested in… I would give them away for 25€ each, plus shipping.

                      The drawings are original Artprints based on the original Factoryplans. Each drawing is on DIN A3

                      Handmade 120g/m² Paper, witch is artificial chemical aged. On each drawing is on the back a certifical of orgin

                      With stamp and Signature.

                      I have an Archive of more than 40.000 technical drawings from most of the known brands, most of them are original documents. If you search something special… just let me know I look what I can find. Send Mail to carsten@autoskulpturen.de

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                        Ok I m abit unsure what to do now — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                        Ok I'm abit unsure what to do now.

                        Do I sell the car as a whole or wreck it?

                        Heres a little background on the car.

                        I bought it late 2014 spent about $10k getting on the road as of late a few issues have arised such as front wheel bearings, a cracked windscreen and an alternator issue preventing the car from running for longer then 10 minutes and always requires a jumpstart. All of this is very much fixable but I am moving in june and financially I can't justify the expense.

                        I beleive I'm the 7th owner since new in 1987 and its a high mileage car with an under powered 96kw engine which I personally don't see worth the hassle.

                        Please let me know as I value the opinion of fellow enthusiasts.

                        Offers are welcome.

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                          Uber rare Recaro LXC — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                          Up for grabs is an extremely rare, old school genuine Recaro LXC with fishnet headrest. Fabric is a dark chocolate colour with the beige and brown recaro pattern. It has pull out leg extensions and a lever to fold the seat forward for 2 door cars. Seat is in excellent condition and would suit a collector. Everything functions perfectly, no rips or tears, bolsters are perfect! No seat rails included. Single seat!

                          Located Springwood 4127 or Acacia Ridge 4110, whichever is easier for buyer to pick up. Can post at buyers expense. Allow $100 or so for most metro areas.

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                            E90 sport seats — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                            Black leather sport seats out of a M Sport E90. These have manual adjustments, pull out leg extensions and an electric side bolster that you can adjust to suit how tight they hug you. They're in excellent condition, no rips or tears. Also come with un-deployed pre tensioners (seat belt buckles).

                            These won't bolt straight in and will have to adapt these with a metal base plate, which is relatively easy to make if you're handy with tools.

                            Pick up only! Located Springwood 4127, only 2 minutes off M1 southbound.

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                              Photos from Myster Nate's post — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                              Ok final price drop.. offering it here before i put it up in other places

                              M88/3 engine from 635csi, roughly 133k on the clock before being removed from car, comes with intake plenum, ITB''s etc and ECU, no loom or alternator or other accessories etc, Ecu itself cost me close to 800$ as it was a seperate find..

                              Offering this all for 6.5K this just to cover costs of import basically

                              need it gone..

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                                Photos from Mike Nolan's post — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                                To sell or not to sell.

                                I have a 1986 E28 535i in Bronzit Beige Metallic with the M side skirts fitted from factory. (not fitted currently). It is an automatic and I am needing a manual E28 or anything BMW and manual.

                                Has all the options except for the electric seats. Needs a bit of work to tidy up but is a solid low km car (sub 100,000km).

                                Owned by a Doctor from new and then a young kid bought it and never got it on the road, and then me. I had the aircon redone but the second hand compressor front seal has blown and it now needs a replacement/rebuild and a regas. System running R134a gas.

                                Interior is great, the onboard computer panel is good of a day, but at night you cannot see it. Probably a dry solder joint or something simple. Haven't had time to look. Fuel gauge has a slight bounce in it around the 1/3 to just under 1/2 but when the reserve light is on, you still have a good 25km left and I have tested this.

                                Currently sitting on cut springs care of the young lad who owned it before me. He removed the flares, cut the springs and it sat around until I brought it back to life. I would recommend that it had new shocks/coilovers installed and new bushings all round under the car as they are all original and the rubber is brittle.

                                Comes with TRX wheels with tyres, maybe just legal tread on them. Also have some other 16" wheels without tyres and some other E36 stockos that come with it.

                                Have some interesting spares for it including a alternator, headlight and bracket and some misc other items I would have to go look for.

                                Rear drivers side window just started to play up with regard to going up and down, currently it is wound up and I have left it as is.

                                Has a Pioneer Bluetooth and USB headunit with remote control installed with a Clarion Amplifier and a 10" MTX Subwoofer with Pioneer speakers running off the headunit and installed into the factory mounts and hidden under the factory speaker covers.

                                A few minor rust repairs needed around front windscreen which is the original factory screen with the factory first service sticker intact on it. But, there is always a big hairy butt. It has a crack in it and would need replacing for RWC.

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                                  E34 535i low ks — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                                  Up for sale is a E34 535i that recently picked up. I only got this for the M-Tech 1 wheel to swap into my E28 M535i and have no need for the rest of the car. Thus, it is now up for sale.

                                  The car is located in Castle Hill NSW 2154 and I do want it gone ASAP. PM me offers, I am slightly negotiable.

                                  This ad is listed elsewhere.

                                  Best way to get it home would be to get an UVP (unregistered vehicle permit-$28 for up to 1 month). This is what I did to drive it from Leichhardt to Castle Hill. This is legal and cheap and allows you to move the car from point A to B. Would only advise this to people moving this within Sydney. Otherwise, swap out the radiator and pump first.

                                  Please note, bonnet does close properly, it wasn’t shut completely. Photo where lights are on, is where it is fully closed.

                                  NO PART OUTS. Only keen on cash, or swap for E30/E28 M535i parts of similar value.

                                  Swap for nice wheels (BBS/Hartge/Alpina), or just say what e28 parts of decent value you have. Along with cash adjustment.

                                  The Good:

                                  -Car is pretty much stock, minus the steering wheel (one off an E30).

                                  -192xxx k’s

                                  -Compression of the M30B35 shows between 150-165 psi between the cylinders

                                  -Automatic gearbox shifts smoothly through the gears

                                  -Brakes are bled properly.

                                  -Comes with log books

                                  -Comes with 2 keys and 2 fobs, 2 service keys as well

                                  -No visible accident/panel damage around the chassis or within the engine bay or the trunk areas.

                                  -Was stored in a underground residential car park for the last 3 or so years, away from water and the outside air.

                                  -No rust visible on panels, or underside.

                                  -I am the third owner. First had it for 10 years, the second had it for 16 years.

                                  -Legal tread on all wheels

                                  -Set of 5 BMW Style 5 15x7

                                  -All front lights work, minus the rear right tail light.

                                  -Operating sunroof

                                  -Rear manual privacy blind

                                  -Sounds relatively beefy even with stock exhaust

                                  -Fog lights front and back

                                  -On board computer (lap timer/outside temp/fuel range/consumption/time/date)

                                  -Factory alarm system

                                  -The car is 99% complete. It has not been owned by someone who has majorly messed around with it. Engine bay looks how it should (minus some oil from the rocker cover nuts, and dust).

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                                    Hey guys i got a bit of an issue when driving along around 70 95kmph my... — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                                    Hey guys i got a bit of an issue, when driving along around 70-95kmph my steering wheel starts to shake, i have just had two alignments new rack and pinions and the wheels balanced and wheel weights put on and i still cant solve the problem. Is there anyone that has any tips or pointers to help me resolve this issue, thanks in advance guys.

                                    Btw the car is a 1983/2 m528i australian delivered.

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                                      Dayne Beacom shared a link to the group: BMW e12/e28 Australia. — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                                      Hi all,

                                      looking for a buyer who can pickup before Tuesday 27th December.

                                      Known items for RWC:

                                      -Brake master cylinder reco

                                      -Minor floor rust repair (size of a 10c coin)

                                      -Driver door handle replacement

                                      Please feel free to get in contact with any queries or to arrange inspection.



                                      https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/BMW-52 0-1976/SSE-AD-4114935/?Cr=7

                                      E12 Sedan 4dr Auto 3sp 2.0 in Red

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                                        Hi guys I have a problem with my brake pedal feeling more firm than normal when... — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                                        Hi guys, I have a problem with my brake pedal feeling more firm than normal when the car gets hot (eg in stop start traffic). Brakes still work ok but just feels strange. Have spoken to a couple of mechanics who hadn't come across this before. They suggested I try changing out parts (power steering pump or brake booster) to try and eliminate the issue, although everything seems to work fine most of the time. Any thoughts on what the issue could be?

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                                          Hey guys I have a VGC complete 1986 E28 535i motor apparently record auto... — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                                          Hey guys. I have a VGC complete 1986 E28 535i motor & apparently record auto gearbox to sell in Brisbane southside, PM me with best offers. Also includes wiring harness if req'd. Also have a very clean white boot lid, bumper, E28 doors, tail lights, etc etc rear Bilsteins with lowered King coils and a complete rear cradle with diff. ALL MUST GO. :)

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                                            Hi guys I am hoping someone can shed some light into the unresponsive brake... — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                                            Hi guys, I am hoping someone can shed some light into the unresponsive brake pedal I have on my m535i. If i jump on the brakes it pulls up very hard but the first 20% of pedal travel there is nothing happening. Basically there is no bite. I have replaced the following. I am comparing it against my 528i and old 535i which both feel completely different to the m535i

                                            New brake bomb

                                            Brake booster rebuilt

                                            New pads and rotors all round

                                            X2 brake fluid flushes

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                                              20161124_133307.jpg — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                                              So I have available the result's of a few E12's that have been broken for part's over the last few year's.

                                              Have a look through the photo's and see what if there is anything that grabs your intrest


                                              < /p>

                                              This is a list of the item's, but is by no mean's an exhaustive list:-

                                              E12 wing's Dr x 5

                                              E12 pass wing x 4

                                              E12 boot lid

                                              Front bump chrome

                                              Rear bump chrome

                                              Rear center section rear chrome

                                              Front valance x 3

                                              Rear zender


                                              Body loom's x 3

                                              Body loom's x 3

                                              E3 wing x 1

                                              E28 wing x 1

                                              E24 pass Wing x 2

                                              E24 Dr wing x 6

                                              E34 Front and rear brakes


                                              E28 metal air boxes x 3

                                              M30 oil cooler outlet's x 2

                                              E12 rear lamps 1368203/1368070

                                              E12 grill's 1848113/4

                                              E12/24 headlamps

                                              Expansion bottles 1116721



                                              Mud gaurds

                                              002 afm

                                              Throttle bodies x 3

                                              031 afm

                                              Exhaust manifold heat shields x 4

                                              Indicator's x 4

                                              Cluster x 4

                                              Door handles x 6

                                              W.Mirror's x 4

                                              Rear view mirror's x 4

                                              Gear stick surround's x 4

                                              Fuse box cover's x 3

                                              Hand brake lever

                                              Banana inlet's x 3

                                              Exhaust manifolds x 3

                                              Diff's x 2

                                              Head's x 3

                                              M535 head x 2

                                              E34 manual box

                                              E28 manual box

                                              E34 pedal set

                                              2 x drive shafts

                                              M30b34 + box

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                                                1986 BMW E28 535i — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                                                Good car, has been my daily for 2 years.

                                                Bonet has a bend with rust, but I have replacement. Has the usual leaky boot, but only a tiny bit of rust. Body is in good condition, but for a few small dings.

                                                Paint has clear coat pealing.

                                                Engine needs a good service, but would clean up nicely.

                                                The only thing needed desperately is new shocks.

                                                Inside is ok, but the carpet could go for replacing.

                                                Plenty of rare parts to go with it.

                                                Open to offers, pm me for any questions.

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                                                  Where s a good place in Australia to order a timing belt kit water pump for a... — BMW e12 e28 Australia

                                                  Where's a good place in Australia to order a timing belt kit + water pump for a M20 motor? About to pull the trigger on a kit off ECS Tuning but if there's any reputable places locally I'd be happy to do that instead.

                                                  The belt in this thing hasn't been done in about 15 years so figure it be best if I replace it before I drive it too far, even if the motor's coming out soon anyways...

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